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die-cut flaps evoke the beauty of cut paper paper cutting contemporary artists timeless craft · compiled by laura heyenga · preface by rob ryan · introduction by natalie avella there s a renaissance underway in the art form of cut paper with an explosion of raw talent and an abundance of amazing work produced in the medium in recent years this gorgeous volume features work from 26 contemporary international artists who are creating images of astonishing intricacy using little more than paper and blade featuring a host of new discoveries and including art by such stars as nikki mcclure rob ryan and thomas allen as well as a number of emerging practitioners paper cutting is sure to engage art buffs and indie crafters alike an in-depth introduction by paper art expert natalie avella illuminates the rich history of the centuries-old form and a whimsical preface by beloved artist rob ryan rounds out this delightful collection laura heyenga is an editor at the san francisco museum of

wine bites simple morsels that pair perfectly with wine by barbara scott-goodman · photographs by kate mathis quick easy mexican cooking more than 80 everyday recipes · by cecilia hae-jin lee photographs by leigh beisch and cecilia hae-jin lee wine bites is an inspiring cookbook for those who entertain casually and frequently more than 60 recipes for simple tasty snacks include suggestions for an accessible wine to pair with each while vivid color photographs demonstrate how easy these delectable dishes are to prepare step-bystep instructions for putting together a first-class cheese plate creating a generous antipasti platter or transforming pantry staples into hors d oeuvres make this an indispensable resource for great party-givings barbara scott-goodman is the author of the ski country cookbook among others she lives in new york city kate mathis is a commercial photographer based in new york ¡es verdad you can cook mexican food on a weeknight in under one hour using readily

companion to the new york times bestseller the carrot principle based on a groundbreaking 10-year study of 200,000 managers and employees written by authors who have decades of experience teaching fortune 100 company leaders the carrot tracker the ultimate tool for motivating your employees with recognition · by adrian gostick and chester elton now the 90,000 managers who attend carrot principle seminars each year can use this convenient journaling system to implement the strategy behind the wall street journal bestseller a carrot a day based on the authors 10-year study that proves recognition is an incredibly powerful management tool the carrot tracker shows leaders how to drive results by recording each staff member s achievements and planning appropriate recognition moments the simple act of saying thank you in a timely specific and frequent way will create a culture of appreciation in which employees are motivated to work harder focus on company goals and turn over less all

chock-full of indispensable resources including food-safety cheat sheet test and checkup checklists hospital must-haves contraction log and much more pregnancy planner essential advice for moms-to-be · from the editors of parenting magazine from the experts at parenting magazine comes this essential planner that s both an informative guide to pregnancy and a keepsake journal for moms-to-be organized week by week and packed with insights from experienced moms along with helpful charts and checklists pregnancy planner offers practical and emotional support in a beautiful package the lay-flat binding and handy tabs make it easy to keep track of the myriad details throughout these nine months while the stylish design provides an attractive place to document early memories with detailed advice on diet exercise sex and sleep as well as tips on what gear to buy this invaluable resource is the perfect planner for expecting moms parenting magazine is the leading resource for moms today the

growing up in lake charles louisiana after the death of his mother in 1990 he wrote a series of poems that he added to the notebook as inspiration [image xx in the notebooks for caroline we see a writer playing with form the child of professional musicians his father a clarinetist his mother a bassonist kushner was familiar with the exigencies of rhyme and meter but this was his first exploration of their possibilities on some pages [image x verses are written scratched out revisited as kushner finds his voice within the formal conventions words are shifted as much for their sound and tone as their meaning and weight on another page [image xx kushner writes out a wordless rhythm the handwritten repetition of meaningless syllables ba da-da bum exercises the connection between thought and meaning 70 71 caption blue and white drawing paper caption blue and white drawing paper 12 13 art work seeing inside the creative process · by ivan vartanian a book that equally illuminates and

i feel relatively neutral about new york by avery monsen jory john new york is a pretty okay city take for instance the empire state building it s like the 15th tallest building in the world new york­style pizza is totally delicious just as delicious as the pizza you can get in tampa des moines or guam and saturday night live is really funny sometimes depending on the season i feel relatively neutral about new york is an affectionate skewering of the cult of new york as the center of everything from fashion to baseball to finance to soft pretzels delivered in a hilariously sustained neutral tone a witty and informed text inarguable charts deadpan photographs and more both a straight-faced love letter to and shrugging takedown of the big apple this funny broadside will draw opinionated debate from both locals and armchair travelers whether they heart new york or not avery monsen and jory john are the authors of all my friends are dead one of them lives in new york i feel

