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the colorful street signs of barcelona gràfica de les rambles​ the signs of barcelona louise fili gr a ph ic de sign — september 2017 8.5 x 10.5 in 21.6 x 26.7 cm 264 pp 375 color 10 b+w hardcover 978-1-61689-561-7 $40.00 £27.99 righ ts wo rld 54000 9 781616 895617 from the labyrinthine paths and serene squares of the gothic quarter to the stunning art nouveau architecture of the eixample barcelona is a place of irresistible charm throughout this beloved catalan city by the sea dazzling signage is everywhere glowing mosaics and stained glass intricately carved stonework and brilliantly gilded placards that herald the city’s eclectic mix of commerce all documented with affection and a dash of obsession by celebrated graphic designer louise fili gràfica de les rambles is fili’s travelogue and photographic diary of the most striking and inventive signs for restaurants and hotels farmàcias and pastisserias the workshops of artisans and grand

build and furnish a house with everyday objects d.i.y dollhouse build and decorate a toy house using everyday materials alexia henrion arts cr afts — october 2017 7.75 x 10.25 in 19.6 x 26 cm 176 pp 250 color b+w paperback 978-1-61689-607-2 $24.95 £17.99 righ ts wo rld en g lis h 52495 9 781616 896072 d.i.y dollhouse is a lavishly illustrated guide for budding architects builders and designers showing then how to build and furnish their own eco-friendly dollhouse with an incredible eye for detail the simple instructions cover everything children and parents need to get started from making rooms out of crate boxes and pieces of scrap fabric to crafting countless furniture and household items using recycled materials such as empty plastic containers and bottles bottle caps cardboard boxes plastic trays drinking straws and more learn how to transform these easy-to-find household items into a sofa bunk bed desk chair fridge stove bucket and mop or even a hot tub for the

n ev er us e f u tu ra unless you are an irreverent history of the ubiquitous typeface nike wesanderson dav idfincher barbarakruger themoon pau lrenner pau lrand louisvuitton s ta nleykubrick swissair f ox news union pac ific pa rtycity absolut vo d k a aarondraplin heinrichjoost richardni xo n shell vo l k s wag e n ikea robert s mcnamara the uk conse rvat i v e pa r t y isotype designwithinre ac h va nity fa i r charless anderson va mpireweekend s h e pa r d fa irey americanintern at ionalgroup politico thesocialdemocr at i c pa rtyofgermany vo g u e edruscha orthese at tlepubliclibra ry do ugl a s th omas withafore wo r d by ellen lu pton never use futura douglas thomas with a foreword by ellen lupton gr a ph ic de sign — october 2017 5.5 x 8 in 14 x 20.3 cm 208pp 105 2-color 67 b+w paperback 978-1-61689-572-3 $24.95 £17.99 righ ts wo rld 52495 9 781616 895723 it’s everywhere including the moon on the commemorative plaque left by

sleep tight charlie michaël escoffier and kris di giacomo age s 3 – 5 — september 2017 9 x 11.75 in 56 pp 24 color hardcover 978-1-61689-599-0 $17.95 righ ts no rt h ame ric a 51795 9 781616 895990 it’s been a busy day and charlie like any tired rabbit is ready for bed he arranges his slippers and glass of water finds his teddy bear and checks to make sure there are no monsters under the bed but just as he drifts off to sleep tap tap tap a loud noise outside the window wakes him up it’s not just the tapping of bird that keeps him up squirrel starts cracking nuts then mouse begins playing on the swings will charlie ever get some rest this playful and beautifully illustrated picture book is funny and entertaining charlie’s humorous expressions inspired by slapstick comedians like charlie chaplin will make you laugh out loud at every turn paris-based kris di giacomo enormous smallness is a noted illustrator of more than thirty children’s

