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one man’s 40-year project to draw every detail of the new york city subway one-track mind drawing the new york subway drawings by philip ashforth coppola edited by ezra bookstein and jeremy workman foreword by jonathan lethem v i s ua l p op ularcu lt u r e — may 2018 8 x 6 in 20.3 x 15.2 cm 160 pp 130 b+w hardcover 978-1-61689-674-4 $24.95 £18.99 righ ts wo rld 52495 for decades philip ashforth coppola has meticulously documented the new york city subway in a series of extraordinary drawings detailing the typography terracotta mosaics faience and tile patterns that millions of riders pass by every day coppola’s drawings are what hyperallergic calls “the most encyclopedic history of the art and architecture of the new york city subway system.” along with coppola’s intricate ink drawings are anecdotes he assembled through painstaking research involving hundreds of hours poring through microfilms to discover the names behind the artisanship of what is rightly called new york’s largest public art work—its legendary subway system 9 781616 896744 philip ashforth coppola’s drawings have been featured in the new york times hyperallergic and on the bbc and are included in the new york transit museum’s permanent collection ezra bookstein a filmmaker producer and sculptor lives in brooklyn he is editor of the smith tapes lost interviews with rock stars icons 1969–1972 jeremy workman a new york–based filmmaker directed one track mind a documentary about philip ashforth coppola in 2005 12 princeton architectural press spring 2018