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new titles makingmusic making music making music offers young readers a chance to experience a variety of musical instruments before they even play a note labeled images assist in identification of common components as this series describes the featured instrument s sounds and workings including basic instruction on how to play it each title concludes with a spotlight on a famous musician who plays the instrument today price individual titles $7.99 specifications page count 24 trim size 8-1/4 x 10 color photographs © 2014 interest level age 6 and up drums 978-0-89812-945-8 flute 978-0-89812-946-5 guitar 978-0-89812-947-2 piano 978-0-89812-948-9 trumpet 978-0-89812-949-6 violin 978-0-89812-950-2 the melding of lush photography and sparse text makes for a great experience in viewing and reading ­ booklist 4 creative paperbacks

new titles creepycreatures creepy creatures each book matches clear stem-appropriate text with up-close and often startling photos to give young readers an easy-to-follow introduction to the featured insect or other invertebrate s body growth process behavior food sources and common habitats each title concludes with an activity that emphasizes the animal s defining physical characteristics new titles dragonflies 978-0-89812-933-5 fleas 978-0-89812-934-2 grasshoppers 978-0-89812-935-9 mites 978-0-89812-936-6 moths 978-0-89812-937-3 stick insects 978-0-89812-938-0 price individual titles $6.99 specifications page count 24 trim size 8-7/8 x 8-3/4 color photographs and illustrations © 2011­2014 interest level age 6 and up classic titles ants 978-0-89812-793-5 beetles 978-0-89812-794-2 centipedes 978-0-89812-565-8 cockroaches 978-0-89812-795-9 crickets 978-0-89812-566-5 mantises 978-0-89812-567-2 scorpions 978-0-89812-568-9 slugs 978-0-89812-796-6 spiders 978-0-89812-569-6 termites

new titles thebigtime the big time no matter the field of entertainment or competition every talented performer dreams of making it to the top this colorful series introduces young readers to current athletic icons such as electrifying wide receiver calvin johnson nba champion lebron james and more learning where these stars came from the challenges they ve overcome and how they made it to the big time price individual titles $9.99 specifications page count 24 trim size 8-1/4 x 10 color photographs © 2014 interest level age 6 and up aaron rodgers 978-1-62832-059-6 adrian peterson 978-1-62832-060-2 calvin johnson 978-1-62832-076-3 kevin durant 978-1-62832-077-0 lebron james 978-1-62832-063-3 a package with enough visual sophistication for somewhat older reluctant readers ­ booklist 8 creative paperbacks

new titles greatwarriors great warriors each era of human history has seen its share of great warriors but what made these fighters great and why do people remain fascinated by them today from simple text and artful illustrations kids will discover what life was like for combatants in different parts of the world each book features famous examples of each warrior in all their swashbuckling glory and explains how their mode of battle grew out of their particular culture price individual titles $9.99 specifications page count 24 trim size 9 x 11 color and historical photographs and illustrations © 2014 interest level age 6 and up new titles barbarians 978-1-62832-066-4 conquistadors 978-1-62832-067-1 mongols 978-1-62832-068-8 vikings 978-1-62832-069-5 classic titles gladiators 978-0-89812-571-9 knights 978-0-89812-572-6 pirates 978-0-89812-573-3 samurai 978-0-89812-574-0 some of history s baddest bunches scaled way down for a younger crowd ­ booklist 10 creative paperbacks

classic series seedlings seedlings seedlings offers irresistible introductions to exotic animals and familiar construction vehicles using a friendly voice and educational text crafted for the youngest of readers dynamic photos depict the bodies behaviors and habitats of animals and the parts operation and roles of machines price individual titles $6.99 specifications page count 24 trim size 8-3/4 × 8-3/4 color photographs © 2013­2014 interest level age 4 and up bulldozers 978-0-89812-883-3 cranes 978-0-89812-884-0 diggers 978-0-89812-885-7 dolphins 978-0-89812-781-2 dump trucks 978-0-89812-886-4 elephants 978-0-89812-782-9 giraffes 978-0-89812-783-6 lions 978-0-89812-784-3 monkeys 978-0-89812-785-0 penguins 978-0-89812-786-7 sharks 978-0-89812-887-1 snakes 978-0-89812-888-8 tigers 978-0-89812-889-5 wolves 978-0-89812-890-1 the rhythmic text lends itself nicely to being read aloud and the crisp layout offers a solid opportunity to start introducing nonfiction features ­ school

