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new titles amazinganimals new titles bison 978-0-89812-787-4 jaguars 978-0-89812-788-1 komodo dragons 978-0-89812-789-8 owls 978-0-89812-790-4 pandas 978-0-89812-791-1 rhinoceroses 978-0-89812-792-8 classic titles alligators 978-0-89812-689-1 bats 978-0-89812-690-7 cheetahs 978-0-89812-561-0 crocodiles 978-0-89812-749-2 dolphins 978-0-89812-562-7 eagles 978-0-89812-691-4 elephants 978-0-89812-563-4 giraffes 978-0-89812-741-6 gorillas 978-0-89812-692-1 kangaroos 978-0-89812-693-8 killer whales 978-0-89812-694-5 koalas 978-0-89812-746-1 leopards 978-0-89812-695-2 lions 978-0-89812-747-8 monkeys 978-0-89812-742-3 moose 978-0-89812-696-9 parrots 978-0-89812-825-3 penguins 978-0-89812-743-0 polar bears 978-0-89812-752-2 sharks 978-0-89812-744-7 snakes 978-0-89812-751-5 swans 978-0-89812-748-5 tigers 978-0-89812-745-4 wolves 978-0-89812-564-1 amazing animals this popular series continues traveling the planet to study bison jaguars and other fascinating animals beautiful photos are paired

new titles mysteriesoftheuniverse black holes 978-0-89812-911-3 energy 978-0-89812-912-0 galaxies 978-0-89812-913-7 gravity 978-0-89812-914-4 light 978-0-89812-915-1 mass matter 978-0-89812-916-8 space time 978-0-89812-917-5 stars 978-0-89812-918-2 mysteries of the universe the most fundamental forces at work in our world are some of the most mysterious and people have grappled with certain questions for centuries mysteries of the universe tackles eight of the astronomical and physical phenomena that have inspired and challenged scientists chronicling the discoveries that have been made and the puzzles that remain complicated scientific principles are contextualized with accessible examples and illustrated with stunning photos assisting readers in grasping the magnitude of the mystery price individual titles $12.00 specifications page count 48 trim size 7-3/4 x 10-1/4 color and historical photographs and illustrations © 2013 interest level age 10 and up 6 creative paperbacks

new titles nfltoday arizona cardinals 978-0-89812-845-1 atlanta falcons 978-0-89812-846-8 baltimore ravens 978-0-89812-847-5 buffalo bills 978-0-89812-848-2 carolina panthers 978-0-89812-849-9 chicago bears 978-0-89812-850-5 cincinnati bengals 978-0-89812-851-2 cleveland browns 978-0-89812-852-9 dallas cowboys 978-0-89812-853-6 denver broncos 978-0-89812-854-3 detroit lions 978-0-89812-855-0 green bay packers 978-0-89812-856-7 houston texans 978-0-89812-857-4 indianapolis colts 978-0-89812-858-1 jacksonville jaguars 978-0-89812-859-8 kansas city chiefs 978-0-89812-860-4 miami dolphins 978-0-89812-861-1 minnesota vikings 978-0-89812-862-8 new england patriots 978-0-89812-863-5 new orleans saints 978-0-89812-864-2 new york giants 978-0-89812-865-9 new york jets 978-0-89812-866-6 oakland raiders 978-0-89812-867-3 philadelphia eagles 978-0-89812-868-0 pittsburgh steelers 978-0-89812-869-7 st louis rams 978-0-89812-870-3 san diego chargers 978-0-89812-871-0 san francisco 49ers

new titles that sspooky that s spooky hungry werewolves spell-casting witches moaning mummies that s spooky offers young readers a fun and colorful introduction to the world of monsters magic and the unexplained this series spotlights six spooky creatures investigating their behaviors powers weaknesses and characteristic physical traits as well as how they have become part of pop culture simple but lively writing is paired with hair-raising photos within an atmospheric design to capture all the thrills these creatures of the night have to offer price individual titles $5.99 specifications page count 24 trim size 8-3/4 × 8-3/4 color photographs © 2013 interest level age 6 and up ghosts 978-0-89812-803-1 mummies 978-0-89812-804-8 vampires 978-0-89812-805-5 werewolves 978-0-89812-806-2 witches 978-0-89812-807-9 zombies 978-0-89812-808-6 creative paperbacks

