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classic series builtforsuccess built for success surveying the triumphs and failures of 24 corporations and their prominent leaders built for success examines each company’s products and innovations as well as the impact it has had on the lives of people around the globe the story of 978-0-89812-759-1 the story of apple 978-0-89812-659-4 the story of at&t 978-1-62832-157-9 the story of berkshire hathaway 978-1-62832-158-6 the story of cnn 978-0-89812-760-7 the story of coca-cola 978-0-89812-753-9 the story of ebay 978-0-89812-660-0 the story of facebook 978-0-89812-761-4 the story of ford 978-1-89756-302-1 the story of google 978-0-89812-755-3 the story of lululemon athletica 978-1-62832-159-3 the story of mcdonald’s 978-0-89812-756-0 the story of microsoft 978-0-89812-757-7 the story of mtv 978-0-89812-982-3 price individual titles $12.00 specifications page count 48 trim size 7¾ × 11 color and historical photographs © 2009–2016 interest level age 10 and up the story of nike 978-0-89812-738-6 the story of southwest airlines 978-1-62832-160-9 the story of starbucks 978-0-89812-737-9 the story of target 978-0-89812-984-7 the story of the nfl 978-0-89812-661-7 the story of twitter 978-0-89812-985-4 the story of wal-mart 978-0-89812-662-4 ê “the books written in a lively style yet with a minimum of fuss pack in plenty of history and tend to focus on the individuals who grew the companies adding a personal element to the narrative.” – booklist starred review classic series agentsofgovernment agents of government this series examines each agency’s mission command structure and key policies along with important incidents or controversies to show the global influence of key government organizations 36 creative paperbacks price individual titles $12.00 specifications page count 48 trim size 8¾ × 10¼ color photographs © 2016 interest level age 10 and up environmental protection agency  978-1-62832-145-6 federal bureau of investigation 978-1-62832-146-3 federal reserve system  978-1-62832-147-0 national aeronautics and space administration 978-1-62832-148-7 national transportation safety board 978-1-62832-149-4 peace corps 978-1-62832-150-0