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spring • 2018 making good choices new learning how to make good choices is an important and essential part of growing up with multiple endings each book allows the reader to make choices and read what happens next learning how good or bad choices lead to different consequences you can control your voice loud or quiet 978-1-68152-236-4 you can handle conflict hands or words 978-1-68152-231-9 you can listen to directions stop or go 978-1-68152-235-7 you can stay in control wild or calm 978-1-68152-234-0 you’re angry throw a fit or talk it out 978-1-68152-233-3 you’re in trouble fib or truth 978-1-68152-232-6 author connie colwell miller illustrator victoria assanelli price $8.99 page count 24 trim size 9.25” x 8.25” format paperback age 6 and up “this appealing book is not only a helpful teaching tool but also a pleasure for adults and children to read.” —booklist review of you can control your voice loud or quiet 16