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i hate to read by rita marshall illustrated by etienne delessert victor dickens hates to read and nothing can change his mind or can it how about a parrot with a peg leg or a rabbit with black barn boots or a field mouse with gold coins anything can happen on the whimsical wonderful night when a little boy with a stubborn hatred of books discovers that printed words can take on lives of their own reissued here with a text crafted for even younger readers i hate to read won the 1993 benjamin franklin award upon its original publication 4 creative editions

mouse books the colors the numbers by monique felix creative editions is proud to reissue these cleverly illustrated titles in which a curious mouse eats its way into a book and discovering a canvas for adventure uses its ingenuity to turn the blank sheets of paper into something more watch as the bored little rodent experiments with paints in the colors then is joined by a whole group of gnawing mice that turns scraps of paper into a counting lesson in the numbers 6 creative editions

author and illustrator monique felix is a renowned swiss artist and author who studied graphic arts at l ecole des arts appliqués in lausanne she has since illustrated more than 40 acclaimed children s books including creative editions the rumor the velveteen rabbit and tuba lessons among her many honors is the octogone prize from the international center of children s literature in france also by monique felix mouse books the alphabet 978-1-56846-226-4 $12.99 mouse books the wind 978-1-56846-227-1 $12.99 978-1-56846-234-9 the colors 978-1-56846-235-6 the numbers $12.99 each hc interest level age 3 and up page count 32 trim size 6-3/4 x 6-3/4 color illustrations the colors the numbers creative editions

tall city wide country by seymour chwast tall city wide country invites young readers to pack their bags for a journey from a rural environment to an urban landscape enjoy panoramic illustrations of broad cows expansive sunshine and seemingly endless horizons then turn the book sideways and do some big-city sightseeing taking in vertical parades towering skyscrapers and highrising elevators light on words but big on charm this unique picture book is a trip worth taking 8 creative editions

author and illustrator american illustrator seymour chwast developed his talent for drawing from an early age in the 1950s he cofounded push pin studios and he remains the organization s director today in 1985 he was honored with a gold medal from the american institute of graphic arts aiga his work is showcased in new york s museum of modern art the metropolitan museum of art and other museums worldwide also by seymour chwast bobo s smile 978-1-56846-221-9 $14.99 978-1-56846-228-8 $15.99 hc interest level age 3 and up page count 32 trim size 11 x 6 color illustrations creative editions

dig it that s creepy by kate riggs illustrated by laszlo kubinyi dig it and fiammetta dogi that s creepy author kate riggs is an editor and author of children s and young adult nonfiction in 2012 her book dolphins amazing animals was honored as the winner of the maryland blue crab young reader award for transitional nonfiction illustrators laszlo kubinyi was born in cleveland ohio to artist parents and grew up on the east coast he studied art in mexico and the united states and has created illustrations for many books and publications such as time fiammetta dogi is an italian artist who specializes in children s books since receiving her education in graphic arts and illustration her art has appeared worldwide in numerous books magazines and advertisements 978-1-56846-237-0 dig it 978-1-56846-236-3 that s creepy $7.99 each board interest level age 2 and up page count 14 trim size 7 x 7 color illustrations dig it the first in a new series of illustrated nonfiction board books

creative editions classic titles dark fiddler the life and legend of nicolo paganini an old gravedigger recounts to his young apprentice the tall but true tale of italian violinist nicolo paganini a musician of such skill and legend that he enchanted europe and made music that resonated beyond the tomb author aaron frisch illustrator gary kelley 978-1-56846-200-4 interest level age 8 and up trim size 9 x 12 $17.95 hc page count 32 color illustrations the gardener s apprentice this unique retelling of a traditional romanian folk tale about a wise young man who becomes a gardener s apprentice with the help of his magical horse also serves as a teaching tool for all those who love plants author eric metaxes illustrator rodica prato 978-1-56846-154-0 interest level age 8 and up trim size 7-5/8 x 9 $15.00 hc page count 64 color illustrations the emily sonnets acclaimed writer jane yolen employs 15 sonnets accompanied by brief biographical notes and the captivating artwork of gary

creative editions classic titles the illustrated treasury of fairy tales ten beloved fairy tales are brought to life by worldrenowned artists roberto innocenti s 1920s-style cinderella etienne delessert s whimsical beauty the beast john howe s spellbinding the fisherman and his wife and more authors various illustrators various 978-1-56846-144-1 interest level age 8 and up trim size 7-1/4 x 11 $29.95 hc page count 352 color illustrations and photographs moon theater every evening the rising moon takes center stage in the theater of night but before the sun exits and the lights dim a young stagehand must complete a host of preparations including making stars sparkle and appeasing monsters of the dark author/illustrator etienne delessert 978-1-56846-208-0 interest level age 4 and up trim size 8-1/2 x 11 $17.95 hc page count 32 color illustrations the last resort on an afternoon like any other an artist s imagination disappears his quest to recover it leads him to the last resort a

creative editions classic titles a night on the range in this story of western dreaming a boy and his faithful dog leave indoor comforts behind for their first backyard sleep-out but when the sun goes down how s a wide-eyed cowpoke to handle his first run-in with bandits bears and worse author aaron frisch illustrator chris sheban 978-1-56846-205-9 interest level age 4 and up trim size 10-3/4 x 9-1/2 $19.99 hc page count 32 color illustrations the riverbank in 1859 charles darwin published on the origin of species a book that changed the world of natural science the riverbank spotlights that groundbreaking book s final paragraph to commemorate the 150th anniversary of its publication author charles darwin illustrator fabian negrin 978-1-56846-207-3 interest level age 8 and up trim size 8-7/8 x 10-5/8 $17.95 hc page count 32 color illustrations a number of animals as a little chick searches for its mother among barnyard animals it involves readers in a simple counting exercise

creative editions classic titles the seven dwarfs a classic story is given a new twist in this book by etienne delessert relive the narrative of snow white her days in the forest her brush with death and finally her wedding from the perspective of stephane and his six dwarf brothers author/illustrator etienne delessert 978-1-56846-139-7 interest level age 8 and up trim size 8-3/8 x 11 $17.95 hc page count 32 color illustrations tuba lessons a boy venturing through a forest on his way to a tuba lesson finds himself giving a concert to an unexpected audience light on words but heavy on fun tuba lessons is an unforgettable celebration of music and friendship author t c bartlett illustrator monique felix 978-1-56846-209-7 interest level all ages trim size 10-1/2 x 10-1/2 $17.95 hc page count 32 color illustrations skywriting poems to fly skywriting poems to fly applauds the history of humankind s attempts at flight combining poetry and artwork to memorialize the jet-powered freedom

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