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there are levels of tidiness tidy very tidy and totally deranged tidy ursus wehrli is in category three after before the art of clean up life made neat and tidy · by ursus wehrli the modern world can get messy fortunately swiss artist ursus wehrli is a man of obsessive order as he demonstrates with eye-catching surprise in the art of clean up already a bestseller in germany this compulsive title has sold more than 100,000 copies in less than a year and the fastidiously arranged images have garnered blog love from npr brain pickings swissmiss and more tapping into the desire for organisation and the insanity of über-order wehrli humourously categorises everyday objects and situations by colour size and shape he arranges alphabet soup into alphabetical order sorts the night sky by star size and aligns sunbathers accoutrements all captured in bright photographs sure to astonish even the pickiest of neat freaks ursus wehrli is an award-winning comedian live performer and

newborn puppies dogs in their first three weeks · by traer scott dog lovers who haven t raised puppies from birth have missed out on one of the most remarkable and adorable times in a dog s life from one to twenty-one days old puppies undergo great changes from needing their mothers complete care to opening their eyes and ears to the outside world growing stretching their legs and learning to become the dogs that they are author/photographer and new mother traer scott s love of dogs shines through these intimate images of a range of breeds and types from champion pups to shelter strays all of them irresistible including an introduction on puppies development and the importance of their welfare this delightful book reveals young dogs as they embark on the adventures of growing up traer scott is the author of several books on dogs her photographs have been featured in life vogue people o and many other publications newborn puppies £11.99 uk hc · 978-1-4521-1431-6 222 x 241 mm 8 x

[passard is one of the `last generation of great french chefs those who were trained in the craft from early adolescence and have never done anything else and who exhibit a seemingly instinctive though in fact dearly won skill that still leaves the chefs of every other country in wonder the new yorker in the kitchen with alain passard inside the world and mind of a master chef · by christophe blain available in english for the very first time in the kitchen with alain passard is the first graphic novel to enter the kitchen of a master chef over the course of three years illustrator christophe blain trailed acclaimed chef alain passard through his kitchens and gardens with simple yet sublime drawings and thousands of colourful panels this book gives the reader an inside uncensored look at the world of passard who shocked the food universe in 2001 by removing meat from the menu at his celebrated paris restaurant l arpege and dedicating himself to serving vegetables from his own

now in paperback a delightful behind-the-scenes look atvictorian royalty i enjoyed it immensely and recommend it highly karen cushman newbery medal winner for the midwife s apprentice and honoree for catherine called prisoners in the palace how princess victoria became queen with the help of her maid a reporter and a scoundrel a novel of intrigue and romance by michaela maccoll london 1838 sixteen-year-old liza s dreams of her society debut are dashed when her parents are killed in an accident penniless she accepts the position of lady s maid to young princess victoria and steps unwittingly into the gossipy intrigue of the servants world below-stairs and the rampant trickery above is it possible that her changing circumstances may offer liza the chance to determine her own fate find true love and secure the throne for her future queen meticulously based on newly discovered information this engrossing novel is rich in historical detail and sizzling with intrigue prisoners in the

on a beam of light a story of albert einstein by jennifer berne · pictures by vladimir radunsky a boy rides a bicycle down a dusty road but in his mind he envisions himself traveling at a speed beyond imagining on a beam of light this brilliant mind will one day offer up some of the most revolutionary ideas ever conceived from a boy endlessly fascinated by the wonders around him albert einstein ultimately grows into a man of genius recognized the world over for profoundly illuminating our understanding of the universe jennifer berne and vladimir radunsky invite the reader to travel along with einstein on a journey full of curiosity laughter and scientific discovery parents and children alike will appreciate this moving story of the powerful difference imagination can make in any life jennifer berne is the author of the acclaimed manfish about jacques cousteau and spends her time writing children s books about the subjects she loves most our amazing universe and the people who are

all new 1 hi-fi greetings spring 2 0 1 3 gi fttitles hi-fi 12 notecards envelopes celebrating the awesomeness of analog these notecards are die-cut in the shape of old 45s and come with record-sleeve envelopes retro-inspired labels feature a range of greetings for different occasions £9.99 · 978-1-4521-1351-7 box 8½ x 6½ in 12 die-cut notecards 12 different greetings 6 designs 12 envelopes sticker sheet colour illustrations rights w pub month april 1 2 hi-fi recordings journal keep notes on record featuring an illustration of a 12-inch lp on the cover plus spot gloss and foil for maximum effect this journal is a musthave for anyone who likes to groove old-school style £10.99 · 978-1-4521-1324-1 hardcover with lay-flat binding 10 x 8 in 128 pp 4-colour cover with foil stamping and spot gloss one 1-colour interior spread repeating poly-sleeve rights w pub month april 3 color this book new york city 2 c o l or this book by abbi jacobson featuring over 30 illustrations by artist