saveur the new comfort food home cooking from around the world · from the editors of saveur magazine from the pages of saveur magazine one of the world s premier food publications comes a celebration of the enormous range of regional american and international dishes that have shaped the classic comfort foods of today a steaming bowl of udon noodles a bubbling serving of macaroni and cheese a hearty helping of huevos rancheros a perfectly browned grilled cheese sandwich these are just some of the 100 mouthwatering recipes in this extraordinary volume that highlights the pleasures of comfort food in all its diversity brimming with more than 200 stunning photographs and memorable sidebars that present the people ingredients and techniques involved in the recipes saveur the new comfort food is an unforgettable journey behind the scenes of our favorite heartwarming dishes james oseland is editor-in-chief of saveur magazine and a judge on bravo s top chef saveur the new comfort food

the rogers littleton guide to america s douchiest colleges including the territory of canada · by h l rogers and peter littleton ph.d the question isn t whether or not one will be a douchebag in college we re all a little douchey at college to be honest the more pertinent question for prospective students is what kind of douchebag do you aspire to be here to help with this major life decision is the only college guide to rank and recommend schools based on their level of douchiness including illustrated analysis of douchey student affectations fashions course offerings school chants pickup techniques extracurricular activities mascots and much more this rigorously researched stereotypically accurate gleefully offensive handbook celebrates douchbaggery as a many splendored thing from yachty to sporty to thoughtfully bearded and beyond and is sure to spark fits of pique and laughter among high school applicants current students and anyone who went to college h l rogers and peter

the worst-case scenario survival handbook $14.95 pb · 978-0-8118-2555-9 the worst-case scenario survival handbook golf $14.95 pb · 978-0-8118-3460-5 the worst-case scenario survival handbook travel $14.95 pb · 978-0-8118-3131-4 the worst-case scenario survival handbook extreme $14.95 pb · 978-0-8118-4538-0 position of the day $9.95 pb · 978-0-8118-3957-0 position of the day playbook $12.95 pb · 978-0-8118-4701-8 the book of beer pong $15.95 pb · 978-0-8118-6632-3 what s your poo telling you activity book $9.95 pb · 978-0-8118-7457-1 zombies $19.95 pb · 978-0-8118-7100-6 the best dance moves in the world ever $16.95 pb · 978-0-8118-6303-2 indie rock coloring book $9.95 pb · 978-0-8118-7094-8 hot shots $16.95 pb · 978-0-8118-6640-8 the ultimate book of card games $19.95 hc · 978-0-8118-6642-2 the ultimate golf journal $19.95 pb · 978-0-8118-5891-5 tcm classic movie crossword puzzles $9.95 · 978-0-8118-7093-1 ask click and clack $16.95 pb · 978-0-8118-6477-0 62 p 8 0

porn for the bride $12.95 pb · 978-0-8118-6927-0 fortune-telling book for brides $9.95 hc · 978-0-8118-7014-6 bridesmaid guide $14.95 pb · 978-0-8118-3300-4 bride ideas $12.95 sb · 978-0-8118-5627-0 the bride groom first and forever cookbook $35.00 hc · 978-0-8118-3493-3 the diy wedding $14.95 pb · 978-0-8118-5784-0 anti-bride wedding planner $16.95 pb · 978-0-8118-4254-9 anti-bride etiquette guide $15.95 pb · 978-0-8118-4458-1 anti-bride guide $19.95 hc · 978-0-8118-2967-0 bride groom ious $5.95 · 978-0-8118-6448-0 bride ideas sticky notes $12.95 · 978-0-8118-7060-3 52 tips for the bride-to-be $6.95 · 978-0-8118-3231-1 the knot guide for the groom $14.95 pb · 978-0-8118-4614-1 the knot book of wedding flowers $29.95 hc · 978-0-8118-3263-2 destination wedding planner $19.95 sb · 978-0-8118-6673-6 bachelorette party lotto $9.95 · 978-0-8118-6593-7 p 8 0 0 7 5 9 019 0 f 8 0 0 2 8 6 9 471