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bugs by the numbers sharon werner sarah forss bugbeasties of multiple types the creators of the award-winning alphabeasties and other amazing types are back this time with an amazing array of insects butterflies to termites dragonflies to walking sticks while the `alphabeasties were comprised of letters these incredible insects are ingeniously engineered out of numerals each entry also includes fascinating numeric facts about its subject it s an eye-catching and imaginative look at the insect world sharon werner sarah forss are graphic designers at the two-person design studio werner design werks inc in st paul minnesota which has garnered many graphic design awards as well as a place in the permanent collections of the library of congress musée de la poste musée des arts decoratifs victoria and albert museum and the cooper hewitt museum you can visit them online at includes 9 die-cut gatefolds bugs by the numbers $19.99 us/£12.99 uk 978-1-60905-061-0 jacketed

bear in pink underwear todd h doodler $10.99 bear in underwear returns the star of bear in underwear is back in another zany adventure this time on the soccer field bear s lucky white boxers turn pink in a laundry mishap his teammates are embarrassed and members of the other team tease him will bear still wear his lucky underwear kids will love goldman s bold illustrations comic sensibility and the return of their favorite bear todd h doodler aka todd goldman is a well-known pop artist and is the author illustrator of the zoo i drew girls are weirdos but they smell pretty and boys are stupid start throw rocks at them he is also in development with nickelodeon and mtv for several shows each day goldman lives in california doodle-icious fun did you have your doodles today deborah zem ke for delicious with a heaping serving of breakfast doodles doodles to go $12.95 978-1-59354-604-5 doodles at lunch $10.99 978-1-934706-60-2 h h doodles at dinner

playtime party picnic dwellstudio ® the perfect picnic without the ants $8.99 us $9.99 can who s waking up dwellstudio adds a stunning andthe rainforest playset to its in sturdy picnic bestselling line of products have a picnic anytime or anywhere with this playful activity set kids can pretend they re picnicking at the park at the beach or while camping in the mountains beautifully packaged in a carry case for lift the flaps and see take-along adventures and hours of creative imaginative fun includes copyright © 2011 dwell home furnishings llc dwellstudio® is a registered trademark of dwell home furnishings llc all rights reserved cip data is available published in the united states 2011 by blue apple books 515 valley street maplewood n.j 07040 first edition 01/11 printed in dongguan china isbn 978-1-60905-085-6 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 · punch-out food · punch-out plates and cutlery · napkins · placemats · sheet of stickers 1 noitpo

do you know which ones will grow susan a shea tom slaughter what grows what does not $16.99 susan a shea if a cub grows and becomes a bear can a stool grow and become a chair do you know which ones will grow think then if a duckling grows no answer yes or and becomes a duck a duckling grows and becomes a duck so can a car grow into a truck this beguiling book about growth will sparks kids can a car grow and imaginations as gatefolds playfully transform a watch into a clock and become a a plow a shovel intotruck the interactive format of question and answer will entrance young readers as living things that grow are compared to inanimate objects that don t ingenious do you knowif a kitten grows which ones will grow by susan a shea illustrated by tom slaughter can a cap grow and $16.99 us/£10.99 uk become a hat 978-1-60905-062-7 jacketed hardcover with 10 die-cut gatefolds 9 x 10 inches do 38 pagesyou know full-color illustrations which ages 4-up ones will rights world may for

balloon toonstm early readers $10.99 an original and innovative approach to beginning reading with simple text and cartoon artwork balloon toonstm are the perfect way to engage and encourage new readers award-winning and up-and-coming cartoonists lend their inimitable and illustrative talents to entertaining stories kids will enjoy again and again tm pre tm simple stories illustrated with zany cartoon art guaranteed to engage and encourage new readers and words balloon toonstm 9-copy counter display packed with 3 copies each rick rack super crazy cat dance adopt a glurb for use on black and dark colors for use on blue $10.99 wo rd s $98.91 978-1-60905-055-9 also available the super crazy cat dance $10.99 us 978-1-60905-035-1 $12.99 $10.99 $12.99 rick rack and the great outdoors $10.99 us 978-1-60905-034-4 adopt a glurb $10.99 us 978-1-60905-037-5 praise for balloon toons simple stories illustrated with zany cartoon art guaranteed to engage and encourage new readers c mon kids

