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new titles seedlings seedlings hello elephants and lions hello penguins and monkeys hello fun the new seedlings books offer irresistible introductions to six exotic but familiar animals using a friendly voice and text crafted for the youngest of readers to touch upon the creatures bodies behaviors habitats and family relationships dynamic photos meanwhile provide alluring depictions of the featured animal eating moving growing and playing put these books on your shelves and plant the seeds of knowledge price individual titles $5.99 specifications page count 24 trim size 8-3/4 × 8-3/4 color photographs © 2013 interest level age 5 and up dolphins 978-0-89812-781-2 elephants 978-0-89812-782-9 giraffes 978-0-89812-783-6 lions 978-0-89812-784-3 monkeys 978-0-89812-785-0 penguins 978-0-89812-786-7 4 creative paperbacks

new titles livingwild new titles camels 978-0-89812-773-7 cougars 978-0-89812-774-4 piranhas 978-0-89812-775-1 sea lions 978-0-89812-776-8 tortoises 978-0-89812-777-5 vultures 978-0-89812-778-2 woodpeckers 978-0-89812-779-9 zebras 978-0-89812-780-5 living wild the flesh-ripping teeth of piranhas the hammering beaks of woodpeckers and the defining characteristics of six other fascinating animals are explored in the newest titles in the popular living wild series price individual titles $9.99 specifications page count 48 trim size 9-5/8 x 10-1/2 color and historical photographs and illustrations © 2011­2013 interest level age 10 and up classic titles alligators 978-0-89812-550-4 bats 978-0-89812-549-8 bison 978-0-89812-669-3 eagles 978-0-89812-551-1 gorillas 978-0-89812-552-8 hummingbirds 978-0-89812-670-9 jaguars 978-0-89812-671-6 kangaroos 978-0-89812-553-5 killer whales 978-0-89812-554-2 komodo dragons 978-0-89812-672-3 leopards 978-0-89812-555-9 moose 978-0-89812-556-6 owls

new titles builtforsuccess built for success facebook fedex cnn they are names recognized around the world today but just how did these companies grow into global giants built for success now spotlights 16 flourishing corporations and introduces the leaders who guided them to prominence each title surveys the featured company s complete history examining its triumphs and failures products and innovations and the impact it has had on the lives of people around the globe price individual titles $12.00 specifications page count 48 trim size 7-3/4 x 11 color and historical photographs and illustrations © 2009­2013 interest level age 10 and up new titles the story of 978-0-89812-759-1 the story of cnn 978-0-89812-760-7 the story of facebook 978-0-89812-761-4 the story of fedex 978-0-89812-762-1 classic titles business titles may not be the hottest on nonfiction shelves but the attractive `built for success series could change that the books written in a lively

new titles brusheswithgreatness brushes with greatness from raphael to pablo picasso to georgia o keeffe the story of painting involves many artists and spans many centuries brushes with greatness explores this story by spotlighting four distinct painting genres discussing why each began how its focus has changed over time and the status it has in the modern world of art each beautiful book looks closely at some of the greatest works ever created and explains the evolution of artistic techniques providing a one-of-a-kind celebration of the human experience in paint price individual titles $12.00 specifications page count 48 trim size 7-1/2 x 10-1/2 color and historical photographs and artwork © 2013 interest level age 10 and up history paintings 978-0-89812-763-8 landscapes 978-0-89812-764-5 portraits 978-0-89812-765-2 still lifes 978-0-89812-766-9 creative paperbacks

classic series amazinganimals amazing animals this popular series continues traveling the planet to study alligators bats and other fascinating animals beautiful photos are paired with accessible text to examine the featured creature s appearance habitat behaviors and life cycle price individual titles $6.99 specifications page count 24 trim size 9 × 11-1/4 color photographs © 2009­2012 interest level age 6 and up the `amazing animals series will attract both beginning and struggling readers the large beautiful photos on each spread include vivid shots of animals in action as well as close-ups of their faces the text although made up of simple sentences conveys plenty of interesting information ­ booklist alligators 978-0-89812-689-1 bats 978-0-89812-690-7 cheetahs 978-0-89812-561-0 crocodiles 978-0-89812-749-2 dolphins 978-0-89812-562-7 eagles 978-0-89812-691-4 elephants 978-0-89812-563-4 giraffes 978-0-89812-741-6 gorillas 978-0-89812-692-1 kangaroos 978-0-89812-693-8

