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choose your road — then choose your driving mode command performance normal mode hold mode drive your volt like a hold mode puts the battery’s conventional car only more charge on hold — saving it for efficiently volt always starts in later this mode is ideal for normal mode which is the most those with routes that begin efficient for the majority of with highway driving allowing driving scenarios and as drivers to save their ev always it�s electric when you electric range for stop-and-go want it gas when you need it city traffic sport mode mountain mode sport mode delivers heightened if you are about to drive volt in responsiveness and feedback high altitudes on mountainous select sport mode if you desire terrain switch to mountain more aggressive acceleration mode mountain mode helps although the car’s efficiency volt maintain a power reserve may be reduced slightly for climbing long steep grades compared to normal mode the exhilaration of electric propulsion volt boasts a test-track top speed of 100 mph — and the acceleration is quick smooth and powerful with no traditional transmission to soak up power 273 lb ft of low-end torque shoots directly to the tires in other words prepare to launch no wonder owners love how fun volt is to drive volt shown in crystal red tintcoat extra-cost color with available features.