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olivia alphabet flash cards discover olivia s world from a to z with these flash cards featuring art from the television show inspired by the original caldecott honor-winning picture book printed on thick sturdy board they are just the right size for small hands to hold and are equally suited for hanging on the wall in a child s room olivia paper doll play set re-create olivia s adventures or make up new ones with this adorable paper doll play set choose clothes props and accessories from olivia s extensive wardrobe featured in the popular television show enjoy great value with 1 stand-up olivia doll 2 stand-up friend dolls 2 play scenes and 80 reusable vinyl stickers olivia alphabet flash cards $14.99 us box · 978-1-4521-1179-7 olivia paper doll play set $14.99 us box · 978-1-4521-1171-1 6 x 5 in 26 cards full-color images throughout rights us canada ages 3 and up · april 7 x 9 in 1 stand-up olivia doll 2 stand-up friend dolls 2 play scenes 80 reusable vinyl stickers full-color

star wars book of sith secrets from the dark side by daniel wallace book of sith collects six crucial texts detailing the philosophy of the dark side of the force throughout the ancient text readers can see the handwritten notes and annotations left in the margins by revered masters of the force including darth vader yoda mace windu and luke skywalker among others this volume introduces new characters and history inviting a deeper understanding of the philosophies and methods of the dark side of the force daniel wallace is the author of many books including star wars the essential guide to characters and star wars the jedi path he currently lives in minneapolis minnesota star wars book of sith $19.95 us hc · 978-1-4521-1815-4 also available star wars the jedi path $19.95 hc · 978-1-4521-0227-6 6ø x 8 in 160 pages full-color images throughout rights xukc ages 10 and up · may copyright © 2013 by lucasfilm ltd and tm all rights reserved used under authorization 14 p 800.759.019 0

a note from author e.s farber dear reader over the years i have talked to many kids parents teachers and librarians about books books the parents like and the kids don t books the kids like and the parents don t books teachers will allow as independent reading and books kids wish would be allowed time and again i have heard people complain about the dearth of books featuring modern spirited boy heroes that have enough art and sidebars to make the read appealing and accomplishable for the early reading set from an early age my son enjoyed watching science videos and hearing stories about events in history i saw that he could begin to understand complex concepts like the archimedes principle or the struggles involved in the building of the continental railroad i wished there were age-appropriate good role model boy books with maps charts art comic panels nonfiction sidebars that we could read together or that he could read on his own books with exciting plots that would also give him

forever is a long time to be stuck in high school n impulse i reach out and put my hand o through usha s again it bumps against something but this time i push back i push through it i m holding usha s hand then i realize that i m not holding her hand at all i m holding her pencil my hand is usha s hand not just my hand either i can feel the crimped wood of it the keen edge of the paper under my other hand the pebbly plastic of the chair beneath me the firm tile of the floor resting under the soles of my shoes i suck in a breath of surprise and feel even more surprise as i draw actual air into actual lungs from absent i am usha absent by katie williams when seventeen-year-old paige dies in a freak fall from the roof during physics class her spirit is bound to the grounds of her high school at least she has company her fellow ghosts evan and brooke who also died there but when paige hears the rumor that her death wasn t an accident that she supposedly jumped on purpose she can t bear

board books alphasaurus by megan e bryant illustrated by luciana navarro powell $9.99 bb · 978-1-4521-0748-6 ages infant to 3 rights w colorasaurus by megan e bryant illustrated by luciana navarro powell $9.99 bb · 978-1-4521-0814-8 ages infant to 3 rights w countasaurus by megan e bryant illustrated by luciana navarro powell $9.99 bb · 978-1-4521-0747-9 ages infant to 3 rights w shapeasaurus by megan e bryant illustrated by luciana navarro powell $9.99 bb · 978-1-4521-0815-5 ages infant to 3 rights w lap-size board books walk the dog a parade of pooches from a to z by bob barner $9.99 bb · 978-0-8118-7725-1 ages infant to 4 rights w you can do it too by karen baicker illustrated by ken wilson-max $9.99 hc · 978-0-8118-7561-5 ages 2 to 4 rights w ten in the bed action rhyme board book by david ellwand $10.99 bb · 978-1-9297-6649-9 ages 2 to 5 rights nam animal 123 by britta teckentrup $12.99 hc · 978-1-4521-0993-0 ages 2 to 4 rights xukce animal spots and stripes by britta

picture books awa r d winner the woods by paul hoppe $16.99 hc · 978-0-8118-7547-9 shoot for the moon lessons on life from a dog named rudy by corinne humphrey $15.99 hc · 978-0-8118-7783-1 i ll see you in the morning by mike jolley illustrated by mique mariuchi $12.95 padded cover 978-0-8118-5037-7 ages infant to 4 rights nam the dot and the line over 65,000 sold by norton juster $8.99 hc · 978-1-58717-066-9 all ages rights nam unusual creatures a mostly accurate account of some of earth s strangest animals by michael hearst artwork by arjen noordeman christie wright and jelmer noordeman $16.99 hc · 978-1-4521-0467-6 guided reading level j ages 4 to 8 rights w guided reading level o all ages rights w $15.95 u.s texas 2x2 reading list guided reading level u ages 8 to 12 rights w a junior library guild selection illustra ted by ward jenkins new flora and the flamingo $16.99 hc · 978-1-4521-1006-6 see page 13 new york baby illustrated by ward jenkins $12.99 hc · 978-1-4521-0619-9

