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aerodynamic attraction efficiency in every detail  volt wasn’t made to simply strike the eye it was sculpted with powerful purpose chevrolet designers used extensive wind tunnel testing to shape everything from the unique front grille to the side view mirrors and rear spoiler this attention to detail gives volt an extremely low drag coefficient so as it slices through the air volt can travel up to an epa-estimated 38 miles1 in ev mode without using a single drop of gas plus volt uses its gas-powered range extender to travel up to 380 miles.1 so you won’t have to worry about being stranded 1 epa-estimated 38-mile range based on 98 mpge electric plus 342-mile range based on 35 mpg city/40 highway gas assumes fully charged battery actual range varies with conditions volt in silver ice metallic with available

convenient in-dash storage area volt interior with available jet black leather appointments with ceramic white accents straightforward technology  the volt command center is packed with advanced technology streamlined in two simple straightforward interfaces instead of turning a key you push a blue button rather than looking at dials and needles you check two interactive lcd screens for feedback based on your particular driving style the screens allow you to learn how to get the most out of each charge and volt is programmed with a choice of four driving modes that you can easily shift between to best suit your driving conditions the energy-efficient power of bose  using a proprietary design the available bose® system delivers premium high-quality audio – but is 30 smaller 40 lighter and uses 50 less energy than automotive sound systems with comparable performance select your style  premium cloth is standard but you can also opt for available

charging made simple it’s time to give gas a run for its money electric drive unit  the wheels of volt are continuously charge port  whether you want to charge from your garage a friend’s propelled by the electric drive unit with electricity either home or a public charging station while you’re on the go it’s completely from the battery or the gas-powered range-extending possible by simply plugging in generator this makes volt a significant step forward from earlier hybrids and less reliant on charge stations than battery electric vehicles lithium-ion battery  the advanced 16.5-kwh generator  when the battery runs low lithium-ion battery was designed in a t-shape the gas-powered generator extends the to maximize space efficiency and minimize vehicle’s total range up to 380 miles1 and weight for long-lasting durability the battery provides electricity to sustain the battery also has a liquid cooling and warming system

the exhilaration is electric volt in brownstone metallic volt in crystal red tintcoat extra-cost with available features responsive acceleration  the moment your foot hits the pedal the adrenaline rush is immediate it’s a direct connection head right foot motor power without a traditional transmission 273 lb ft of low-end torque has nowhere to go except to the tires and pavement and with the ability to reach a test-track speed of 100 mph plus four versatile driving modes that you can easily shift between it’s clear that driving electric doesn’t mean sacrificing performance color with available features normal mode  in normal mode volt will use the hold mode  hold mode puts the battery’s charge energy stored in the battery before seamlessly transitioning to the gas-powered generator volt always starts in normal mode which operates smoothly for the majority of driving scenarios and as always it’s electric when you want it gas when

volt in silver ice metallic with available

★★★★★ overall vehicle score for safety with the security of eight standard air bags.1 highest possible safety score  the 2014 volt received a 5-star overall vehicle score for safety2 from the national highway traffic safety administration when it comes to safety this accolade speaks volumes preventative measures  your drive begins with the aid of an available rear vision camera that alerts you to certain obstacles when traveling in reverse at low speeds you can also activate an audible alert that helps caution pedestrians who may not hear volt driving quietly in electric mode while approaching at low speeds the standard stabilitrak® electronic stability control system with traction control is also there and helps you keep on the course being steered in case of adverse conditions available forward collision alert3 uses a forward-facing camera to alert you of slowing vehicles the available lane departure warning3 monitors lane markings and

happiest drivers on the planet volt in silver topaz metallic volt in crystal red tintcoat extra-cost with available features color with available features there are miles of reasons why volt owners quickly become volt enthusiasts by charging regularly they are averaging about 900 miles between fill-ups.1 what’s not to love gas station despite the fact that they see me driving to work every day i fill up my volt maybe once every couple of months.1 and that feels absolutely wonderful.” eric west nyack ny “volt is an awesome car the body style and the interior design and everything is really cool but more than anything i love the gas mileage i am probably going to the gas station about once a month1 probably less.” priya los angeles ca “almost every day i walk into the office and somebody asks me a question about my volt what really blows them away is when i tell them i almost never go to the 1 epa-estimated 38-mile all-electric range based on 98

fabrics jet black premium cloth 1 pebble beige premium cloth 1 jet black leather appointments with ceramic white accents 2 pebble beige leather appointments with sueded inserts 2 jet black leather appointments with dark accents 2 door trim options ceramic white accompanies available jet black leather appointments with ceramic white accents 1 standard.  2 available frosted nickel accompanies jet black premium cloth and available jet black leather appointments  dark argent accompanies pebble beige premium cloth dark argent/pebble beige sueded microfiber accompanies available pebble beige leather appointments with sueded

specifications n  exterior headlamps bifunctional halogen projector with automatic exterior lamp control standard    available interior n audio systems automatic climate control single-zone n 6-speaker sound system n bluetooth® wireless technology 4 for select phones n auxiliary audio input jack for ipod®/mp3 player n mirrors heated power-adjustable body-color manual-folding with integrated turn signal indicators n display center 7-inch diagonal lcd touch-screen n bose® energy efficient series sound system spoiler rear n door locks power-programmable with delayed locking feature and lockout protection n floor mats carpeted front and rear n chevrolet mylink 8 radio 7-inch diagonal color touch-screen am/fm/siriusxm 9 stereo cd/mp3 player voice recognition bluetooth audio streaming,4 pandora® internet radio and stitcher smartradio™ compatibility,10 gracenote® playlist album art and siri eyes free11 powertrain battery propulsion

volt in silver ice metallic with available