who built that bridges didier cornille 5.5 x 12.5 in 14 x 32 cm 96 pp 90 color hardcover ages 6 and up 978-1-61689-516-7 $17.95 £10.99 r i gh ts wor lden gl i sh 51795 9 781616 895167 “a work of beauty and a conveyance into human ingenuity.” —kirkus starred review who built that skyscrapers didier cornille 6.7 x 9.75 in 17 x 25 cm 84 pp 70 color hardcover ages 6 and up 978-1-61689-270-8 $16.95 £10.95 r i gh ts wor lden gl i sh 51695 9 781616 892708 “clear prose and crisply drafted illustrations including exploded and cutaway views of some of the buildings make this an accessible guide to a handful of remarkable buildings.” —publishers weekly who built that modern houses didier cornille 9.75 x 6.7 in 25 x 17 cm 84 pp 85 color hardcover ages 6 and up 978-1-61689-263-0 $16.95 £10.95 r i gh ts wor lden gl i sh 51695 9 781616 892630 42 who built that

grids guides drawing pad our best-selling grids guides line goes big with this large-format drawing pad designed for your desk fifty pages of extra-large graph paper are bound neatly to a black board and perforated for easy tear out each sheet of classic blue graph paper is illustrated at the top with our signature mix of fun and sometimes useful information design ideal for drawing sketching calendaring—at your desk in a meeting or on the go september 2017 14 x 10 in 25.5 x 35.5 cm 50 sheets of graph paper in 3 patterns perforated thick black backing board shrink-wrapped with sticker 978-1-61689-635-5 $16.95 £14.99 righ ts wo rld 51695 para po sit lle lis m b β c a α α primi tive 37 63 64 31 32 8 xim at ma m st at lea l re ga s co nc ion en tri l go na he xa a b 90° α=β 120° γ vo lu γ 2 cos³ 84 5 61 64 68 12 15 16 .9 5 53 37 .9 .9 25 21 62 06 .9 90 87 5 en ter 7 8 .9 5 fac e-c 75 5 ed s² α .8 37 55 64 .8 75 27 32 59 12 43 .8 5 28

the olivetti pattern series notebook our stunning olivetti pattern series notecards are writ large in this elegant all-purpose journal featuring patterns made on an olivetti lettera 22 typewriter a design icon held in the collections of the moma and the cooper hewitt and revered by writers from sylvia plath to john updike the beautiful hardcover journal includes a set of ribbon markers one red and another black like the two-color ribbon on a vintage lettera 22 september 2017 5.75 x 8.25 in 15 x 21 cm 160 pp hardcover bellyband 2 ribbons black and red 978-1-61689-625-6 $18.95 £14.99 righ ts wo rld 51895 9 781616 896256 also available the olivetti pattern series notecards 978-61689-534-1 $15.95 £11.99 r i gh ts wor l d 51595 9 781616 895341

the humane gardener build it yourself pinhole cameras nurturing a backyard habitat for wildlife nancy lawson 5.5 x 8 in 14 x 20.3 cm 224 pp 175 color hardcover 978-1-61689-554-9 $24.95 £16.99 weekend projects for the garden frank perrone 7.5 x 9 in 19 x 23 cm 192 pp 515 color and b+w paperback 978-1-61689-338-5 $24.95 £16.99 a do-it-yourself guide chris keeney 5.5 x 8.5 in 14 x 21.6 cm 144 pp 35 color 175 b+w hardcover wire-o binding 978-1-56898-989-1 $19.95 £10.99 ri ghts world 52495 righ ts wo rld r i gh ts wor l d 52495 51995 9 781616 893385 9 781568 989891 9 781616 895549 the golden secrets of lettering letter design from first sketch to final artwork martina flor 8.27 x 9.45 in 21 x 24 cm 168 pp 300 color b+w hardcover 978-1-61689-573-0 $35.00 righ ts no rt h a me ric a learning to see figure drawing peter jenny 4.12 x 5.8 in 10.5 x 14.7 cm 188 pp 90 b+w paperback 978-1-61689-049-0 $12.95 £7.99 ri ghts world exc lu di nggermany au stria

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