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evernote smart notebook contemporary heritage moleskine has always been synonymous with creativity providing inspiration for ideas projects and collaborations communities around the world champion the brand through the sharing of images videos and hacks of their notebooks on blogs social networks and other online platforms through cultural initiatives workshops events and exhibitions partnerships are made with up-and-coming and established artists worldwide detour is a travelling show of special notebooks created by international artists writers architects designers film directors and musicians which supports the non-profit foundation lettera27 the resulting creative innovations are captured in an online gallery at and also in book form with the detour book moleskine publishing moleskine books reveal and preserve the creative processes of the leading industry figures of today the inspiration and process in architecture series presents the sketches and thoughts

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metallic ink collection metallic ink roller pen tones of gold and silver make a bold statement on both the ivory-colored paper of notebooks and cards and the black pages of the albums highlight important notes draw in rich metallic color or add a touch of artistry to special greetings and messages the packaging includes one gel ink refill metallic ink roller pen gold medium tip 0.7 mm 14.95 isbn 978-88-6732-100-1 9 788867 321001 minimum order quantity 10 silver medium tip 0.7 mm 14.95 isbn 978-88-6732-098-1 9 788867 320981 features gold or silver gel ink refillable with all moleskine refills medium tip 0.7 mm for versatile use body and cap made of transparent abs clip registered design especially conceived to attach the pen to hard cover notebooks 24 stickers to customize the pen the packaging can be hung and includes the metallic ink roller pen 1 refill same color minimum order quantity 10 clip attaches to hard cover notebooks refillable stickers for customizing the pen

digital device covers tablet cover compatible with ipad 3&4 volant reporter this new digital device cover is light and thin with a rubberized shell to keep your tablet safe created in new vibrant colors for the ipad 3 and 4 it includes a volant reporter which can be placed to the right or left of your device to suit both the right and left-handed among us this moleskine tool integrates device and paper digital and analog protection and design tablet cover compatible with ipad 3&4 volant reporter black 89.95 isbn 978-88-6732-102-5 brilliant violet 89.95 isbn 978-88-6732-106-3 magenta 89.95 isbn 978-88-6732-104-9 9 788867 321025 9 788867 321063 9 788867 321049 minimum order quantity 4 compatible with ipad 3&4 hard cover padded suede lining inner rubberized shell to hold tablet in place elastic closure includes plain volant reporter 96 pages last 8 sheets detachable acid-free paper minimum order quantity 4 minimum order quantity 4 oxide green 89.95 isbn 978-88-6732-105-6 orange

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displays shell assortment xs small 12 pcs counter display ready to sell made of cardboard it accomodates an assortment of 6 extra small shells 1 per each color 6 small shells 1 per each color 11 x 13 ¾ x h 7 ¾ 28 x 35 x h 20 cm isbn 978-88-6732-176-6 che frase mettere 41 wtr

books overview inspiration and process in architecture studio mumbai dominique perrault wiel arets cino zucchi zaha hadid bolles+wilson alberto kalach giancarlo de carlo three hands of creativity the hand of the architect the hand of the designer the hand of the graphic designer books john alcorn evolution by design good 50x70 anthology the detour book 45 culture imagination memory travel personal identity moleskine ® was created as a brand in 1997 bringing back to life the legendary notebook used by artists and thinkers over the past two centuries since january 2007 moleskine is the name of the company that owns the worldwide trademark rights for the brand the company grew out of the experience of modo&modo a small milanese publisher who created the moleskine® trademark in 1997 in the fall of 2006 modo&modo was purchased by sg capital europe now called syntegra capital with the objective of fully developing the potential of the moleskine brand in january 2011 new investor index ventures also acquired a stake in the company moleskine spa is a creative company that enjoys continuing growth it now has around 100 employees and a vast network of partners and consultants its head office is in milan italy its affiliates are moleskine america inc established in 2008 in new york and moleskine asia ltd based in hong kong since