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touch feel town · eat · go dwellstudio ® bringing up baby with style $8.99 $6.99 dwellstudio adds beautiful new board books with images from its best-selling children s lines to its distinctive line of books for baby with touch feel town babies take a trip through town touching a taxi a traffic light a sidewalk a tree and a building touch feel town appetizing apples bananas and oranges fill the sturdy pages of eat whetting the appetite of young readers everywhere go features a train helicopter and even a great big blimp copyright © 2010 dwell home furnishings llc dwellstudiotm is a trademark of dwell home furnishings llc all rights reserved cip data is available published in the united states 2010 by blue apple books 515 valley street maplewood n.j 07040 distributed in the u.s by chronicle books first edition 03/10 printed in china isbn 978-1-60905-002-3 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 look at the tree what do you see copyright © 2010 dwell

butterfly birthday harriet ziefert mark jones $16.99 4 ziefert · jones harriet ziefert join in a magical celebration as winter turns to spring butterfly birthday completes a quartet of books snow party mermaid dance and by the light of the harvest moon that celebrates the many and miraculous wonders of the changing seasons on the long cold winter is over bugs dressed in their first day of spring the finest attire greet one another after the long cold purple crocuses announce the first winter and hold a spectacular party to welcome day of spring and insects busily the prepare to celebratemarkthe vernal equinox with jones beautiful and grandest pastel illustrations bring this magical bewitching party of the year world to life invited from the tiniest everyone is butterfly birthday i l lu s t r at e d by at last mark jones ant to the biggest beetle they feast and dance they sing and play and then they watch in wonder as the butterflies magically appear springtime s beauty is

chicken doodle soup deborah zemke chicken what s going on in the kitchen mice cream macaroni and bees chocolate chimp cookies french flies doodle dynamo deborah zemke presents a playful addition to her best-selling series doodles at dinner and doodles at lunch featuring 36 new placemats with wacky doodles for diners young and old zemke shows readers how to make fun easy and personality-filled doodles from favorite foods letters and numbers chicken doodle soup by deborah zemke $10.99 us/£7.99 uk 978-1-60905-014-6 tear-off pad of paper placemats 12½ x 9 inches 36 placemats full-color illustrations ages 6-up rights world april deborah zemke has illustrated more than 30 books for children and adults and contributes critter crackups to ranger rick magazine a publication of the national wildlife federation she is also the designer of two illustration fonts for the international typeface corporation deborah lives and works in missouri over 90,000 sold in the placemat series 6 blue apple

passover celebrating now remembering then harriet ziefert karla gudeon $16.95 the most beautiful passover book of the season the national jewish book award finalists for hanukkah haiku return with passover celebrating now remembering then a joyous celebration of passover s past and present its meanings its history and its traditions karla gudeon s whimsical folk-inspired artwork serves as a gorgeous backdrop for this fresh look at passover harriet ziefert seamlessly weaves elements of a contemporary seder from cleaning one s home and setting the table to lighting candles and reciting blessings with the biblical stories from which the rituals evolved an ideal gift to bring to passover gatherings this inspired book embraces family freedom and remembrance 8 ziefert · gudeon passover celebrating now remembering when blue apple harriet ziefert paintings by karla gudeon c elebrati ngnow re me mbe ring then 10/7/09 4:45:00 pm passover celebrating now remembering then by harriet ziefert

bear in underwear todd h doodler $12.99 everyone wants a perfect fit best-selling pop learn to readblue apple books debut with this artist todd goldman makes his the easy way zany story about if you can read top with underwear readaother of furry a bear a backpack filled then you can and group friends who cheer him s in readers of family cop hop mop stop comic word on the op all ages will love goldman s bold illustrations and the printed fabric tighty-whities on the book s cover will have young readers squealing with delight goldman s popular bear in underwear plush toys t-shirts and other merchandise you ll find these word families ins ide is sold worldwide Ô ake Ô am Ô ant Ô at Ô ate Ô et Ô ig Ô oat Ô op Ô ow Ô ug bear in underwear by todd h doodler $12.99 us/£8.99 uk 978-1-60905-016-0 unjacketed hardcover with touch-and-feel on cover 8 ½ x 8 ½ inches 40 pages full-color illustrations ages 4-up rights world april cils sticke use crayons markers paints pen t pet