classic series creepycreatures creepy creatures this popular series spotlights six mini-beasts that scurry crawl wriggle or hop each book matches clear text with up-close and often startling photos to provide an irresistible introduction to the featured creature s body behavior food habitat and more riveting close-up photos will draw young audiences to these introductions ­ school library journal price individual titles $4.99 specifications page count 24 trim size 8-7/8 x 8-3/4 color photographs and illustrations © 2011 interest level age 6 and up centipedes 978-0-89812-565-8 crickets 978-0-89812-566-5 mantises 978-0-89812-567-2 scorpions 978-0-89812-568-9 spiders 978-0-89812-569-6 worms 978-0-89812-570-2 classic series nature sbounty nature s bounty the circle of life is made up of food chains the relationships that explain who eats whom nature s bounty takes readers to five distinct biomes of the natural world and explains a food chain unique to each introducing predators

classic series baseball thegreatamericangame baseball the great american game although baseball has passionate fans around the world it will always be known as america s game in this updated version of the best-selling series readers will learn the full history of the teams in baseball s major leagues from the hard-luck chicago cubs to the 27-time world champion new york yankees side panels and all-time team profiles enhance the story while spectacular photos capture all the hardhitting base-stealing action price individual titles $9.99 specifications page count 48 trim size 9-5/8 x 10-5/8 color and historical photographs © 2012 interest level age 10 and up the writing is engaging and the eye-popping yet tasteful format is an immediate draw using a thick stock of paper the oversize volumes feature fascinating well-reproduced vintage photos and crisp color pictures of more recent eras ­ booklist the story of the arizona diamondbacks 978-0-89812-629-7 the story of the atlanta

classic series builtforbattle built for battle armored tanks and agile fighter jets hovering helicopters and high-powered battleships carrying troops and weapons into war these vehicles and vessels are built for battle this series employs up-close and action-driven photos to help acquaint young readers with military craft and the roles they play price individual titles $5.99 specifications page count 24 trim size 8-3/4 x 8-3/4 color and historical photographs © 2012 interest level age 6 and up battleships 978-0-89812-699-0 fighter jets 978-0-89812-701-0 helicopters 978-0-89812-702-7 tanks 978-0-89812-704-1 the vivid photos some spread across two pages and others cut together in nifty montage depict constant excitement from a variety of views ­ booklist classic series greatwarriors great warriors from gladiators in crowded arenas to samurai on open battlefields each era of human history has seen its share of great warriors simple text and artful illustrations combine to help kids

classic series rescuevehicles rescue vehicles when a crisis arises special vehicles are called to the scene rescue vehicles captures all the important action involved when people need help examining the features of each craft and the ways in which emergency personnel operate the vehicle price individual titles $5.99 specifications page count 24 trim size 8-1/4 x 10 color and historical photographs © 2011 interest level age 6 and up ambulances 978-0-89812-575-7 fire trucks 978-0-89812-577-1 helicopters 978-0-89812-576-4 rescue boats 978-0-89812-578-8 the `rescue vehicles series will no doubt be enjoyed by youngsters obsessed with planes trains and automobiles ­ booklist classic series simplemachines simple machines from bicycle tires and doorknobs to shovels and scissors the world is full of objects that help people perform basic tasks more easily simple machines examines the six most common mechanisms providing fundamental descriptions of the machines their uses and their

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the books in the `amazing animals series dazzle when it comes to the full-page and large pages at that dynamically colored photographs of animals in their native habitats booklist review of amazing animals riveting close-up photos will draw young audiences to these introductions school library journal review of creepy creatures the layout is uniformly simple but effective constructed with a nice balance of main text for the report writers smaller chunks of esoterica for browsers and killer photos all in all upper-echelon animal books for middle-grade researchers booklist review of living wild the nba a history of hoops series uses a format similar to the publisher s excellent `nfl today series which means plenty of technical hard-driving game recaps paired with giant-size photos that freeze-frame the sweat and glory of pro basketball booklist review of the nba a history of