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new titles seedlings science “the rhythmic text lends itself nicely to being read aloud and the crisp layout offers a solid opportunity to start introducing nonfiction features.” – school library journal seedlings science hello jupiter and neptune hello mercury and venus hello … fun the popular seedlings series now offers irresistible introductions to our solar system’s eight planets written in a friendly voice filled with dynamic photos and featuring text crafted for the youngest of readers these newest books spotlight the names orbital processes and defining features of the planets each book closes with a labeled-image guide price individual titles $7.99 specifications page count 24 trim size 8¾ × 8¾ color photographs © 2017–2018 interest level age 4 and up mercury 978-1-62832-532-4 neptune 978-1-62832-533-1 saturn 978-1-62832-534-8 uranus 978-1-62832-535-5 venus 978-1-62832-536-2 new titles planets classic seedlings science titles earth 978-1-62832-529-4 jupiter 978-1-62832-530-0 mars 978-1-62832-531-7 4 creative paperbacks clownfish 978-1-62832-397-9 coral reefs 978-1-62832-398-6 deserts 978-1-62832-337-5 grasslands 978-1-62832-349-8 mountains 978-1-62832-338-2 oceans 978-1-62832-339-9 octopuses 978-1-62832-399-3 rainforests 978-1-62832-340-5 sea turtles 978-1-62832-400-6 seals 978-1-62832-401-3 stingrays 978-1-62832-402-0