paperback picture books alejandro s gift over 135,000 sold by richard e albert illustrated by sylvia long $6.95 pb · 978-0-8008-1342-6 ages 3 to 8 rights w the city by the bay over 130,000 sold written by tricia brown illustrated by elisa kleven $7.99 pb · 978-0-8118-2012-7 ages 3 and up rights w the cable car and the dragon over 75,000 sold written by herb caen illustrated by barbara ninde byfield $6.99 pb · 978-0-8118-1054-8 ages 4 to 8 rights w alice s adventures in wonderland a classic illustrated edition by lewis carroll compiled by cooper edens $14.99 pb · 978-0-8118-7558-5 all ages rights w bintou s braids by sylviane a diouf illustrated by shane w evans $6.99 pb · 978-0-8118-4629-5 guided reading level l ages 4 to 8 rights w this positive look at city life is informative to read and a delight to look at booklist my friends by taro gomi $6.99 pb · 978-0-8118-1237-5 my friends mis amigos spanish/english bilingual $14.50 le · 978-0-8118-4849-7 wild horse winter by

poetry popular brands popular brands julius by paul frank let s dance with julius and friends by paul frank industries $8.99 bb · 978-1-4521-0637-3 ages infant to toddler rights w julius i love color by paul frank industries $8.99 bb · 978-1-4521-0222-1 ages infant to toddler rights xuke go julius go fish card game by paul frank industries $7.99 box 978-1-4521-0278-8 ages 4 and up rights w julius all about me my world and my life so far $12.99 hc · 978-0-8118-7148-8 ages 4 to 9 rights w rock out with julius journal includes zippered back pocket $12.95 · 978-0-8118-7533-2 rights w a touchand-feel board book julius note set $10.95 box · 978-0-8118-7431-1 rights w high five with julius $8.99 bb · 978-0-8118-7147-1 ages infant to toddler rights w only in dreams $12.99 hc · 978-0-8118-6024-6 ages 2 to 5 rights w wild west bananza $12.99 hc · 978-0-8118-6026-0 ages 2 to 6 rights w julius touch-and-feel stroller cards $9.99 978-0-8118-6960-7 ages

science bob barner awa rdwinn er bears bears bears $14.99 hc · 978-0-8118-7057-3 bugs bugs bugs over 100,000 sold $14.99 hc · 978-0-8118-2238-1 dem bones over 100,000 sold $16.99 hc · 978-0-8118-0827-9 dinosaur bones over 50,000 sold $15.99 hc · 978-0-8118-3158-1 dinosaurs roar butterflies soar $16.99 hc · 978-0-8118-5663-8 guided reading level g ages 4 to 8 rights w guided reading level e ages 2 to 6 rights w guided reading level n ages 2 to 8 rights w guided reading level l ages 2 to 8 rights w guided reading level m ages 4 to 8 rights w texas 2x2 reading list teacher s guide teachersguides awa rdwinn er awa rdwinn er awa rdwinn er paleo bugs survival of the creepiest by timothy j bradley $15.99 hc · 978-08118-6022-2 paleo sharks survival of the strangest by timothy j bradley $15.95 hc · 978-0-8118-4878-7 the story of snow the science of winter s wonder by mark cassino with jon nelson ph.d $16.99 hc · 978-0-8118-6866-2 the truth about great white

beyond the book mobiles garlands wall art petit collage mobile by lorena siminovich $19.95 978-0-8118-7762-6 all ages rights w petit collage garlands $16.95 box 978-0-8118-7761-9 all ages rights w eric carle garlands by eric carle $16.95 · 978-1-4521-0511-6 all ages rights us canada uk the very hungry caterpillartm mobile by eric carle $19.95 kit 978-1-4521-0514-7 ages infant to 3 rights us canada uk lunch lines silly riddles for lunchtime giggles by dan signer illustrated by robert shadbolt $9.99 pb · 978-0-8118-7639-1 all ages rights w warning possible entanglement injury keep garlands and mobile out of baby s reach wall art the moomins make any room magical moominvalley comes to life on 30 adorable wall decals no adhesive is required just stick the decals where you want them and reposition or remove as necessary they won t leave marks on walls and they are perfect for children s bedrooms playrooms classrooms anywhere joy and imagination are celebrated moomin wall decals wall

frederica jenbekman i am a sucker for these little pie-crust side tables they are called pie crust tables because the elevated curved and pinched edges look exactly like for nearly atop decade now christian a homemade pie crust the fluted legs scalloped and triple pedestal chaize base mean lots of room for creativity you can really make these unique and his family have spent their summer holidays details stand out with paint so i am always on the lookout for these types at what christian has named praia piquinia of pieces and can find them pretty regularly a small stretch of coastline in southern portugal returning time and again to this singular se seeks out its nuances and captures the subtle from moment to moment day to day each essentially the same elevated angle from a and while christian has certainly accumulated the requisite shoeboxes or digital folders applied chalkboard on the top associates full of snapshots that one paint normally writing surface seealso painting