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also available a night on the range what to do with a box hc 4 creative editions

rd sh we are brothers every summer two brothers swim to the rock and one jumps off but this summer it’s time for both of them to take the leap in this moving coming-of-age story a younger brother discovers newfound strength courage and joy thanks to the support of his older brother—and the persuasiveness of his own imagination warm pastel illustrations lend a timeless quality to youthful trepidation and triumphant achievement in this celebration of summertime we are brothers yves nadon jean claverie t iambird with a background in teaching and a passion for encouraging children to read yves nadon writes about and leads workshops on topics related to youth literacy he is a founding director of the children’s publishing company editions d’eux based in sherbrooke quebec this is his first book for creative editions jean claverie is an award-winning french artist whose work has been regularly exhibited in france and abroad for decades he taught for more than 30

jibber-jabber in rhyming or alliterative pairs jibber-jabber presents the onomatopoeic sounds of 14 animals that will be easily identifiable to young learners randall enos has illustrated for books magazines and newspapers for more than 50 years his preferred medium of linocuts lends itself to applications in children’s books and political cartoons alike he lives on a horse farm neigh in connecticut the name of each creature appears below its signature sound to further reinforce the connection and providing another way to read the text—as a series of commands squeak mouse squawk parrot and so on whimsical linocut illustrations accompany the block-letter type engaging visual as well as auditory senses throughout 978-1-56846-315-5 $8.99  board interest level age 2 and up page count 14 trim size 61/4 × 8 color illustrations pub date april 2018 cow owl also available a number of animals on the farm 8 creative editions

shapes all around identifying shapes is a fundamental part of a child’s development most of the time shapes are introduced strictly by their geometric proper kate riggs is a minnesota-based editor and author of children’s and young adult nonfiction books in 2012 her book dolphins was honored as the winner of the maryland blue crab young reader award for transitional nonfiction ties in this illustrated conceptual board book though brightly colored shapes are associated with forms found in nature creating connections between mathematical concepts and the world around us young readers will enjoy pointing out the shapes in this book—and all around shapes all around kate riggs laëtitia devernay © 2018 by laëtitia devernay creative editions sa may be reproduced sher printed in china ion data a illustrator y laetitia devernay he names of natural forms d the world around us 6-317-9 1 isbn 978-1-56846-317-9 shapes all around kate riggs

creative editions classic board books how fast can you go six modes of trans time to build six common tools are introduced portation are introduced by their relative speeds author kate riggs artist nate williams by their use in a construction project author kate riggs artist laszlo kubinyi 978-1-56846-253-0 interest level age 2 and up trim size 7 × 7 $7.99 board page count 14 color illustrations 978-1-56846-271-4 interest level age 2 and up trim size 7 × 7 $7.99 board page count 14 color illustrations on the farm six common barnyard animals to the rescue six helpful vehicles are are introduced by their sounds author kate riggs artist fiammetta dogi introduced by action words encouraging kinetic learning author kate riggs artist nate williams 978-1-56846-272-1 interest level age 2 and up trim size 7 × 7 $7.99 board page count 14 color illustrations a seed needs sun a plant’s life cycle is introduced by highlighting what it needs to grow

creative editions classic picture books classic titles the adventures of pinocchio will a misbe and the soldiers sang along the infamous having wooden puppet amend his wicked ways in time to become a real boy author carlo collodi artist roberto innocenti western front enemies are drawn together by song in the spirit of christmas friendship author j patrick lewis artist gary kelley 978-1-56846-190-8 $35.00 hc interest level age 8 and up page count 192 trim size 8½ × 11¼ color illustrations the adventures of tom sawyer an illustrated edition breathes new life into mark twain’s most popular and widely read novel author mark twain artist c f payne 978-1-56846-268-4 $29.99 hc interest level age 8 and up page count 296 trim size 7½ × 10½ color illustrations 978-1-56846-220-2 hc 978-0-89812-975-5 pb interest level age 9 and up trim size 9 × 12 $19.99 hc $9.99 pb page count 32 color illustrations bobo’s smile

creative editions classic picture books the forever flowers a waylaid grouse dis fuzzy furry hat a lonely bear provides covers the unexpected joys of quietude—and the difficulty of decision-making author michael j rosen artist sonja danowski shelter for countless animals in his fuzzy furry hat as they all withstand a deluge and become forever friends author/artist etienne delessert 978-1-56846-273-8 interest level age 6 and up trim size 85/8 × 11¾ $18.99 hc page count 32 color illustrations franklin the fly when a mild-mannered fly spends a day in the countryside he discovers the peaceful life he has been missing author/artist r o blechman 978-1-56846-148-9 interest level age 7 and up trim size 7¼ × 10 $17.95 hc page count 40 color illustrations the frog who wanted to see the sea a timid frog’s journey becomes a modern fairy tale in this reissued 2014 edition of the 2007 original author/artist guy billout 978-1-56846-267-7 interest level

creative editions classic picture books i’m not a pig in underpants follow a series of delightful poetic clues as a mysterious animal narrator prompts readers to figure out its identity author/artist elwood h smith $18.99 hc page count 40 color illustrations 978-1-56846-229-5 interest level age 5 and up trim size 8½ × 10½ the last resort an artist’s quest to recover his imagination leads him to a remote seaside hotel visited by some rather remarkable guests author j patrick lewis artist roberto innocenti $24.99 hc page count 48 color illustrations 978-1-56846-172-4 interest level age 8 and up trim size 85/8 × 117/8 lineup for yesterday famous poet ogden nash pays entertaining tribute to the greatest baseball players of the 1800s and early 1900s author ogden nash artist c f payne $24.99 hc page count 56 color illustrations 978-1-56846-212-7 interest level age 9 and up trim size 10¾ × 9½ lineup for yesterday baseball

creative editions classic picture books moon theater every night the rising moon takes center stage surrounded by vigilant owls howling dogs and other supporting characters author/artist etienne delessert 978-1-56846-208-0 interest level age 4 and up trim size 8½ × 11 $17.95 hc page count 32 color illustrations mouse books in these wordless stories mice transform books into canvases for their own mini adventures author/artist monique felix interest level age 3 and up trim size 6¾ × 6¾ color illustrations the alphabet the boat the colors the numbers the opposites the valentine the wind $12.99  hc each page count 32 978-1-56846-226-4 978-1-56846-252-3 978-1-56846-234-9 978-1-56846-235-6 978-1-56846-251-6 978-1-56846-247-9 978-1-56846-227-1 never catch a cold black-ink illustrations introduce various kinds of colds—and a number of extinct fantastical creatures—in this “history.” author/artist andré françois

creative editions classic picture books sing a season song the cyclical nature of the seasons takes center stage in this poetic tribute to the four periods of the year author jane yolen artist lisel jane ashlock 978-1-56846-255-4 interest level age 6 and up trim size 8¼ × 12 $19.99 hc page count 32 color illustrations spartacus the spider when a little spider finally devises a way to spin a mighty web prey is his for the catching but what may be the cost author/artist etienne delessert 978-1-56846-213-4 interest level age 4 and up trim size 8¾ × 12 $17.95 hc page count 32 color illustrations the stolen smile in this reissued edition readers travel back to 1911 paris where the mona lisa has gone missing author j patrick lewis artist gary kelley 978-1-56846-281-3 interest level age 8 and up trim size 8 × 9¾ $16.99 hc page count 40 color illustrations storytime clock this wall clock serves as a delightful aid to telling time and as a

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