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the following list is essentially our 30 greatest hits they aren t classified under in any categories the types of books that princeton architectural press publishes are not easy to pigeonhole but like the people who make up our small unique company each book has its own distinct personality some more serious some more light-hearted but each one true to the story it is telling in content package and where appropriate­level of scholarship we hope this list will help keep our all-star lineup in constant rotation on your store s shelves

w w pr e s s.c om 1-80 0 -759 019 0 forthcoming titles spring 2011

the idea that i can craft my own camera then use it to create amazing photos still seems after all these years too good to be true dissatisfied with the instant gratification of digital photography i find that pinhole photography takes me down a longer more involved more engaging creative path it requires me to be aware every step of the way to trust that everything will in the end be alright by trial and error remarkable and unexpected things happen as well as `mistakes we are human and imperfect and these truths i believe should be reflected in the art we create chriskeen ey from pi n hole ca me r a s for more information on this title see page 20

pointillist drawings in preparation for final site plan catalogue of selected donated materials services 2004­ 2008 5.11 5.12 5.13 catalogue of selected donated materials services 2004­ 2008 5.27 5.28 5.29 concrete mixes and admixtures prairie material sales naturalite skylights harmon inc polycarbonate panels gallina usa llc hvac controls johnson controls and jns power beto-film plywood adjustable forms inc 5.14 5.15 5.16 5.30 5.31 vinyl wall base vpi and circle flooring llc cork tiles capri cork and circle flooring llc mohawk carpet circle flooring llc scissor lift randall industries 5.17 5.18 5.19 5.32 gypsum wallboard rg construction services inc and drywall supply illinois inc final cleaning services vega cleaning services inc painting services all-tech decorating inc glazing systems harmon inc 5.20 5.33 5.34 5.35 efco steel formwork adjustable forms inc snaidero cabinetry systems studio snaidero chicago acoustical ceiling tile armstrong world industries inc endicott brick

lucy jorge orta food water life lucy jorge orta since founding studio orta in 1993 the paris-based husband-and-wife team of lucy and jorge orta has produced an extensive body of work that addresses universal concerns about community shelter migration and sustainable development beyond merely addressing these issues artistically their work suggests solutions by modeling fresh approaches to social dilemmas their often-playful projects incorporate elements of fashion art and architecture which they combine with performances multimedia events and public debates featuring hundreds of drawings and photographs lucy jorge orta food,water life presents recent works that fall into the categories of food water and the environment an interview by curator and critic hou hanru provides insight into the artists processes and motivations · includes texts by curators zoe ryan ellen lupton judith hoos fox and ginger gregg duggan · offers strategies that artists can use to communicate to audiences

pattern and movement a conversation with hitoshi abe atelier hitoshi abe to experience a building designed by hitoshi abe is to encounter a meticulously crafted performance abe s architecture is choreographed to the subtle movement of the body in space it always seems to anticipate one s position as well as one s possible ields of view his work articulates this dance with highly operative patterns and he encodes surfaces with the inscribed memories of their construction or local context this conversation in abe s sendai oice reveals his passion for invention and enabling of dynamic experience hitoshi abe was born in sendai japan in 1962 he earned an m.arch at the southern california institute of architecture in 1989 and worked for coop himmelblau in los angeles from 1988 to 1992 he returned to japan and established atelier hitoshi abe in sendai in 1992 in 1993 abe earned a doctorate in engineering at tohoku university and taught there until 2007 after which time he became chair of the

flesh architectural probes diller scofidio like all the work of architects liz diller ric scofidio flesh is a set of contradictions and complexities it is both a monograph of their work the first ever on their art architecture and installations but also not a traditional monograph it is a both/and neither/nor book-as-project noted at the time of its publication in 1994 for its groundbreaking typography and not-toosubtle critique of architecture from within since its publication diller scofidio now diller scofidio renfro have gone on to become among the world s most famous architects but the themes concerns and even forms that make them so celebrated today are all here in flesh along with its most radical proposition that anything can be architecture starting with this book one of the most sought-after and valuable books in our library shipping march 2011 8.25 × 10.75 in 21 × 27.3 cm 256 pp 68 color 300 b+w paperback 978-1-878271-37-2 $39.95 £28.00 53995 30 est est est

fougeron architecture opposition/composition anne fougeron fougeron architecture is an award-winning architecture firm based in san francisco this first monograph on the woman-led firm examines the broad range of the practice including residential institutional and mixed-use projects the book features fourteen projects illustrated with numerous photographs and drawings as well as a foreword by hitoshi abe · fougeron balances both pro bono and high-paying work to maintain an office-wide range of scale and budgets · recent awards include the aia east bay merit award the builder s choice design planning award the california home design awards residential the iida northern california honor award the aiasf excellence in architecture honor award the aiaeb exceptional residential honor award · whenever possible fougeron uses locally sourced materials from bay-area craftsmen · fougeron insists on staying small limiting their work to a scale that focuses on design rather than bigger

foreword introduction site research and design proposals reflections 10 fernanda kellogg tiffany co foundation 15 preface the place gateway between the city and the sea laura mcphee essays 100 an urban national park who goes there urban barometer port architecture urbanism 204 the urban park as cultural catalyst rolf diamant national park service 11 olympia kazi van alen institute 116 11 tom kiernan national parks conservation association 49 cosmopolitan ecologies kate or the unique value of our national parks alexander brash two gateways the first u.s urban national parks ethan carr the process so near yet so far [un]natural selection w architecture and landscape architecture 210 coping with complexity christopher hawthorne civic life in the making adi shamir afterword 214 11 mark wigley columbia university graduate school of architecture planning and preservation 72 128 shifting ground mapping the ecotone urban found architecture 216 86 150 eco-harbor reassembling

pamphlet architecture 11­20 steven holl the pamphlet architecture series was founded in 1978 by architects steven holl and william stout as a venue for publishing the works thoughts and theory of a new generation of architects now in its third decade this award-winning series continues to build upon its legacy by promoting individual points of view with all of their raw and rough-edged spontaneity in 1998 we published a hardcover volume collecting the first ten10 issues of pamphlet architecture we are proud to present the next nine issues in the companion volume pamphlet architecture 11­20 this graphically stunning and theoretically stimulating collection includes the early work of many of today s best-known architects as well as an introduction by steven holl shipping may 2011 7 × 8.5 in 17.8 × 21.6 cm 604 pp 466 b+w hardcover 978-1-61689-016-2 $45.00 £30.00 54500 9 781616 890162 also available pamphlet architecture 1-10 978-1-56898-126-0 $45.00 parallax

isbn 978-1-61689-021-6 37 east 7th street new york new york 10003