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the good ship crocodile by j patrick lewis illustrated by monique felix when the skies of africa darken with rain and the river swells a goodnatured crocodile named snout lends his broad back to many stranded animal neighbors after he ferries soggy fireflies dripping hedgehogs and other creatures over dangerous waters his good deeds are repaid in full when a shift to hot dry weather leaves him vulnerable instead written by children s poet laureate j patrick lewis and illustrated by acclaimed picture book artist monique felix the good ship crocodile is a charming story of friendship sure to inspire readers of all ages 4 creative editions

the one and only 1 2 3 book by r o blechman walking talking numbers dancing frogs a wandering group of lost letters the one and only 1 2 3 book stars a number 1 with a high opinion of itself but it must compete for attention in this humorous counting book from artist r o blechman by the time the pages are brimming with numeric activity and the one and only 1 begins searching for the solo spotlight of a less-crowded space readers will be clamoring to count down from 10 and start all over again 6 creative editions

a glass by etienne delessert sometimes the most basic of objects can come to represent so much more in the simple yet beautiful a glass acclaimed children s author and illustrator etienne delessert tells the story of his stepmother and of the glass that came to symbolize her illustrated in the unmistakable style that has earned delessert decades of renown this is a story of wild mushrooms garden snails imaginary characters and above all love readers will learn of one seemingly unbreakable glass and of the shatterproof love between a parent and a child 8 creative editions

author and illustrator etienne delessert is a swiss-american artist and author whose picture books have earned numerous honors including two graphics prizes from the bologna children s book fair his work has been presented in retrospectives at the louvre and at the library of congress in washington d.c among his many children s book credits are i hate to read the lonely pine spartacus the spider and moon theater 978-1-56846-257-8 $18.99 hc interest level age 7 and up page count 32 trim size 9 x 9 color illustrations creative editions

author and illustrator elwood h smith is a renowned illustrator and former art director who studied at the chicago academy of fine arts his work has appeared in advertisements worldwide as well as in such notable periodicals as time the wall street journal and sports illustrated i m not a pig in underpants is his first picture book for creative editions 978-1-56846-229-5 $16.99 hc interest level age 5 and up page count 40 trim size 8-1/2 x 10-1/2 color illustrations creative editions

all the world s a stage compiled by lee bennett hopkins illustrated by guy billout compiler lee bennett hopkins has written and edited many award-winning books since 1993 he has helped outstanding poets gain recognition by way of the lee bennett hopkins/penn state university poetry award illustrator guy billout s unusual and often humorous illustrations have been featured in prominent periodicals such as the new yorker and the atlantic monthly and in his nine picture books including the frog who wanted to see the sea 978-1-56846-218-9 $19.99 hc interest level age 8 and up page count 40 trim size 10-1/2 x 9-1/2 color illustrations more than 400 years ago english playwright william shakespeare wrote about the seven ages of man the changing roles we play on the stage of life before taking our final curtain call this collection of 21 poems compiled by lee bennett hopkins explores those 7 ages offering voices and perspectives that are as varied as they are sage from a nigerian lullaby

creative editions classic titles the adventures of pinocchio readers are in for a wildly imaginative ride in this classic story of a misbehaving wooden puppet whose rebellious ways lead him into all sorts of dangerous adventures will pinocchio change his ways in time to become a real boy author carlo collodi illustrator roberto innocenti 978-1-56846-190-8 interest level age 8 and up trim size 8-1/2 x 11-1/4 $35.00 hc page count 192 color illustrations cheyenne medicine hat roaming across the rocky expanses and wide-open vistas of the american west a mustang mare named medicine hat leads a herd of wild horses on an adventurous journey that unfolds into an uplifting story of survival author brian heinz illustrator gregory manchess 978-1-56846-181-6 interest level age 8 and up trim size 8-1/4 x 12-1/4 $19.95 hc page count 32 color illustrations and the soldiers sang some of the fiercest combat of world war i was waged along the infamous western front where during the christmas of

creative editions classic titles lineup for yesterday famous poet ogden nash pays entertaining tribute to the greatest baseball players of the 1800s and early 1900s encapsulating each in 4 clever lines creative editions is proud to present this baseball classic in its first publication as an illustrated book author ogden nash illustrator c f payne 978-1-56846-212-7 interest level age 9 and up trim size 10-3/4 x 9-1/2 $19.99 hc page count 56 color illustrations i hate to read victor dickens hates to read and nothing can change his mind until one whimsical wonderful night when a little boy with a stubborn hatred of books discovers that printed words can take on lives of their own author rita marshall illustrator etienne delessert 978-1-56846-232-5 interest level age 5 and up trim size 6-3/4 x 6-3/4 $15.99 hc page count 32 color illustrations the lonely pine there is a treeline far to the north a point on earth at which trees do not grow any closer to the north pole trees become

creative editions classic titles mouse books the colors in this reissued classic the artwork of monique felix weaves an enchanting tale without needing a single word a bored little rodent experiments with paints and discovers the joys of creating colorful artwork author/illustrator monique felix 978-1-56846-234-9 interest level age 3 and up trim size 6-3/4 x 6-3/4 $12.99 hc page count 32 color illustrations a night on the range in this story of western dreaming a boy and his faithful dog leave indoor comforts behind for their first backyard sleep-out but when the sun goes down how s a wide-eyed cowpoke to handle his first run-in with bandits bears and worse author aaron frisch illustrator chris sheban 978-1-56846-205-9 interest level age 4 and up trim size 10-3/4 x 9-1/2 $19.99 hc page count 32 color illustrations new spring 2013 mouse books the numbers in this reissued classic the artwork of monique felix weaves an enchanting tale without needing a single word a group of gnawing

creative editions classic titles tall city wide country young readers are invited to pack their bags for a journey from a rural environment to an urban landscape just by turning the book around light on words but big on charm this unique picture book is a trip worth taking author/illustrator seymour chwast 978-1-56846-228-8 interest level age 3 and up trim size 11 x 6 $15.99 hc page count 32 color illustrations the velveteen rabbit creative editions is pleased to return readers to the magical world of toys and to the story of a threadbare stuffed rabbit who dreams of taking actual hops by reissuing its popular edition of margery williams bianco s classic author margery williams bianco illustrator monique felix 978-1-56846-217-2 interest level age 8 and up trim size 7-3/4 x 11-3/8 $19.99 hc page count 40 color illustrations new spring 2013 that s creepy in this illustrated nonfiction board book simple rhythmical text introduces each little creature as its own character highlighting

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