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quadrille’s team have gone above and beyond to ensure that there will be something for everyone this season and we hope you will agree connect with your inner rock ‘n’ roll star and learn everything you need to know about live fire cooking with dj bbq’s fire food grilling will never be the same again take a walk on the flavorsome side and cook up an indian feast with the curry guy if you just want a snack open sandwiches by the legendary trine hahnemann will provide ideas for lunch or brunch or simply as a clever way to use leftovers—who said that sandwiches needed two pieces of bread for the more health-conscious vegan 100 by newcomer gaz oakley will blow your mind with inventive and fresh recipes you would have never thought were possible goat is a manifesto for cooking and eating goat meat a sustainable ethical and lean ingredient that everyone should try entertaining with style has never been so easy with supper-club stars jackson and

michel roux 978 178713 114 9 april 2018 ckb105000 $24.99 hc 256pp 7 x 9 x 1 in 2 lb eggs draft cover also by michel roux cheese 978 184949 966 8 $24.99 hc 2017 eggs michel roux the essential guide to cooking with eggs with 100 recipes the egg is the simplest and most complete food—versatile enough to cook for everything from quick meals to fancy dinner parties with more than 30 years’ experience michel roux has garnered a vast wealth of culinary knowledge and expertise trained in the classic french style but a global traveler with a passion for different cuisines he uses all of his skill and experience to take a new look at one of the oldest foods this new edition of a bookshelf staple contains his best 100 egg recipes and shows how to make the perfect omelet mousse soufflé and custard there are classic egg recipes given a modern twist alongside dishes boasting new combinations of flavors or a lighter style of cooking michel roux is a legendary chef and expert

goat shawarma with yogurt flatbreads and watermelon serves 6-8 1 leg of kid on the bone with fat about 2.5–3kg/5½–6½ lb 8 tablespoons goat’s yoghurt to drizzle on the meat before serving optional shawarma marinade 1 boneless kid leg butterflied about 25 pickled grape vine leaves rinsed and patted dry stems removed 3 tbsp olive oil put the first 8 spices for the marinade in a cast-iron pan and dry-roast over a medium-high heat for a minute or two until the spices begin to pop and release their aromas take care not to burn them add the nutmeg ground ginger and paprika toss for a few more seconds just to heat them then transfer to a spice grinder blend the spices to a uniform powder then transfer to a medium bowl and stir in the remaining marinade ingredients use a small sharp knife to score the leg in a few places making 1.5cm-2-3-in deep slits through the fat and meat to allow the marinade to seep in place in a large roasting tin and rub the marinade all

978 178713 146 0 march 2018 gar000000 $16.99 hc 144pp 6.5 x 8.25 x 1 in 1lb 4 oz planting for honeybees draft cover s arah w yndh a m planting for honeybees sarah wyndham-lewis the grower’s guide to creating a buzz a contemporary guide to growing plants for honey bees bees and plants have co-existed for more than 80 million years developing a sophisticated and delicate synergy recently the honeybee has struggled to survive with limited forage and the shrinking of green spaces planting for honeybees will show you how to help these delightful pollinators and create a thriving garden no matter how big your space from a window ledge to a country garden discover this collection of simple yet practical tips on what where and when to plant beautifully illustrated throughout planting for honeybees reveals how to conquer your outside space and grow irresistible honeybee-friendly plants sarah wyndham lewis works as a journalist copywriter and marketing strategist sarah and husband

978 178713 112 5 january 2018 sel016000 $9.99 hc 192pp 4.1 x 5 x 0.75 in 6 oz also in this series the little book of confidence 978 184949 515 8 $9.99 hc 2016 the little book of love 978 184949 561 5 $9.99 hc 2015 the little book of happiness alison davies live laugh love the perfect guide to discovering the secrets of achieving happiness happiness is contagious and even a smile can change our emotions when we’re feeling sad more than just a passing mood it can sometimes feel out of reach when bogged down in daily stresses and consumed by negativity the little book of happiness will show you how to live in the moment flourish as an individual and improve your wellbeing through uplifting tips positive quotes and simple exercises learn how to let go and reclaim your smile alison davies is an author and a creative practitioner she runs workshops in the uk showing academics students and early years practitioners how stories can be used for teaching and learning •

the science museum group is the world’s leading alliance of science museums welcoming over five million visitors each year the group’s diverse collection of 7.3 million items forms an enduring record of scientific technological and medical achievements from across the globe this periodic table-inspired stationery range is bright modern and thoughtprovoking.  71 72 lu hf yb 061 66 m 178713 t 65 978 6 january 2018 $12.99 reoh 80 79 tb dy 78 x 6.7 st 7.87 x 1 in 7goz 77 76 h u 75 a pt 74 73 os ir e r 88 w 87 ta 86 85 84 ra r f 83 n 82 r 81 at opib 96 95 tl pb 94 93 92 cm m 91 a u 90 89 u np p a p 10 4 h t 3 10 ac 102 101 100 rf r l 99 o 98 1 2 3 4 8 5 6 7 97 md nmfse 65 112 f70 o71 111 h he li66 be67 b68 bc k69 cn 72 109 110 8 tb 7 dy 108 cn ho 7 er g tm 10 r 6 s 10 9 n 10o 11 12 16 lu 13 145 156 yb 10 hshfmt d h 73 b c 74 75 g 76 s 77 f ne na mg al sib p78 s79 b 16 15 ta w re osd ir pt115au11680 117 118 o 14 u hguus umagnets 114 20 24 17 p 18 s 19 21 22 23 113 i up

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