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happiest drivers on the planet volt owners are changing the world one car at a time and they’re having fun along the way recently a group of michigan area volt owners were invited to take a gas-free lap around the racetrack on belle isle in detroit just another day in the life of a chevy volt owner there are miles and miles of reasons why volt owners quickly become volt enthusiasts by charging regularly volt owners are averaging about one month or 900 miles between fill-ups what’s not to love elissa westland mi “this is the first car i have been totally in love with in every way shape and form on a day-to-day basis i am not using gas i am never at the gas station unless i want some coffee.1 as a matter of fact i am taking my savings so i can go to hawaii.” noble alexandria va “my volt is the best vehicle i have ever driven i bought the car because of its efficiency i bought the car because i could eliminate gas1 from my budget and it’s been 4,000

volt interior shown with available pebble beige leather-appointed seats with suede inserts the luxury of technology inside your comfort zone volt surrounds you with the luxury of high-tech comforts it is thoughtfully engineered to constantly connect with you putting efficiency data driving mode selections and even music choices at your fingertips in chevrolet volt everything comes together in an engaging way — with zippy performance and intuitive

choose your road — then choose your driving mode command performance normal mode hold mode drive your volt like a hold mode puts the battery’s conventional car only more charge on hold — saving it for efficiently volt always starts in later this mode is ideal for normal mode which is the most those with routes that begin efficient for the majority of with highway driving allowing driving scenarios and as drivers to save their ev always it�s electric when you electric range for stop-and-go want it gas when you need it city traffic sport mode mountain mode sport mode delivers heightened if you are about to drive volt in responsiveness and feedback high altitudes on mountainous select sport mode if you desire terrain switch to mountain more aggressive acceleration mode mountain mode helps although the car’s efficiency volt maintain a power reserve may be reduced slightly for climbing long steep grades compared to normal mode the exhilaration of electric

advanced amenities integrate your phone your music and more interactive screens go ahead — use your connections standard chevrolet mylink1 radio is designed to the configurable screen in front of the be as easy to use as possible chevrolet mylink helps you enjoy hands-free instant steering wheel takes the place of a traditional access to the music library and contacts on your smartphone use touch controls or instrument cluster to the driver’s right the voice commands to access pandora® internet radio and stitcher smartradio,™ 2 and 7-inch diagonal color touch-screen can show keep your music library organized with gracenote.® make and receive calls energy usage and power flow as well as effortlessly while driving using voice recognition — most bluetooth®3-enabled phones efficiency feedback on your driving style can be fully integrated you can select radio stations and choose music from your mobile device all with the sound of your voice and

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champion the charge how to charge volt you just plug it in a 120v portable charging unit comes standard plug it into an electrical outlet 1 and fully charge the battery in 10–16 hours depending on charging level and outside temperature the available professionally installed 240v charging station speeds up charging time to about 4 hours how volt captures energy this car would never let perfectly good energy go to waste under normal driving conditions when you use the brakes or even just coast off-throttle a process called regenerative braking helps some of the recaptured energy be converted into electricity and stored in the battery how your smartphone helps you charge use the onstar remotelink 2 mobile app to view the battery’s charge level plus you can program a charging schedule based on times of day when electricity rates are lowest according to the u.s department of energy lower rates are usually from around 9 p.m to 6 a.m some utility companies offer

proven safety technology volt shown in silver ice metallic with available features 5-star overall vehicle score for safety features that help volt avoid collisions onstar adds peace of mind the 2012 volt received the highest overall score possible volt is your copilot for safe driving an available rear vision send an alert to an onstar3­advisor who is immediately from nhtsa a 5-star overall vehicle score for safety camera helps you see obstacles in your way as you back up connected into your vehicle using gps the advisor can eight air bags come standard2 and the cabin is reinforced at low speeds available forward collision alert warns you locate your volt and request that emergency help be sent with high-strength steel throughout making volt safe when you are approaching a vehicle ahead of you too right away — even if you are unable to respond onstar is and strong quickly and lane departure warning conveys when you are standard for the first three years 1 if your volt is in

black blue topaz metallic 1 silver topaz metallic1 viridian joule 1,2 crystal red tintcoat 1,2 cyber gray metallic silver ice metallic white diamond tricoat 2 summit white 17 painted-aluminum wheel standard 17 polished-aluminum wheel available 1 not available with jet black/spice red interior.  2 extra-cost color.  17 sport alloy wheel with black inserts

maximum capacities epa-estimated combined fuel economy fuel tank approximate passenger volume cargo volume 1  98 mpge/37 mpg gas 9.3 gallons 90.3 cubic feet/seats 4 10.6 cubic feet dimensions 56.6 61.2 70.4 105.7 177.1 charging dealer-installed accessories personalize your volt at chevy.com/accessories all-weather floor mats 62.1 the chevrolet home charging provider spx offers volt owners a one-stop shopping experience for a variety of charging stations and installation options as well as information on special programs and incentives visit homecharging.spx.com/volt or call 877-805-evse 3873 for more information door sill plate available 240-volt fast-charging station door trim options ceramic white accompanies available jet black/ceramic white leather appointments  frosted nickel accompanies jet black premium cloth and available jet black leather appointments  1 cargo and load capacity limited by weight and distribution dark argent accompanies

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