who is sleeping who is awake flip-a-face sami flip from day to night for interactive learning fun a vivid variety of daytime and nighttime furry friends ask who s awake at night and sleeping during the day and who s asleep at night and awake during the day turn the page and find the answers each animal is shown in full and placed within a bold and colorful environment full of interactive fun this book is a wonderful complement to sami s acclaimed furry friends animals featured elephant hippo fox opossum turtle skunk owl who is sleeping who is awake flip-a-face by sami $9.99 us/£6.99 uk 978-1-60905-019-1 board book with die-cut pages 10½ x 7 inches 20 pages full-color illustrations ages 1-4 rights world april sami is a world traveler and recently returned from bejing where he found more toys for his collection sami s work has won oppenheim awards and is graphically bold clean and modern also available furry friends same and different $9.99 us 978-1-934706-58-9 the big bigger biggest

alphabeasties flash cards sharon werner sarah forss the beasties are back a must-have gift for kids and graphic designers too the award-winning design team of the innovative book alphabeasties and other amazing types has created 26 eye-catching alphabet flash cards each card features an animal ingeniously built from the first letter of its name different typefaces comprise each of the beasties making for a wondrous and witty way to look at and learn the abcs these cards fit easily into a backpack and provide easy entertainment for kids the attractive stamped-fabric case and tray also make this an attractive object for a coffee table or office flip each of the cards over to build two super-size colorful puzzles alphabeasties flash cards by sharon werner and sarah foss $15.99 us/£9.99 uk 978-1-60905-003-0 flash cards in slide-out box cards 8 x 4 inches box 8½ x 4½ inches 26 two-sided cards full-color illustrations ages 3-up rights world march sharon werner and sarah forss are

are you eating something red ryan sias sias 6 pl meet greenie a new mealtime mascot for young readers and eaters!fun 3 a juicy red apple a sweet yellow banana a crisp green pepper how about a eatemats fowith ealthy mealtim healthfully r hgreenie c e are you eating something eat some orange carrots greenie helps kids choose from a rainbow of different healthy fruits and vegetables each healthy and nutritious this sturdy board book is easy for kids andwith take along for healthy mealtime fun parents to for use on black and dark colors for use on blue 16 are you eating something greenie are you eating something red by ryan sias greenie likes to eat red strawberries green peas yellow peppers purple plums red ryan sias isbn 978-1-60905-010-8 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 09.14.09_greenieplacemat_cvr2.indd 1 $7.99 us/£5.99 uk 978-1-60905-018-4 board book 7 x 7 inches 8 leaves full-color illustrations ages 0-3 rights world april and orange carrots red blue apple what color foods do you like to eat

simms taback more baby gift store mommies babies simms taback mommies and babies by simms taback $4.99 us/£3.99 uk 978-1-60905-005-4 sold separately for reorder board book 4¼ x 4¼ inches 18 pages full-color illustrations ages 1-4 rights world april taback and babies deserve the best simms taback drawings more more more three more baby gift store board books all by the inimitable simms taback perfect for toddlers and preschoolers taback s bright colors and bold illustrations bring a fresh look to these beginning concept board books mommies and babies meet baby chick piglet kitten and more count 4 5 6 follow along counting cookies and shoes hats and cats zoom colorful vehicles roll along on 2 wheels on 4 and more mommies and babies blue apple ges 1 and up 10/1/09 2:11:35 pm 4 5 6 blue apple 4 nd up simms taback 10/1/09 2:10:38 pm 5 6 count 4 5 6 by simms taback $4.99 us/£3.99 uk 978-1-60905-006-1 sold separately for reorder board book 4¼ x 4¼ inches 18 pages full-color

lights on broadway harriet ziefert elliot kreloff with brian stokes mitchell a dazzling and accessible introduction to theater mycb tony award winner and broadway icon brian stokes mitchell brings star power to this broadway treasury with entries such as audition box office marquee and understudy kids will discover broadway from a to z elliot kreloff s energetic and dynamic illustrations come from someone who clearly knows theater first-hand fans of all ages will delight in this compendium with an introduction by mitchell quotes from famous broadway performers and theater facts and trivia includes a cd of brian stokes mitchell singing i was here with lyrics by lynn ahrens and music by stephen flaherty lights on broadway by harriet ziefert illustrated by elliott kreloff $19.99 us/£15.99 uk 978-1-934706-68-8 jacketed hardcover with foil and glitter plus cd 11¾ x 9 inches 48 pages full-color illustrations ages 8 and up rights world brian stokes mitchell s broadway career

blue apple books 515 valley street maplewood nj 07040 for use on black and dark colors for use on blue pirate some are pretentious and a problem to read peapod