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from the internationally bestselling author join the nearly half-million u n satisfied customers die-cut cover reveals a grumpy surprise the grumpy guide to life observations by grumpy cat by grumpy cat in a world filled with inspirational know-it-alls and quotable blowhards only one figure is indifferent enough to tell the cranky truth grumpy cat following the success of her new york times bestselling debut everyone s favourite disgruntled feline is back with this demotivational guide to everyday life love friendship and more featuring many new photos of grumpy cat s famous frown and packed with uninspiring observations the grumpy guide to life will help anyone get in touch with their inner grouch grumpy cat is an internet sensation new york times bestselling author and demotivational guru who judges the world the grumpy guide to life £8.99 uk hc · 978-1-4521-3423-9 152 x 114 mm 6 x 4 in 112 pp full-colour photographs throughout die-cut cover rights w humour/pop culture/pets pub

marimekko in fashion samu-jussi koski s alia suit 2009 pattern maija louekari s acapulco colette dress by piia rinne and noora niinikoski 2009 mai ohta s iltauinti dress 2013 pattern aino-maija metsola s muikku aino-maija metsola s lakia interior decoration fabric 2012 on the floor marimekko in patterns by marimekko jaana parkkila s luonnotar dress 2006 pattern marjaana virra s untamo international finnish design brand marimekko s iconic patterns grace home décor apparel and accessories and have informed and influenced tastemakers worldwide for over half a century richly illustrated with photographs and prints both classic and new this vibrant volume offers a behind-the-scenes tour of the brand s creative process a colourful legacy is revealed along with the innovative creators from 1950s pioneers to twenty-first-century masters who have shaped the company s heritage and continue to make visual magic today rare sketchbook pages in-depth looks at particular eras and page after page of

geek-art an anthology art design illustration lightsabers by thomas olivri paris in love by nichole robertson every age has its artistic inspiration medieval artists exalted spiritual subjects modernists shifted their attention to humanity and the senses for a generation of artists and fans today our heroic subjects are mario pikachu spider-man darth vader frodo and a legion of other iconic figures from the geek culture realms of movies cartoons video games and comics for the first time geek-art collects the work of nearly 100 international illustrators graphic designers photographers and artists whose inspired interpretations of these characters celebrate them with creative brilliance and a true fan s passion featuring more than 750 images this lavish illustrated anthology showcases the inspired energy that drives pop culture and makes geeky fans of us all thomas olivri is the creator of a popular online pop culture community and hosts gallery shows of the work in

r named homer tell peter there s a giant monster lobste he smells like socks and he breathes red fire his eyes blaze like stars and he rides a crocodile that flies and he s coming to this wire tell peter to fly fly far far away he s too young to be somebody s dinner telephone_2g.indd 28-29 2/18/14 2:35 pm telephone by mac barnett · illustrated by jen corace it s time to fly home for dinner in this witty picture book from award-winning and bestselling author mac barnett a mother bird gives the bird next to her a message for little peter but passing messages on a telephone line isn t as simple as it sounds each subsequent bird understands mama s message according to its own very particular hobbies will peter ever get home for dinner this uproarious interpretation of a favourite children s game will get everyone giggling and is sure to lead to countless rereads mac barnett is the new york times bestselling author of several picture books including extra yarn which won a caldecott honor

new in paperback new in paperback new in paperback features more than palindromes 101 tipping its hat to both the melting pot and ethnic pride this makes an enchanting primer for children of all backgrounds publishers weekly h slyly promotes a catchy spelling game publishers weekly starred review mom and dad are palindromes by mark shulman · illustrated by adam mccauley round is a mooncake by roseanne thong · illustrated by grace lin bob has a problem he s a palindrome in fact as soon as his teacher points out what a palindrome is bob realises there are palindromes everywhere his pup otto his little sis nan even mum and dad it s making bob feel like a kook is there no escape mark shulman and adam mccauley have joined forces to create a wonderfully visual ridiculously clever book of wordplay join the hilarity do your civic deed and find the more than 101 palindromes in the words and pictures of this zany book fun for home and school perfect for readers of all ages mark

all new anna emilia laitinen a fresh approach to classic florals dandelion fields notecards 16 notecards and envelopes with greetings for celebrations thank-yous congratulations or friendly hellos these botanical designs will strike a sweet note with every recipient £10.99 uk · 978-1-4521-3442-0 box with lift-off lid 5£ x 7 x 1£ in 16 folded cards 4 designs repeating 4 times 16 envelopes rights w stationery/notecards pub month august anna emilia laitinen is an artist based in finland her watercolour paintings are inspired by the beauty of nature dandelion fields notebook collection delicate blossoms and dandelions grace the covers of this slender trio of notebooks bundled together with baker s twine £9.99 uk · 978-1-4521-3440-6 3 paperback notebooks 8 x 4 in 64 pp each lined interiors foil-stamped covers packaged with bellyband and baker s twine polybagged rights w stationery/journals pub month august dandelion fields box of labels this abundant collection of more than 150