classic series livingwild alligators 978-0-89812-550-4 bats 978-0-89812-549-8 bison 978-0-89812-669-3 camels 978-0-89812-773-7 cougars 978-0-89812-774-4 eagles 978-0-89812-551-1 gorillas 978-0-89812-552-8 hummingbirds 978-0-89812-670-9 jaguars 978-0-89812-671-6 kangaroos 978-0-89812-553-5 killer whales 978-0-89812-554-2 komodo dragons 978-0-89812-672-3 leopards 978-0-89812-555-9 moose 978-0-89812-556-6 owls 978-0-89812-673-0 pandas 978-0-89812-674-7 piranhas 978-0-89812-775-1 rhinoceroses 978-0-89812-675-4 sea lions 978-0-89812-776-8 tortoises 978-0-89812-777-5 vultures 978-0-89812-778-2 whales 978-0-89812-676-1 woodpeckers 978-0-89812-779-9 zebras 978-0-89812-780-5 living wild the crushing bite of alligators the watchful eyes of owls the hammering beaks of woodpeckers and the defining characteristics of 21 other fascinating animals are explored in the popular living wild series price individual titles $9.99 specifications page count 48 trim size 9-5/8 x 10-1/2 color and historical

classic series whendinosaurslived when dinosaurs lived price individual titles $6.99 the terrifying tyrannosaurus rex the tanklike specifications triceratops although they vanished from earth page count 24 trim size millions of years ago these and other extinct 9-5/8 x 10-1/2 creatures remain endlessly fascinating when color and historical dinosaurs lived takes young readers back in time photographs and illustrations for a fundamental introduction to six ancient © 2012 reptiles and the world they ruled interest level age 6 and up apatosaurus 978-0-89812-730-0 pterodactyls 978-0-89812-731-7 stegosaurus 978-0-89812-732-4 triceratops 978-0-89812-733-1 tyrannosaurus rex 978-0-89812-734-8 velociraptor 978-0-89812-735-5 classic series ageofdinosaurs age of dinosaurs the age of dinosaurs was filled with spectacularly diverse life forms this series invites readers on paleontological expeditions starting each book with the moment of the prehistoric creature s discovery and concluding with

classic series greatexpeditions great expeditions with engaging text and archival photos this series introduces readers to six of the boldest expeditionary forces in recent history providing biographical details about the participants and relating how their exploits and discoveries changed the world the images are eye-catching and the tone is conversational enough to keep readers engaged ­ school library journal price individual titles $12.00 specifications page count 48 trim size 8-1/4 x 11 color and historical photographs and illustrations © 2012 interest level age 10 and up through the american west 978-0-89812-663-1 to the heart of africa 978-0-89812-664-8 to the moon 978-0-89812-666-2 to the ocean deep 978-0-89812-665-5 to the south pole 978-0-89812-667-9 to the top of mount everest 978-0-89812-668-6 classic series greatwarriors great warriors from gladiators in crowded arenas to samurai on open battlefields each era of human history has seen its share of great warriors

classic series baseball thegreatamericangame baseball the great american game although baseball has passionate fans around the world it will always be known as america s game in this updated version of the best-selling series readers will learn the full history of the teams in baseball s major leagues from the hard-luck chicago cubs to the 27-time world champion new york yankees side panels and all-time team profiles enhance the story while spectacular photos capture all the hardhitting base-stealing action price individual titles $9.99 specifications page count 48 trim size 9-5/8 x 10-5/8 color and historical photographs © 2012 interest level age 10 and up the writing is engaging and the eye-popping yet tasteful format is an immediate draw using a thick stock of paper the oversize volumes feature fascinating well-reproduced vintage photos and crisp color pictures of more recent eras ­ booklist the story of the arizona diamondbacks 978-0-89812-629-7 the story of the atlanta

classic series worldserieschampions world series champions the world series is the biggest stage in baseball and world series champions gives young readers a ticket to the fall classic this series celebrates the highlights and stars of 16 major league baseball teams that have batted slid and thrown their way to championship glory the text simply but efficiently narrates each team s history while exciting photos of historical and contemporary greats help introduce baseball immortals price individual titles $7.99 specifications page count 24 trim size 8-3/4 x 8-3/4 color and historical photographs and illustrations © 2013 interest level age 6 and up atlanta braves 978-0-89812-809-3 baltimore orioles 978-0-89812-810-9 boston red sox 978-0-89812-811-6 chicago cubs 978-0-89812-812-3 chicago white sox 978-0-89812-813-0 cincinnati reds 978-0-89812-814-7 los angeles angels of anaheim 978-0-89812-815-4 los angeles dodgers 978-0-89812-816-1 miami marlins 978-0-89812-817-8 minnesota twins

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the books in the `amazing animals series dazzle when it comes to the full-page and large pages at that dynamically colored photographs of animals in their native habitats booklist review of amazing animals riveting close-up photos will draw young audiences to these introductions school library journal review of creepy creatures the layout is uniformly simple but effective constructed with a nice balance of main text for the report writers smaller chunks of esoterica for browsers and killer photos all in all upper-echelon animal books for middle-grade researchers booklist review of living wild the nba a history of hoops series uses a format similar to the publisher s excellent `nfl today series which means plenty of technical hard-driving game recaps paired with giant-size photos that freeze-frame the sweat and glory of pro basketball booklist review of the nba a history of