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draft cover eat your way to a healthy gut 9781787130456 september 2017 ckb039000 $14.99 hc 144pp 61/2 x 81/4 x 3/4 in 1 lb 3 oz tackle digestive complaints by changing the way you eat in 50 recipes dale pinnock the medicinal chef eat your way to a healthy gut dale pinnock — the medicinal chef tackle digestive complaints by changing the way you eat in 50 recipes understanding how the body digests different foods can help in overcoming common digestive complaints dale pinnock aka the medicinal chef looks at the physiology and anatomy behind each of the most common digestive complaints—bloating constipation ibs inflammatory bowel disease crohn’s and ulcerative colitis reflux and food “intolerance” he shows how the body digests different foods and provides readers with the tools they need to heal themselves promote gut flora and avoid foods that can continue to ferment in the gut recipes in the book are divided into groups depending on

draft cover more text goes here more text goes here more text goes here more text goes here more text goes here more text goes here 9781787130494 september 2017 ckb101000 $22.99 hc 192pp 71/4 x 9 x 7/8 in 1 lb 13 oz david bez of salad pride supperlove comfort bowls for quick and nourishing suppers also available breakfast love 9781849497145 $22.95 hc 2016 supper love david bez comfort bowls for quick and nourishing suppers there’s nothing more comforting than bowl food—quick to prepare easy to eat and effortlessly nourishing in his third cookbook david bez the king of salads offers 150 bowls perfect for dinner in any season and for every appetite the options are endless and vary from light raw and fresh to hot filling and wholesome every recipe is ultra simple and can be adapted to suit a different diet the book is divided up into two main chapters bowls based on tasty grains or fragrant broths they include broccoli pepper turmeric coconut soup carrot beet quinoa

draft cover 9781849499422 october 2017 ckb105000 $16.99 hc 144pp 61/2 x 81/4 x 3/4 in 1 lb 3 oz isbn 978-1-84949-942-2 9 51699 781849 499422 grill my cheese nisha patel nishma chauhan more than your average grilled cheese the ultimate 50 recipes for the world’s most loved guilty pleasure —cheese sandwiches brought to you by the two girls behind the hippest new street food stall in london of the same name grill my cheese revolutionizes what you thought could be achieved between just two slices of bread with recipes including justin brie-ber brie grape chutney baby got mac pulled pork mac n’cheese bbq sauce cheese jay-cheese and bean-oncé homemade baked beans grilled sausage cheese and slumdog grillionaire indian spiced potato coriander apple peanut chutney onion cheese the book features creative flavor combinations with a focus on quality ingredients nisha patel and nishma chauhan first met working in investment banking together they soon hung up

romantic rose tower voluptuous pink roses and gorgeous butterflies fluttering on curled wires turn this cake into a piece of pure romance inspired by shakespeare’s a midsummer night’s dream i designed this cake as a glamorous centrepiece for wedding receptions and engagement parties it is time-consuming to make but is well worth the effort you can make the roses a few weeks in advance as they keep well you need to do this at least 3 days ahead and make your marzipan roses and leaves at least 24 hours in advance to ensure they are dry using your round templates cut out rounds from the sheets of chocolate sponge with diameters graduating from 30cm 12in down to 5cm 2in using a large palette knife spread a small amount of chocolate ganache on a 30cm 12in cake board and place the 30cm 12in round sponge on top spread a thin layer of chocolate ganache over this first cake layer and place the next-largest sponge on top continue to assemble the cake layer by layer in this way

9781849495530 september 2017 des005000 $19.99 hc 160pp 61/2 x 81/4 x 3/4 in 1 lb 6 oz “fashion is not just a piece of fabric it’s an attitude it’s a way to express it’s you.” gianni versace vogue on versace charlotte sinclair a definitive guide to the innovative designer who said vogue ’defined late 20th-century glamour and invented the supermodel’ gianni versace created a fashion house that defined late twentieth-century glamour invented the supermodel and sanctioned in the public consciousness a supremely self-assured feminine sexuality the book reveals how the more brazen elements of his design—the jewelled embroidery the bondage straps the safety-pin gowns—were predicated on supremely skilled tailoring deft use of materials and innovative techniques craft lifestyle fashion 42 alongside are vogue’s eye-witness accounts of the versace lifestyle—the palazzos and parties the art and the celebrity friends