bunny s lessons harriet ziefert barroux $12.99 a bunny learns about life $16.99 us $18.99 can 12 z iefert · bar r oux for use on black and dark colors for use on blue bunny charlie s favorite toy learns about life from the boy who takes him everywhere when charlie plays the tuba bunny learns about loud when they play doctor bunny learns about ouch when they eat dinner bunny learns about messy harriet ziefert and barroux charmingly tell the tale of the relationship between an inseparable and irresistible pair who learn about the delights along with the bumps and bruises of friendship and love bunny s lessons i m bunny this is charlie by harriet ziefert he teaches me about life illustrated by barroux i learn about $16.99 us/£10.99 uk lou d unconditionally 978-1-60905-028-3 ho wouldn t want to be taken care of when he plays the tuba and boundlessly w when we play doctor an ideal gift for a spouse a boyfriend jacketed hardcover about i learn ou c h 9½ x 9½ inches a girlfriend a

wiggle like an octopus harriet ziefert simms taback simms taback keeps kids moving caldecott medal winner simms taback s vibrant illustrations and harriet ziefert s rhythmic text will have young readers waddling wiggling swaying and swooping with delight wiggle s animals are ready for a dip in the sea this sturdy board book with lenticular artwork on the cover will get kids on their feet and keep them moving wiggle like an octopus by harriet ziefert illustrated by simms taback $8.99 us/£5.99 uk 978-1-60905-072-6 board book with lenticular artwork on cover 7 x 7 ½ inches 6 spreads plus cover full-color illustrations ages 3-up rights world march move move move slither swoop sway put your body in motion each and every day with `wiggly lenticular image can you scurry like a crab sway like a starfish swoop like a seagull looking for a fish harriet ziefert is the author of over 200 children s books the mother of two and the grandmother of five she lives in south orange new jersey simms

grandma s wedding album harriet ziefert karla gudeon come to a 1960 s wedding and celebrate with a one-of-a-kind grandma who wouldn t want to hear about how two people met fell in love and married especially if they re your beloved grandparents a beautiful wedding album is shared between a grandmother and her curious grandchildren who see the enduring memories of their grandparents wedding day karla gudeon s exquisite illustrations capture harriet ziefert s timeless story about love marriage family friends and tradition learn about wedding traditions from around the world the book also includes an appendix with facts about wedding traditions around the world from the african-american custom of `jumping the broom to the korean custom of painting three red circles yonji konji on the bride s cheeks poppy and i gave each other a piece of the wedding cake it was delicious then i threw my bouquet my best friend ruth caught it and she married one year later grandma s wedding album by

let s draw and doodle together elise gravel bear in love samantha davis sophie fatus draw with a child every day let s draw and doodle together by elise gravel $12.99 us 978-1-60905-042-9 spiral-bound notebook with storage pocket 9 x 11 inches 96 pages full-color illustrations ages 4-6 rights world inside this clever and innovative activity book each spread becomes a shared creative adventure draw airplanes or cars birds or shapes or even each other great for long car or plane rides rainy afternoons or sharing with grandparents an expandable inner pocket is included for treasured childhood drawings a perfect keepsake it s love at first sight bear in love by samantha davis illustrated by sophie fatus $12.99 us 978-1-60905-044-3 hardcover gift book with spinner on cover 7 x 7 inches 40 pages full-color illustrations ages all ages rights world just one look was all it took for bear to fall in love with bunny but how should bear show this love with candy or song and dance with

stella is a star bernadette peters liz murphy counting chickens mobiles by flensted everyone can be a star stella is a star by bernadette peters illustrated by liz murphy $17.99 us 978-1-60905-008-5 jacketed hardcover with audio cd 8 ½ x 11 inches 40 pages full-color illustrations ages 4-up rights world bernadette peters and liz murphy the terrific team behind the new york times best-selling broadway barks are back with a story about stella a pup who would rather be a graceful pig ballerina than what she really is a dog no one seems to like bernadette peters s lovable stella learns the lessons of self-acceptance following her heart s desires and most important that it s okay just to be herself the book includes a cd with an original song by bernadette peters praise for stella is a star murphy s paintings with collage provide all the ideals of ballet from frothy tutus to embroidered bodices and her animals expressions are priceless this story will please ballet fans and any little

blue apple books for use on black and dark colors 515 valley street maplewood nj 07040 for use on