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baking des sert s brittles barks bonbons delicious recipes for quick and easy candy by charity ferreira · photographs by karen steffans $16.95 hc · 978-0-8118-5535-8 7 x 8 in 96 pp rights w chocolate cakes 50 great cakes for every occasion by elinor klivans · photographs by ann stratton $22.95 pb · 978-0-8118-6872-3 8¾ x 8 in 144 pp rights w biscotti by lou seibert pappas $9.95 hc · 978-0-8118-0095-2 6 x 6 in 72 pp rights w crÊpes sweet savory recipes for the home cook by lou seibert pappas · photographs by jean-blaise hall $14.95 pb · 978-0-8118-5681-2 8 x 8 in 108 pp rights w over 215,000 copies sold over 135,000 copies sold ice creams sorbets cool recipes by lou seibert pappas · photographs by victoria pearson $14.95 hc · 978-0-8118-4603-5 7 x 8 in 96 pp rights w the splenda® world of sweetness recipes for homemade desserts and delicious drinks from the maker of splenda ® sweeteners · photographs by alison miksch $19.95 pb · 978-0-8118-5487-0 8 x 8 in 188 pp

baking des sert s $24.95 hc · 978-0-8118-7331-4 7 x 8 in 224 pp rights w blackbird bakery gluten-free 75 recipes for irresistible gluten-free desserts and pastries by karen morgan · photographs by knoxy celebrities such as courteney cox and laura dern love blackbird bakery for its famously scrumptious gluten-free desserts now these same sweets can be yours too thanks to this beautiful cookbook that collects 75 delicious recipes for classic desserts and gorgeous french pastries all made without gluten celiac disease is on the rise more than 3 million americans and an equal number of europeans have been diagnosed and millions more seek gluten-free products to supplement a healthy lifestyle with this cookbook gluten-conscious gluttons can dish up all sorts of delectable desserts anytime the craving strikes karen morgan is the big bird at blackbird bakery and the blogger behind the art of gluten-free baking she lives in austin texas knoxy is a food and lifestyle photographer based

b everages cock ta i l s $19.95 pb · 978-0-8118-7541-7 6 x 8 in 352 pp rights w pub month march beer a genuine collection of cans by dan becker and lance wilson ever crack open a can of chief oshkosh of wisconsin or sample pabst s big cat malt liquor remember the original st pauli girl tennant s bevy of lager lovelies or olde frothingslosh the pale stale ale with the foam on the bottom presented alphabetically by brand the nearly 500 cans collected here come from thirty-two countries and range from the iconic to the obscure to the downright bizarre from long-forgotten brews to classic brands that have changed their look but never gone out of style beer offers a peek into the last century of beer culture exploring what we drank how we drank it and why we picked it off the shelf dan becker is a midwest-born designer who studied graphic design at the university of cincinnati he lives and works in san francisco lance wilson is a designer residing in the san francisco bay area [p 800

gener al c o oking top chef the quickfire cookbook by the creators of top chef · foreword by padma lakshmi photographs by antonis achilleos top chef quickfire challenge game by the creators of top chef re-create the quickfire challenge the most exciting part of bravo s top chef anytime anywhere drawing from all 5 seasons of the show top chef the quickfire cookbook features 75 of the best recipes from spike s pizza alla grecque to stephanie s chocolate cake culled from the top chef quickfire challenges everything the home chef needs to assemble an impressive meal and channel the energy of the quickfire kitchen is collected here including advice on hosting a quickfire cocktail party and staging quickfire challenges at home $29.95 hc · 978-0-8118-7082-5 8½ x 10 in 224 pp rights w over 100,000 copies sold the highest-rated food show on cable television serves up the inspiration for this hot new game relive favorite top chef moments by answering trivia questions about the contestants

g rilling outdoorenter ta ining $24.95 pb · 978-0-8118-6505-0 9 x 11 in 416 pp rights w pub month may follow-up to new york times best seller mastering the grill fire it up more than 400 recipes for grilling everything by andrew schloss and david joachim · photographs by alison miksch what can we grill everything from the best-selling authors of mastering the grill comes the first grill book focused on ingredients fire it up shows today s cooks how to buy prepare and grill more than 290 ingredients from beef and pork to chicken fish vegetables fruit and more handy charts explain different cuts best grilling methods and perfect doneness insider know-how and keep it simple tips solve dozens of dinnertime dilemmas gorgeous color photos and useful illustrations bring it all to life with more than 400 delicious recipes and 160 winning rubs brines marinades and sauces fire it up makes it easy for everyone to become a backyard grill master no matter what s on the menu jam packed with

