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classic series x booksx-books x-books are for kids who love facts—especially in bite-sized portions and about fascinating true subjects as plentiful images and graphical representations stimulate visual perception readers will be drawn into learning how to use informational texts each title is framed by a signature top 5 countdown feature that not only price individual titles $9.99 specifications page count 32 trim size 7 × 9¼ color photographs and illustrations © 2018 interest level age 9 and up serves as an example of sequential order but also narrates a brief story within the main topic count down the world’s most extreme fighters predators and weather phenomena and launch a lifetime of reading without limits fighters titles predators titles weather titles barbarians 978-1-62832-414-3 conquistadors 978-1-62832-415-0 gladiators 978-1-62832-416-7 pirates 978-1-62832-417-4 samurai 978-1-62832-418-1 vikings 978-1-62832-419-8 alligators 978-1-62832-420-4 killer whales 978-1-62832-421-1 lions 978-1-62832-422-8 piranhas 978-1-62832-423-5 sharks 978-1-62832-424-2 snakes 978-1-62832-425-9 clouds 978-1-62832-426-6 forecasting 978-1-62832-427-3 hurricanes 978-1-62832-428-0 snow 978-1-62832-429-7 thunderstorms 978-1-62832-430-3 tornadoes 978-1-62832-431-0 creative paperbacks 17