artists lines macaron skinny laminx maca r on 1 macaron matching game illustrated by amy e achaibou £10.99 · 978-1-4521-2153-6 2 x 7 x 1 in box tray with lid 60 full-colour cards rights w 2 macaron mix match stationery illustrated by amy e achaibou £6.99 · 978-1-4521-2152-9 1 7 x 6 in 16 writing sheets and 16 envelopes 4 designs repeating 4 times full-colour illustrations throughout sticker sheet polybagged rights w 2 3 macaron mini notes illustrated by amy e achaibou £7.99 · 978-1-4521-2121-5 2 x 3ª x 1ª in 30 full-colour cards 3 designs repeating 30 envelopes 3 sticker sheets 4-colour illustrations throughout tri-fold snapcase box rights w 3 s k i nny l am inx 4 sunny days notebook collection £9.99 · 978-1-4521-2930-3 paperback 8 x 6 in 3 notebooks 64 pp each bellyband baker s twine polybagged rights w 5 sunny days notecard set £10.99 · 978-1-4521-2931-0 box with lift-off lid 6 x 5 x 1ø in 16 cards 4 designs 16 envelopes full-colour images rights w 4 6 sunny days

children 1 moma art while you eat place mats by laura ljungkvist for the museum of modern art £8.99 · 978-1-4521-0635-9 moma more than 50 tear-off place mats pad 10 x 12 in 104 pages full-colour illustrations throughout 50 place mats rights w all ages 2 moma play town 1 2 by moma illustrated by laura ljungkvist £15.99 · 978-1-4521-0234-4 box 11½ x 15½ x 1¾ in 9 slot-together pieces full colour rights w xitaly all ages 3 moma color puzzles 4 double-sided jigsaw puzzles in a book by katsumi komogata for moma £8.99 · 978-0-8118-7689-6 203 x 203 in 8 x 8 in 10 pages full-colour images throughout with 4 reversible jigsaw puzzles rights w xitaly 4 moma 3 4 5 color-play puzzle £10.99 · 978-1-4521-0674-8 box 6½ x 6½ in 12 pieces full-colour images rights w ages 4 and up 5 moma my museum £13.99 · 978-0-8118-7888-3 12 x 10 in 14 4-colour frame decals 5 decorate-your own frame decals 4 activity sheets 6 4-colour museum reproductions full-colour rights w all ages warning choking

t hemespl ay time new 1 lucky you 6 zombie temporary tattoos create 16 custom scratch cards to send and surprise by lea redmond £11.99 uk · 978-1-4521-2941-9 illustrated by mitch o connell £6.99 · 978-0-8118-7677-3 box with acetate lid 6 x 6 x in 16 cards 8 designs repeating twice 6£ x 3 in 16 envelopes 5 sheets of scratch-off stickers rights w 2 you re matchbook-style book 6 x 4 in 8 sheets 30 tattoos 15 designs repeating twice rights w 7 haikubes by forrest-pruzan creative £17.99 · 978-0-8118-6938-6 a winner diy trophy £9.99 · 978-1-4521-1436-1 1 2 envelope 8¼ x 11¼ in 1 trophy base and 1 trophy cap 3 x4 in folded column card 8 x 7½ in 1 punch-out card of foil toppers 11 x 7 in 1 punch-out card of plates rights w 3 brandon paperboard box tray with acetate lid 2 ³/5 x 6 x 2 ³/5 in bellyband binding 63 word cubes instruction sheet shrink-wrapped rights w 8 love haikubes by forrest-pruzan creative £18.99 · 978-1-4521-1971-7 bird s astonishing world of art by brandon

c hronicle pa pers 1 darth vadertm and family notecards b ox ednotecards 20 occasion cards and envelopes by jeffrey brown £10.99 uk · 978-1-4521-3807-7 new 1 box with removable lid 5 x 4 x 1 in 20 cards 5 cards repeating 4 times 20 envelopes full-colour illustrations rights uk only copyright © by lucasfilm ltd and tm all rights reserved used under authorization 2 typewriter notes 20 different cards and envelopes curated by janine vangool £10.99 · 978-1-4521-2217-5 box with removable lid 5 x 4 x 1 in 20 cards 20 designs 20 envelopes rights w 2 3 succulent garden notecards 20 different cards envelopes by edyta szyszlo £10.99 · 978-1-4521-2898-6 box with removable lid 5 x 4 x 1 x 1 in 20 cards 20 designs 20 envelopes rights w 4 picture day notecards 20 different cards and envelopes by angela rossi £10.99 · 978-1-4521-1839-0 3 box with removable lid 5 x 4 x 1 in 20 cards 20 designs 20 envelopes spot gloss varnish rights w 5 i could pee on this and other poems by cats 16

978-1-4521-8705-1 abrams chronicle books ltd 3rd floor 161 farringdon road london ec1r 3al illustrations by anthony zinonos front cover and danielle krysa back cover from