eezing eezing the art of squeezing into any space cats are elastic to them ‘squeezing’ is an extreme sport a must at the feline olympics ranking high along with the likes of the death defying window leap or the stare you down competition but what is it about our kitties that makes them such experts at balance and contortion and why bother in the first place like toothpaste they have the uncanny ability to not only squeeze into any space but to slot therein as if it was made for them no drawer crevice or dusty corner is too small or out of bounds they pour with ease cramming themselves into slithers of air like furry acrobats the more challenging the scenario the more they love it 27 if at first you don’t succeed if in doubt take a minute to watch any cat stalking a bird it watches it waits it makes it move more often than not it fails because despite its many super powers it cannot fly even though it clocks up numerous unsuccessful attempts it doesn’t give

9781849499880 august 2017 $12.99 st pp 6 x 6 x 1/2 in 7 oz mind ful ness origami set origami set this delightful set includes 60 sheets of origami paper featuring illustrations from the natural world plus separate step-by-step instructions for 10 mindful origami projects in a handy card wallet projects range from a simple but elegant bird to a more complex inflatable bunny mind ful ness coloring notebooks illustrations by holly macdonald also by this author mindfulness coloring notebook 9781849499385 $11.99 st 2017 mindfulness coloring set of 3 notebooks 9781849499088 $9.99 st 2017 mindfulness coloring postcard set 9781849498418 $9.95 pb 2016 57  gift

scandinavian comfort food trine hahnemann eat istanbul andy harris david loftus 9781849496636 $29.95 ckb084000 hc 208pp 8 x 11 x 13 16 in 2 lb 9 oz 9781849498593 $35.00 ckb074000 hc 288pp 73/4 x 9/1 4 x 11/2 in 2 lb 9 oz isbn 978-1-84949-663-6 9 9781849497206 $35.00 ckb002060 hc 256pp 8 x 10 in 2 lb 9 oz michel roux michel roux have based this book around a collection 100 recipes that for me express the the essence of frenchcooking the michel roux essence of french cooking £30 www.quadrille.co.uk 9781849498371 $24.95 ckb017000 hc 160pp 8 x 10 x 3/4 in 1 lb 15 oz the essence of french cooking michel roux healthy japanese cooking makiko sano 9781849496629 $45.00 ckb034000 hc 272pp 81/2 x 11 x 1/1 8 in 3 lb 10 oz 9781849496698 $19.95 ckb048000 pb 128pp 71/2 x 91/2 x 1/2 in 1 lb 2 oz isbn 978-1-84949-662-9 photography by lisa linder 781849 496636 essential chinese cooking jeremy pang deep south brad mcdonald solute essence of french cuisine.’ 52995 9

the little book of friendship tiddy rowan the little book of love tiddy rowan 9781849495356 $9.95 fam021000 hc 192pp 4/1 8 x 5 x 3/4 in 6 oz 9781849495615 $9.95 fam029000 hc 192pp 4/1 8 x 5 x 3/4 in 6 oz isbn 978-1-84949-561-5 9 the little book of mindfulness tiddy rowan the little book of mindful travel tiddy rowan 9781849494205 $9.95 occ010000 hc 192pp 4/1 8 x 5 x 3/4 in 6 oz isbn 978-1-84949-420-5 9 9781849497695 $9.95 occ010000 hc 192pp 4/1 8 x 5 x 3/4 in 6 oz 50995 781849 494205 the little book of quiet tiddy rowan the little book of confidence tiddy rowan 9781849495165 $9.95 occ019000 hc 192pp 4/1 8 x 5 x 3/4 in 6 oz 9781849495158 $9.95 sel023000 hc 192pp 4/1 8 x 5 x 3/4 in 6 oz isbn 978-1-84949-515-8 isbn 978-1-84949-516-5 9 the floral 50995 781849 495615 50995 9 50995 781849 495158 781849 495165 cath kidston floral coloring book cath kidston the cath kidston coloring book cath kidston 9781849498425 $14.95 art051000 pb 96pp 8 x 93/4 x 7/16 in 15 oz