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spring • 2018 robotics in our world new field trips let’s go new our world is filled with even more robots than we think readers can explore the various roles that robots have from helping us in the hospital and at home to the competitions of robot builders take a sneak peek into the future of robotics in our world why wait for the school to organize a field trip these books are ready for a field trip every day this beginning reader series takes students to familiar places for behind-the-scenes tours read about the people who work there and explore things kids love carefully chosen vocabulary blends with sitespecific photos for a series of very special trips from the comfort of home drones 978-1-68152-171-8 factory robots 978-1-68152-172-5 hobby robots 978-1-68152-173-2 aquarium 978-1-68152-258-6 medical robots 978-1-68152-174-9 farm 978-1-68152-261-6 military robots 978-1-68152-175-6 robots at home 978-1-68152-176-3 robots in fiction 978-1-68152-177-0 space robots 978-1-68152-178-7 authors nadia higgins kirsten w larson price $9.99 page count 32 trim size 6.5” x 9.5” format paperback age 7 and up fire station 978-1-68152-260-9 library 978-1-68152-262-3 museum 978-1-68152-259-3 stadium 978-1-68152-265-4 theater 978-1-68152-263-0 zoo 978-1-68152-264-7 author k.c kelley price $7.99 page count 16 18 trim size 7.75” x 8.75” format paperback age 5 and up