classic series livingwild living wild the color-changing skin of chameleons the aggressive behavior of hippopotamuses the malodorous scent of skunks and the defining characteristics of 29 other fascinating animals are explored in this popular series alligators 978-0-89812-550-4 antelopes 978-0-89812-837-6 bats 978-0-89812-549-8 bison 978-0-89812-669-3 camels 978-0-89812-773-7 chameleons 978-0-89812-838-3 chimpanzees 978-0-89812-839-0 cougars 978-0-89812-774-4 eagles 978-0-89812-551-1 frogs 978-0-89812-840-6 gorillas 978-0-89812-552-8 hippopotamuses 978-0-89812-841-3 hummingbirds 978-0-89812-670-9 jaguars 978-0-89812-671-6 kangaroos 978-0-89812-553-5 killer whales 978-0-89812-554-2 price individual titles $12.00 specifications page count 48 trim size 9-5/8 x 10-1/2 color and historical photographs and illustrations © 2011­2014 interest level age 10 and up komodo dragons 978-0-89812-672-3 leopards 978-0-89812-555-9 moose 978-0-89812-556-6 octopuses 978-0-89812-842-0 owls

classic series builtforsuccess built for success facebook fedex cnn they are names recognized around the world today but just how did these companies grow into global giants built for success now spotlights 16 flourishing corporations and introduces the leaders who guided them to prominence each title surveys the featured company s complete history examining its triumphs and failures products and innovations and the impact it has had on the lives of people around the globe price individual titles $12.00 specifications page count 48 trim size 7-3/4 x 11 color and historical photographs and illustrations © 2009­2013 interest level age 10 and up business titles may not be the hottest on nonfiction shelves but the attractive `built for success series could change that the books written in a lively style yet with a minimum of fuss pack in plenty of history and tend to focus on the individuals who grew the companies adding a personal element to the narrative ­ booklist

classic series grammarbasics grammar basics this colorful series explores four parts of speech in terms of their overall relationship to sentences a friendly tone appealing photos and a concluding word game make for a most accessible introduction to the way words are used in writing and in life price individual titles $10.99 specifications page count 24 trim size 8-1/4 x 10 color photographs © 2013 interest level age 6 and up adjectives 978-0-89812-799-7 adverbs 978-0-89812-800-0 nouns 978-0-89812-801-7 verbs 978-0-89812-802-4 classic series poetrybasics poetry basics poetry need not be complicated in fact some of the oldest forms of poetry are written for children this series matches illustrations with accessible example poems and fundamental analysis to introduce readers to the simplicity of haiku and music of nursery rhymes this captivating easy-to-read series is excellent for teachers and all who want to learn or write poetry ­ library media connection price individual

classic series nfltoday arizona cardinals 978-0-89812-845-1 atlanta falcons 978-0-89812-846-8 baltimore ravens 978-0-89812-847-5 buffalo bills 978-0-89812-848-2 carolina panthers 978-0-89812-849-9 chicago bears 978-0-89812-850-5 cincinnati bengals 978-0-89812-851-2 cleveland browns 978-0-89812-852-9 dallas cowboys 978-0-89812-853-6 denver broncos 978-0-89812-854-3 detroit lions 978-0-89812-855-0 green bay packers 978-0-89812-856-7 houston texans 978-0-89812-857-4 indianapolis colts 978-0-89812-858-1 jacksonville jaguars 978-0-89812-859-8 kansas city chiefs 978-0-89812-860-4 miami dolphins 978-0-89812-861-1 minnesota vikings 978-0-89812-862-8 new england patriots 978-0-89812-863-5 new orleans saints 978-0-89812-864-2 new york giants 978-0-89812-865-9 new york jets 978-0-89812-866-6 oakland raiders 978-0-89812-867-3 philadelphia eagles 978-0-89812-868-0 pittsburgh steelers 978-0-89812-869-7 st louis rams 978-0-89812-870-3 san diego chargers 978-0-89812-871-0 san francisco 49ers

classic series worldserieschampions world series champions the world series is the biggest stage in baseball and world series champions gives young readers a ticket to the fall classic this series celebrates the highlights and stars of 16 major league baseball teams that have batted slid and thrown their way to championship glory the text simply but efficiently narrates each team s history while exciting photos of historical and contemporary greats help introduce baseball immortals price individual titles $7.99 specifications page count 24 trim size 8-3/4 x 8-3/4 color and historical photographs © 2013 interest level age 6 and up atlanta braves 978-0-89812-809-3 baltimore orioles 978-0-89812-810-9 boston red sox 978-0-89812-811-6 chicago cubs 978-0-89812-812-3 chicago white sox 978-0-89812-813-0 cincinnati reds 978-0-89812-814-7 los angeles angels of anaheim 978-0-89812-816-1 los angeles dodgers 978-0-89812-817-8 miami marlins 978-0-89812-815-4 minnesota twins 978-0-89812-818-5

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