i ntern at ionalfl av o r s the country cooking of france by anne willan · photographs by france ruffenach $50.00 hc · 978-0-8118-4646-2 9ß x 11 in 392 pp rights w eat ate by guy mirabella photographs by earl carter $35.00 hc · 978-0-8118-7111-2 8½ x 12 in 184 pp rights nam let s cook japanese food everyday recipes for home cooking by amy kaneko photographs by deborah ory $22.95 pb · 978-0-8118-4832-9 8¾ x 8 in 168 pp rights w winner of 2 james beard foundation awards including best international cookbook best cookbook photography martin yan s china by martin yan $24.95 pb · 978-0-8118-6396-4 8½ x 10 in 240 pp rights w martin yan quick easy by martin yan $24.95 pb · 978-0-8118-4447-5 8 x 10 in 224 pp rights w modern asian flavors a taste of shanghai by richard wong photographs by noel barnhurst $18.95 hc · 978-0-8118-5110-7 7 x 8 in 144 pp rights w noodles every day delicious asian recipes from ramen to rice sticks by corinne trang photographs by maura mcevoy $22.95 pb ·

kids c o oking $24.95 hc · 978-0-8118-7742-8 7½ x 9 in 272 pp rights we more than 200 recipes that will inspire your family dinner time for dinner strategies inspiration and recipes for every night of the week · by pilar guzmán alanna stang and jenny rosenstrach whether moms have picky or adventurous eaters and whether they love to cook or just endure it getting dinner on the table weeknight after weeknight is enough to make a mom throw in the towel it s a grind that wore down former cookie magazine editors pilar guzmán alanna stang and jenny rosenstrach until they made it their mission to figure out all the ways they could reclaim the family dinner time for dinner is that playbook of tricks inspiration plans and 100 go-to recipes with 250 photographs it s a visual toolkit of a book that gives every mom the ideas and strategies she needs to get a great family meal on the table night after night without losing her mind or her sense of humor pilar guzmán was the founding

s easonal s u s ta inabled.i.y delicious recipes and ideas for simple food from scratch by vanessa barrington · photographs by sara remington anna getty s easy green organic cook well­ eat well­ live well by anna getty · photographs by dan goldberg and ron hamad for crafty green types who want to master the fundamentals of a scratch pantry and have graduated from simple weekend jam and baking activities this book offers a wide variety of recipes and blueprints for artisanal food projects forty projects with accompanying recipes appeal to a range of skill levels and palates d.i.y delicious goes beyond pickling and preserving into fermenting culturing cheese and brewing sodas and tonics a total of 75 recipes and more than 50 step-by-step color photographs lead the way to outfitting a scratch pantry that uses fewer ingredients to make delicious staples at a much lower cost vanessa barrington is a chef and author with co-writing credits on heirloom beans she lives in oakland

single sub ject c o oking lobel s meat bible all you need to know about meat and poultry from america s master butchers by stanley evan mark and david lobel with mary goodbody and david whiteman · photographs by lucy schaeffer art of the slow cooker 80 exciting new recipes by andrew schloss · photographs by yvonne duivenvoorden when it comes to meat no one knows more than the lobels covering every imaginable meat beef veal pork lamb poultry rabbit and more these master butchers share their extensive knowledge of the differing tastes textures flavors fat contents and uses for each cut of meat more than 150 recipes include braised pork tacos with ancho chile sauce and lamb loin chops with eggplant caponata and technique illustrations show home cooks exactly how it s done the lobels work side-by-side at their butcher shop on manhattan s upper east side mary goodbody is a food writer who lives in connecticut david whiteman is a chef in new york city $40.00 hc · 978-0-8118-5826-7 8 x 10

culinary gif t s lunch lines tear-out jokes for school lunches by dan signer · illustrated by robert shadbolt $9.99 · 978-0-8118-7639-1 4 x 3 in 384 perforated pages 1-color throughout rights w chez panisse eco-notecards by patricia curtan $14.95 box · 978-0-8118-7830-2 4¾ x 6 x 1¾ in 16 cards 8 designs repeating 2 times 16 envelopes,100 recycled paper soy-based inks color illustrations shrink wrapped rights w birthday cakes notecards by kathryn kleinman $13.95 us · 978-0-8118-4618-9 5¼ x 6ß in 20 blank cards and envelopes 5 images repeating 4 times rights w pub month august pub month april la table franÇaise notecards by france ruffenach $14.95 · 978-0-8118-6564-7 5£ x 6ß in 20 blank folded cards 5 images repeating 4 times 20 envelopes rights w made especially for you labels for the kitchen $14.95 · 978-0-8118-6521-0 5½ x 7½ x 1 in 30 sheets of labels rights w pretty pantry gifts a recipe and wrapping kit for delicious jams sauces and pickles by tara duggan $19.95