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volt shown in viridian joule extra-cost color with available features conversation starter “the volt performance is outstanding it feels great to drive i could never go back.” chuck fredericks 2011 owner “i was actually in control of how much gas i consumed and it was a powerful feeling.” joe nocera automotive journalist “i don’t ever have to plug it in i can just use the gas engine if the battery is empty.” bill robbins 2011 owner “we’re going to plug into solar power up the volt at night and then be able to use it during the day basically on sunlight alone.” mark hildebrandt 2011 owner passionate about automotive innovation alternative-energy vehicles or just interested in what’s new with volt chevrolet voltage is the technological destination powered by you volt is available to order at participating dealers quantities limited chevroletvoltage.com join the

over three years ago pamela fletcher got a call from her boss asking if she was ready for a new job—as chief engineer volt propulsion system little did she know that one conversation would change her career and start people talking what comes to mind when you think about volt i like to think of volt as a car with a full-size battery and a half-size engine that full-size battery is a 16-kwh lithium-ion battery pack shaped like a t you just plug it in at night yes that’s it your garage is your filling station volt has a charge port with a door on it you just plug it in and walk away what’s the range volt offers an epa-estimated 35 miles on a fully charged battery alone with a full tank of gas the total driving range is up to 375 miles.1 so what happens if you run out of electricity?  well you really don’t have to worry if the battery runs low volt automatically transitions to a unique gasoline range-extending capability even if you never use it you

maximizing creativity for energy efficiency volt shown in silver ice metallic with available features volt is available to order at participating dealers quantities limited 1 epa-estimated 35-mile range based on 94 mpge electric 340-mile range based on 35 mpg city/40 highway gas actual range varies with conditions 2 based on national average 12 cents per kilowatt-hour and 12.9 kwh for a full charge 1.55 electricity costs vary check with your provider for your rates enhance efficiency do more with less battery power doesn’t have to be f inite just ask a volt engineer where others saw limits our engineers saw opportunities and built in ways to get more out of your vehicle little wonder it’s become the most eff icient compact car you can buy.1 have a ball volt’s efficiency gauge is located in the configurable instrument cluster right in front of the driver keep the ball green and in the center of the gauge to enjoy optimal efficiency inset photo pocket

remote technology measures energy usage and gives you total control two apps double the connectivity curious about your charging status with the onstar® remotelink ™ app1 you can see the battery level and charge mode—120v or optional 240v—right on your smartphone you’ll be able to remotely verify that the car is plugged in and even schedule a future charging time text or email alerts tell you when the battery is fully charged but the really cool—or hot—thing about onstar remotelink is the ability to power up your plugged-in volt and precool or preheat the interior from anywhere you get cell service of course you can also access onstar services standard for three years like remote door unlock horn and lights and a tire pressure monitoring system excludes spare tire what’s more an onstar advisor is available 24/7 but suppose you want to schedule a service appointment online download an abbreviated owner’s manual or create a

at a glance electric drive with extended range gas 35 miles gas-free1 up to 375 total miles on a full charge and full tank 1 a 5-star overall vehicle score for safety from nhtsa2 16-kwh battery with 8-year/100,000-mile battery and voltec™ component warranty 3 volt shown in white diamond tricoat extra-cost color with available features volt is available to order at participating dealers quantities limited 1 epa-estimated 35-mile range based on 94 mpge electric 340-mile range based on 35 mpg city/40 highway gas actual range varies with conditions. 2 government 5-star safety ratings are part of the national highway traffic safety administration’s nhtsa’s new car assessment program www.safercar.gov  3 whichever comes first see dealer for limited warranty

of the arts available chevrolet mylink1 brings your downloadable apps like pandora and stitcher2 along for the ride as part of a connected community that can’t get enough of the latest information and entertainment you’ll be glad to know chevrolet mylink 1 delivers both simply put available chevrolet mylink uses new technology that allows streaming content from select smartphones to converge on an available chevrolet mylink touch radio with a 7 diagonal screen using voice commands or touch controls you can instantly access music and content from online sources like pandora® internet radio and stitcher smartradio.™ 2 listen to self-created radio stations and playlists hear a personalized selection of news and talk programs enjoy seamless integration with gracenote,® the easiest way to keep your music library organized just say the word and you can use voice recognition for hands-free calling most bluetooth®-enabled phones can be fully integrated even the

it has comfort versatility and surprising depth take it all in the view the openness the sense of something totally new yet comfortably familiar this is no ordinary destination just like the exterior volt has an interior with a f low of its own a unique design allows for a full center console with sporty bucket seats for four from available stylish leather-appointed seats to thoughtful spaces no amenity has been overlooked cup holders storage bins door panel storage cargo space—10.6 cubic feet to be exact1—all the things you’d expect are there what you don’t expect is a dedicated umbrella pocket a storage area for the standard 120v charging cord and most surprising available heated front seats that actually use less energy to keep the driver and front chevy.com/volt passenger comfortable see gallery for interior styles compared to using cabin heat in fact these seats can automatically turn on when the cabin temperature is low then as volt warms up the

a safety philosophy that runs deep before what’s the best safety philosophy avoid a collision in the first place we’ve equipped volt with numerous safety features and it has received a 5-star overall vehicle score from nhtsa.1 even before you leave the driveway there’s an available rear vision camera system that helps alert you to certain stationary obstacles when backing up at low speeds and since volt is so quiet a driver-activated pedestrianfriendly alert is included this system helps people who may not hear volt approaching at low speeds then there are the technologies you’ve come to depend on while driving like the stabilitrak® electronic stability control system with traction control on slippery surfaces stabilitrak senses when the vehicle is not properly responding to steering commands it acts by applying brake pressure or adjusting electric propulsion to help the driver get back on track four-wheel antilock disc brakes help maintain steering

maximum capacities epa-estimated combined fuel economy fuel tank approximate 94 mpge/37 mpg gas passenger volume cargo volume 17 9.3 gallons 90.3 cubic feet/seats 4 10.6 cubic feet dimensions 56.6 61.2 70.4 105.7 177.1 dealer-installed accessories personalize your volt at chevy.com/accessories 62.1 charging chevrolet’s home charging provider spx offers volt owners a one-stop shopping experience for a variety of charging stations and installation options as well as information on special programs and incentives visit homecharging.spx.com/volt or call 877-805-evse 3873 for more information rear-seat closeout sill plate available 240-volt fast charging station for vehicle graphics specifically designed for volt visit chevroletgraphics.com door trim options ceramic white accompanies available jet black/ceramic white leather appointments 4 frosted nickel accompanies jet black cloth and available jet black leather appointments 4 green-patterned accompanies available jet

important information 100,000-mile/5-year transferable powertrain limited warranty every 2012 chevy passenger car light-duty truck suv and crossover comes with a 100,000-mile/5-year whichever comes first transferable powertrain limited warranty plus you get 100,000 miles/5 years whichever comes first of the 24/7 roadside assistance program the courtesy transportation program and much more see dealer for details new vehicle limited warranty gm vehicles registered in the u.s.a are covered for 36,000 miles/3 years whichever comes first the complete vehicle is covered including tires towing to your nearest chevrolet dealership and cosmetic corrosion resulting from defects repairs will be made to correct any vehicle defect and most warranty repairs will be made at no charge in addition rust-through corrosion will be covered for 100,000 miles/6 years whichever comes first see dealer for details battery limited warranty volt battery and voltec components are covered for 100,000 miles/8