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a former national champion amateur driver jack bennett says that tinkering with race cars taught him to visualize in three dimensions—a critical skill in developing vehicles like traverse jack bennett advanced program engineering manager to create enough room for up to eight passengers bennett and his team had to start thinking about three rows of seating—they had to design from the inside out “we literally built out from the rear seat to accomplish our objective of creating space that would comfortably accommodate three adults we set up a rear suspension that enabled enough width then continuing out we looked at where the shock absorbers were placed how that was packaged in relation to the wheel and finally the tire we call it ‘adult third-row seating’ because we really wanted to achieve a high level of comfort for adults when you think about the lifestyle of our customers you can imagine taking three couples downtown to dinner going to a ball game going to a show we wanted a vehicle in which eight adults can be comfortable for an hour’s drive.” stretching space—just part of designing traverse from the inside out but comfortable seating wasn’t enough—people still have to get in and out “we wanted a large opening for people to walk in and out of the third row with the smart slide® seat there’s a handle on the outboard side near the head restraint in one motion the cushion pops up and folds the back of the seat forward leaving a 20-inch opening for people to pass through.” bennett has been driving a traverse for three years now in part because his kids enjoy it so much “my youngest boy loves the third row these days kids are so busy with school and activities and stuff they don’t have a lot of control so i think in a way they get a little of their own space back there which allows them to have control of their environment.” with kids and couples in mind traverse was designed to span lifestyles “a lot of us think of ourselves as very independent very individualistic we imagine ourselves remodeling our own kitchen planting vegetables in the garden going out to dinner as we envisioned traverse we wanted a vehicle that was practical and capable of doing all sorts of activities but also elegant enough to take out pull up to the valet in your evening clothes and feel proud that you are driving a great vehicle from front to back traverse really exceeds customer expectations in terms of interior accommodation in terms of style and everything in between.”