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psychobook a spectacular revelation of a world long hidden psychological tests questionnaires and games games tests questionnaires histories hach inkblot test and the thematic apperception and stretch the imagination newly invented julian rothenstein editor introduction by lionel shriver s imaginative ironic and sometimes disconcerting prise and delight all who open its pages ss psychobook includes an introduction by eed to talk about kevin an insightful history by nd illuminating commentary by the art critic 8.25 x 11.75 in 21 x 30 cm 192 pp 128 color 35 b+w flexi-hardcover 978-1-61689-492-4 $40.00 £25.00 r i gh ts wor lden gl i sh e xc lu di nguk 54000 9 781616 894924 “the early 20th century saw a boom in experimental and beautiful but ultimately fraught diagnostic tests psychobook compiles them in a gorgeous collection.” —wired isbn 978-1-61689-492-4 us $40 54000 9 781616 894924 princeton architectural press dear data a friendship in 52 weeks of postcards giorgia lupi and stefanie posavec introduction by maria popova 8 x 11 in 20.5 x 28 cm 308 pp 300 color flexi-hardcover 978-1-61689-532-7 $35.00 r i gh ts n a m 53500 9 781616 895327 “dear data paints a human portrait with data.with each graph and information map we get a deeper sense of the authors’ personalities.what emerges from this information overload is a fascinating catalogue of the complexity of daily living.” —washington post 64 great gifts pap_s17_trade_catalog_final_v2.indd 64 9/29/16 4:50 pm