artists lines l o tta ja nsdo tt e r 1 lotta jansdotter stencils decorate your walls furniture fabric and more £17.99 · 978-0-8118-7228-7 paperback 11 x 11 in 12 text pp 10 die-cut plastic stencils storage pocket rights xj 2 lotta s printing studio £13.99 · 978-0-8118-6035-2 box with 2 acetate windows 8 x 6 x 2½ in cotton twill handle 48-page booklet 2 wooden-handled carving tools 2 printing sponges 6 die-cut stencils 50 colour photographs rights xj 3 lotta 1 2 jansdotter mailers £10.99 · 978-0-8118-7247-8 paperback pad 14½ x 9 in 16 self-sealing envelopes 4 designs repeating 4 times colour illustrations shrinkwrapped rights xj 4 lotta jansdotter notes to-do s £9.99 · 978-0-8118-7248-5 paperback portfolio 8 x 6 in 2 notepads 24 pp each 15 sticky pads 24 pp each colour illustrations polybagged rights xj 5 lotta jansdotter labels stickers £7.99 · 978-0-8118-7037-5 paperback 6 x 5ß in 30 colour sticker sheets rights w 6 lotta jansdotter seedlings journal £6.99 ·

th el m es artistsa rt liis ntess th e im n es 1 the fashion sketchpad f o r art art ists 400 figure templates for designing looks and building your portfolio by tamar daniel £13.99 · 978-0-8118-7788-6 new new hardcover with wire-o binding 11½ x 8½ in 132 pp 400 figure templates rounded corners perforated pages rights w 2 the pocket fashion sketchpad 364 figure templates for designing looks and capturing inspiration by tamar daniel £10.99 · 978-1-4521-1833-8 hardcover with wire-o binding 8¾ x 6½ in 128 pp 364 figure templates rounded corners perforated pages rights w 3 drawing 1 2 3 food journal by claudia pearson £12.99 · 978-1-4521-1131-5 paperback 7 x 9 in 180 pp full-colour illustrations rights w 4 712 more things to draw £12.99 · 978-1-4521-0882-7 paperback 9 x 7½ in 336 pp rights w 5 642 things to draw £11.99 · 978-0-8118-7644-5 paperback 9 x 7½ in 304 pp rights w 6 drawing nature 4 5 6 a journal by jill bliss £11.99 · 978-0-8118-7768-8 hardcover with rounded

t hemes 52 t hings t o do pop c u lt ureic ons 1 darth vadertm the power of the dark side £12.99 · 978-1-4521-0850-6 box 4 x 6£ x 3 in 48-page illustrated paperback book 3ß x 4½ in painted figurine rights we 2 yoda bring you wisdom i will by yoda £10.99 · 978-0-8118-7470-0 box with lid 4 x 5 x 2½ in painted figurine 2 x 3 x 1½ in booklet 4½ x 3ß in 48 pp full-colour illustrations sticker sheet rights w 3 lucky 1 2 copyright by lucasfilm ltd and tm all rights reserved used under authorization cat notecards lucky cat by lab partners £9.99 · 978-1-4521-1210-7 box 6½ x 8½ in 12 notecards in two sizes 4 designs repeating 3 times 12 envelopes sticker sheet rights w 4 lucky cat journal by lab partners £9.99 · 978-1-4521-1192-6 paperback with lay-flat binding 7¾ x 5¼ in 144 pp die-cut cover with foil and spot gloss 2-colour interior rights w 3 4 52 decks by lynn gordon 5 52 things to try once in your life revised edition £4.99 · 978-0-8118-6373-5 6 52 7 52 sleepytime

c hronicle pa pers spe c i a lt y j ou rnals 1 good ideas bad ideas journal £9.99 · 978-1-4521-1114-8 hardcover 7 x 5 in 176 pp rights w 2 let s bring back a journal by lesley m m blume £11.99 · 978-1-4521-0529-1 hardcover 8 x 5 in 176 pp 2-color illustrations rights we 3 pictorial webster s artist and writer s notebook by johnny carrera £10.99 · 978-1-4521-0652-6 1 2 3 hardcover 9 x 7 in 208 pp foil stamp cover 1-colour illustrations rights w 4 rad boombox journal £10.99 · 978-1-4521-0653-3 hardcover 3-piece case with lay-flat binding 7¼ x 9¼ in 128 pp 4-colour cover with foil stamping one 1-colour interior spread repeating rights w 5 all my friends are dead felt journal by avery monsen and jory john £8.99 · 978-1-4521-0804-9 4 5 paperback with felt cover 7ø x 5 in 160 pp 1-colour illustrations rights w 6 masha and friends journal by suzy ultman £9.99 · 978-1-4521-0160-6 7¾ x 5¼ in 144 pp 100 recycled paper soy-based inks ribbon page marker full-colour illustrations