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section 205t front rear suspension keep your gm all gm with our custom front and rear subframes designed to fit your chassis using gm-based components no longer do you have to go to the junkyard to buy a camaro or whatever front chassis section to clip your car or truck frame we have been making custom-designed front ifs and irs standard or stepped chassis subframes for some years now and it has become part of our standard product line we can design a front or rear-steer subframe for any street rod classic chevy large car or truck whether you want air bags or coilovers we will design an ifs subframe that will be the same width as your chassis rails have the same wheel base any track width any step over the front ifs engine mounts rack-and-pinion steering core support mount or whatever is necessary computer generated mandrel-bent custom steps over the ifs is also an option our standard brake packages with these ifs clips are the 70­ 81 camaro 11-inch disc brake 5-on-4 ¾ or the `77­ 88 impala/caprice 12-inch disc brake 5-on-5 we offer steering linage kits stock column adapters to splined u-joints flaming river or ididit columns to resolve your steering hook-up problems the rear chassis subframes can be tubed stepped air bagged or whatever you d like to complete your new rear clip we jig-narrow and straighten ford rear ends and use dutchman alloy axles any spline any wheel bolt pattern big or small bearings and any flange gm ford or mopar we also offer a universal rear 4-link kit with two styles of panhard bars and a universal transmission crossmember/trans mount kit both come extra long so you can cut to fit your chassis needs send us the dimensions for a free estimate other options include custom bent 1-inch o.d front and rear sway bars wilwood or baer high performance brakes complete rear ends or housings are available from halibrand alston s fab9 new 58 ford style housing championship style a used housing from our pile or bring your own we are a dealer for air ride technologies baer racing brakes wilwood and many other popular street rod and classic chevy manufacturers bring your ride into the 21st century and have a great handling hot rod with a custom subframe you ll have rack-and-pinion steering disc brakes narrower front track for more turning room under the fender coilovers or air bags and it will mate perfectly to the width of your existing frame rails most of all you ll have all the adjustability we build into our other ifs kits and direct replacement chassis weld-in front-steer ifs for cars and pickups `33­ 54 chevy cars · `33­ 59 chevy pu this front-steer independent front suspension i.f.s is designed for those early cars and trucks that have plenty of space in front of the crossmember for the rackand-pinion steering the weld-in kits are available for `33­ 54 chevy cars and `33­`59 chevy trucks in stage i or stage ii the most complete kit stage ii features a 2 x 4 x .188-inch wall box-tube crossmember that holds the d.o.m 1-inch diameter x .156-inch wall lower tubular a-arms and 7/8-inch diameter x .156-inch wall upper tubular control a-arms steering is provided by a flaming river manual rack-and-pinion while two 70­ 81 gm camaro spindles ball joints 11-inch rotors and calipers give you stock over-the-counter gm parts available most everywhere with a two-position lower mount and a threeposition upper mount the hal corp aluminum adjustable coilover-shocks will give the stance you like best our popular stage i kit designed to use the stage ii components features everything in the stage ii kit except the spindles balljoints rotors calipers and rack your options can be substituted at an additional cost include a `83­ 89 t-bird power rack chrome a-arms 12-inch diameter rotors bolt-pattern changes front subframes anti-sway bars and different tread-widths we offer stance adjustability like no else all of our ifs kits with either air bags shockwavetm units or coilovers have an adjustable a-arm tower-mount that gives you about 3 inches of adjustment up and down all of our lower a-arms have a two-position lower mount for coilovers or shockwavetm air ride systems at the rear of our chassis you ll find a three-position mount for either coilovers or shocks combine this with the adjustability of our hal coilovers and you ll have 3­4 inches of stance adjustment up front and the same at the rear with any of our ifs kits chassis clips or direct replacement chassis the basis for all our ifs kits you ll notice there is one thing in common about all our ifs kits and that s the use of the stock gm `70­ 81 camaro front spindle we really chose this spindle for the benefit of our customers we like these front-steer spindles because they offer an 11 or 12-inch gm brake package with 2-15/16-inch diameter caliper pistons vented rotors on the same balljoints using either the 11 or 12-inch spindle these very popular balljoints were used by gm on the mid-sized cards from `73­ 88 and on the `77­ 88 caprice/impalas 12-inch disc brakes most with 5-on-5 bolt pattern and the `70­ 80 camaro with 11-inch brakes 5-on-4 ¾ pattern what does this mean to you the brake options using these spindles are better than anything else over the counter we use very common easy-to-find parts at the junk yard or over-the-counter at any parts house with our product line you can have either 11 or 12-inch delco caliper disc brakes without having to change a thing this caliper applies much more pressure on the rotors than later downsized versions this also means to customers on a budget that buying our economical stage i kits lets you save about $800 over the complete stage ii every kit is available in a stage i form the stage i allows you to provide spindles rotors calipers balljoints and rack from a donor car or directly over the counter from any parts house in the usa or canada all of our ifs kits are alignable at any frontend shop or gm dealer providing part numbers speeds up your order improves accuracy and helps us maintain low prices 137 205t