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new titles seedlings communitylife seedlings community life hello construction workers and veterinarians hello … fun the popular seedlings series now offers irresistible introductions to six community helpers written in a friendly voice filled with dynamic photos and featuring text crafted for the youngest of readers these newest books spotlight the ways in which certain professions help other members of our communities price individual titles $7.99 specifications page count 24 trim size 8¾ × 8¾ color photographs © 2018 interest level age 4 and up construction workers 978-1-62832-486-0 dentists 978-1-62832-487-7 farmers 978-1-62832-488-4 nurses 978-1-62832-489-1 teachers 978-1-62832-490-7 veterinarians 978-1-62832-491-4 “the rhythmic text lends itself nicely to being read aloud and the crisp layout offers a solid opportunity to start introducing nonfiction features.” – school library journal 4 creative paperbacks

new titles seedlings animals 8 creative paperbacks

new titles amazinganimals 12 creative paperbacks

new titles livingwild living wild the nimble bodies of lemurs the stretchy gular pouches of pelicans and the defining characteristics of 60 other fascinating animals are explored in living wild vivid photographs help take readers on a virtual field study to observe the life cycle and behaviors of each featured creature each book also looks at scientific research and includes a folkloric tale price individual titles $12.00 specifications page count 48 trim size 95/8 × 105/8 color photographs © 2011–2018 interest level age 10 and up new titles elk 978-1-62832-432-7 lemurs 978-1-62832-433-4 llamas 978-1-62832-434-1 pelicans 978-1-62832-435-8 prairie dogs 978-1-62832-436-5 seahorses 978-1-62832-437-2 classic titles alligators 978-0-89812-550-4 antelopes 978-0-89812-837-6 armadillos 978-1-62832-299-6 bats 978-0-89812-549-8 beavers 978-1-62832-000-8 bighorn sheep 978-1-62832-165-4 bison 978-0-89812-669-3 brown bears 978-1-62832-001-5 camels 978-0-89812-773-7 chameleons

classic series thebigtime the big time every talented performer dreams of making it to the top this entertaining series of high-interest biographies introduces readers to current athletic icons including information about where these stars came from the challenges they’ve overcome and how they made it to … the big time in the most recent title young readers will meet golden state warriors guard and shooting sensation stephen curry price individual titles $9.99 specifications page count 24 trim size 8¼ × 10 color photographs © 2014 2017 interest level age 6 and up aaron rodgers 978-1-62832-059-6 adrian peterson 978-1-62832-060-2 calvin johnson 978-1-62832-076-3 kevin durant 978-1-62832-077-0 lebron james 978-1-62832-063-3 stephen curry 978-1-62832-268-2 “… a package with enough visual sophistication for somewhat older reluctant readers …” – booklist 20 creative paperbacks

classic series makingtheplay making the play linking scientific concepts to actions common to each sport this series unveils the unseen world of forces at work behind each bat ball or club high-contrast design and relatable images of people at play provide a colorful backdrop price individual titles $8.99 specifications page count 24 trim size 8¾ × 8¾ color photographs © 2016 interest level age 6 and up classic classic series series spies n a rbo a ucnhda m t hp ei ow no s rld nba champions each title in nba champions looks at a national basketball association nba franchise that has captured at least one world championship accessible but energetic text and action-oriented photos spotlight each team’s greatest players and triumphs price individual titles $7.99 specifications page count 24 trim size 8¾ × 8¾ color and historical photographs © 2012 interest level age 6 and up boston celtics 978-0-89812-706-5 chicago bulls 978-0-89812-707-2 los

classic series fetch fetch fetch helps future pet owners retrieve basic knowledge about the traits and history of six popular dog breeds dynamic photos bound off the page and the text gently instructs young owners in pet care and responsibility price individual titles $7.99 specifications page count 24 trim size 8¼ × 10 color photographs © 2014 interest level age 6 and up beagles 978-0-89812-939-7 bulldogs 978-0-89812-940-3 german shepherds 978-0-89812-941-0 poodles 978-0-89812-942-7 retrievers 978-0-89812-943-4 terriers 978-0-89812-944-1 classic series horsingaround horsing around horsing around offers a brief tutorial on the care training showing and riding of horses concentrating on each aspect in a separate volume and addressing the concerns of some of the youngest horse enthusiasts price individual titles $7.99 specifications page count 24 trim size 8¾ × 8¾ color photographs © 2014 interest level age 6 and up caring for horses 978-0-89812-833-8

classic series acrosstheuniverse across the universe with a technology-themed design that encourages curious minds to make observations and comparisons this series will take young explorers on an adventure across the universe to discover the wonders of the cosmos and how they relate to life on earth price individual titles $9.99 specifications page count 24 trim size 8¼ × 10 color photographs and illustrations © 2015 interest level age 6 and up asteroids 978-1-62832-080-0 comets 978-1-62832-081-7 galaxies 978-1-62832-082-4 moons 978-1-62832-083-1 planets 978-1-62832-084-8 the sun 978-1-62832-085-5 classic series ourwonderfulweather our wonderful weather this five-book series is the perfect way to introduce early readers to the science history and forms of weather clear text and stunning photos are paired within a readerfriendly design to explain the ways that winds temperatures and precipitation affect our lives price individual titles $9.99 specifications page

classic series builtforsuccess built for success surveying the triumphs and failures of 24 corporations and their prominent leaders built for success examines each company’s products and innovations as well as the impact it has had on the lives of people around the globe the story of 978-0-89812-759-1 the story of apple 978-0-89812-659-4 the story of at&t 978-1-62832-157-9 the story of berkshire hathaway 978-1-62832-158-6 the story of cnn 978-0-89812-760-7 the story of coca-cola 978-0-89812-753-9 the story of disney 978-0-89812-754-6 the story of ebay 978-0-89812-660-0 the story of facebook 978-0-89812-761-4 the story of fedex 978-0-89812-762-1 the story of ford 978-1-89756-302-1 the story of google 978-0-89812-755-3 the story of lululemon athletica 978-1-62832-159-3 the story of mcdonald’s 978-0-89812-756-0 the story of microsoft 978-0-89812-757-7 the story of mtv 978-0-89812-982-3 price individual titles $12.00 specifications page count 48 trim size

classic series makingmusic making music making music lets readers experience a variety of musical instruments—before they even play a note labeled images assist in identification as this series describes the instrument’s sounds and workings including basic instruction on how to play it price individual titles $9.99 specifications page count 24 trim size 8¼ × 10 color photographs © 2014 interest level age 6 and up drums 978-0-89812-945-8 flute 978-0-89812-946-5 guitar 978-0-89812-947-2 piano 978-0-89812-948-9 trumpet 978-0-89812-949-6 violin 978-0-89812-950-2 “the melding of lush photography and sparse text makes for a great experience in viewing and reading.” – booklist classic series artworld art world with a focus on developing artistic sensibilities each title encourages close inspection of great works of western art and features a “portrait” of a famous artist from the genre price individual titles $9.99

creativepaper skcab fall2017 creative paperbacks is an imprint of the creative company a family-owned company since 1932 creative paper skcab fall2017 never elected gerald ford was the only president never to be elected vice president or president a representative of michigan ford was named vice president when spiro agnew resigned in 1973 ford became president the next year thanks to nixon’s