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juniper the happiest fox by jessika coker a d u lt with over 1.7 million followers on instagram juniper the fox is the internet’s new favourite pet juniper’s adorable snaggletooth smile and fun-loving personality are vibrantly captured in this heartwarming book with gorgeous photos and a charming narrative about juniper’s life this book will capture the heart of any animal lover juniper’s story chronicles her real-life fox and the hound relationship with a dog named moose as well as the hilarious shenanigans she regularly gets herself into readers will also get a look at the thing juniper is best known for she paints with her paws juniper’s paw paintings sell out instantly on her website and readers will delight in learning more about her artistic adventures with her signature grin juniper reminds us that there is always something to be happy about you just have to know where to look 4 jessika coker is an artist entrepreneur and the owner of juniper

deeply grateful and entirely unsatisfied a book for anyone wondering if life is giving you magical gifts or just messing with you • by amanda happé what does it mean to be vulnerable and defiant at the same time in deeply grateful and entirely unsatisfied author and artist amanda happé poses this question with disarming honesty and humour her colourful marker drawings and quirky hand-lettered sentiments offer an idiosyncratic take on life’s challenges reminding the reader that “you are the sign you’ve been waiting for.” brimming with compassion empathy and a healthy dose of sarcasm deeply grateful and entirely unsatisfied is in happé’s own words “so good it’s odd.” amanda happé is an artist author illustrator and designer a d u lt deeply grateful and entirely unsatisfied £10.99 uk hc • 978-1-4521-6151-8 152 x 203 mm 6 x 8 in 128 pp full-color illustrations throughout dyed edges unjacketed rights w

the bestselling author of they all saw a cat praise for they all saw a cat a caldecott honor book a new york times bestseller “with so much to think about in a simple text it is sure to become a classroom favourite” the sunday times culture “this is a book which will be loved and appreciated by all ages.” the school librarian “stunningly illustrated the story builds to a witty conclusion and should spark every young child’s imagination gorgeous.” daily mail “any book that provokes a conversation about perspective with a three-year-old has to be a good thing.” huffington post hello hello by brendan wenzel this gorgeous follow-up to the caldecott honor–winning they all saw a cat explores another aspect of seeing the world for young children beginning with two cats one black and one white a chain of animals appears before the reader linked together by at least one common trait from simple colours and shapes to more

the long island by drew beckmeyer some of us like the comfort of familiarity—staying close to the home we’ve always known making a life building a community for some the intimacy of the old routine is satisfaction itself but the known is not for everyone when our 5 protagonists get to wondering what’s on the other side of their island they can’t stop until they find out what follows is an epic journey of discovery danger imagination and ultimately bittersweet fulfillment is this sophisticated picture book about man versus earth man versus man or man versus self like our protagonists every reader will find their own right answer in this haunting and deceptively simple modern fable drew beckmeyer is an elementary school art teacher this is his first book the long island children’s £12.99 uk hc • 978-1-4521-5485-5 229 x 279 mm 9 x 11 in 64 pp full-colour illustrations throughout jacketed rights w ages 5 to 8 pub month april 50 chronicle books

more than 4 million copies sold in the series baby duck finger puppet book baby koala finger puppet book illustrated by yu-hsuan huang how does baby duck dry off after a swim what is baby koala’s favourite snack follow along with these cute baby animals as they experience their world from playtime to bedtime the simple comforting stories in this go-to baby gift series have made it a multimillion seller featuring a permanently attached plush finger puppet each volume offers parents and children a fun interactive way to play and read as they build a lifelong love of books together yu-hsuan huang is an illustrator and artist more finger puppet books also available baby koala finger puppet book £5.99 uk bb • 978-1-4521-6373-4 111 x 111 mm 4ß x 4ß in 12 pp full-colour illustrations throughout attached plush finger puppet rights we ages infant to 3 pub month march £5.99 uk bb • 978-1-4521-6374-1 111 x 111 mm 4ß x 4ß in 12 pp full-colour illustrations

chronicle games peace a card game by andrew kolb make peace not war this hopeful twist on the classic game of “war” challenges players to outdo each other with increasingly generous acts of kindness each card depicts a good deed ranging from simple things i picked you flowers to grand gestures i love you the most thoughtful act wins the round and if there’s a tie players must find peace with charming vintage-inspired illustrations and presented in a colourful box this easy-to-play game is a fun and thoughtful gift for all ages £11.99 uk • 978-1-4521-6763-3 box with lid 4ø x 3ø 57 cards 2∑ x 3∑ in each full-colour illustrations for 2 players rights w games/playing cards pub month march new from new york times bestselling author-illustrator richard mcguire richard mcguire’s wild cards by richard mcguire claw your way to the top of the animal kingdom fans of beloved illustrator richard mcguire will revel in this wild deck featuring

engagement calendars 1 engagement calendars anne taintor 2019 engagement calendar £13.99 uk • 978-1-4521-6043-6 previous isbn 978-1-4521-6042-9 paperback with wire-o binding 7 x 6£ in 116 pp full-colour illustrations throughout shrink-wrapped rights w 2 bad girls throughout history 2019 engagement calendar by ann shen £13.99 uk • 978-1-4521-6891-3 paperback with wire-o binding 9 x 7 in 118 pp full-colour illustrations throughout shrink-wrapped more than 1 million anne taintor titles sold 1 2 d a i ly calendars rights w daily calendars 3 f in exams 2019 daily calendar by richard benson £12.99 uk • 978-1-4521-5992-8 previous isbn 978-1-4521-5991-1 rights we 4 more than 2 million sold in the series 3 4 more than 1 million titles sold in the series 5 what’s your poo telling you 2019 daily calendar by josh richman and anish sheth m.d £12.99 uk • 978-1-4521-5994-2 previous isbn 978-1-4521-5993-5 7 6 5 disney 2019 daily calendar by chuck wilson

artists lines getting shit done list ledger calligraphuck 1 by calligraphuck ltd £12.99 • 978-1-4521-6304-8 hardcover portfolio 9 x 3∞ in 4 notepads 30 sheets each foil-stamped cover and spine elastic loop closure foil-stamped pencil polybagged rights w 2 fucking brilliant journal £8.99 • 978-1-4521-2584-8 paperback with lay-flat flexi-binding 7ø x 5 in 192 pp colour illustrations foil stamping on cover metallic ink on interior rights w 3 33 keep your shit together pouch 2 by calligraphuck ltd £11.99 • 978-1-4521-6303-1 1 triangular pouch with flat base 2∑ x 8∑ x 2 in 100 cotton canvas with gold embroidery gold metal zipper canvas zipper loop hangtag rights w 4 bon appétit bitches two tea towels £14.99 • 978-1-4521-4830-4 polybag with bellyband two 100 cotton tea towels 24 x 20 in each with 2-colour silk-screening and stitching rights w 5 carpe fucking diem journal £8.99 • 978-1-4521-5242-4 6 4 you’re fucking

co lo uringboo ks themes 1 journey in color mexican folk art coloring book by molly hatch £12.99 • 978-1-4521-5698-9 paperback 9 x 11 in 92 pp 40 designs illustrations printed with black and neon pink ink throughout rights w 2 journey in color moroccan motifs coloring book by molly hatch £12.99 • 978-1-4521-5150-2 paperback 9 x 11 in 92 pp 40 images 2-colour illustrations throughout rights w 3 1 2 3 4 journey in color scandinavian designs coloring book by molly hatch £12.99 • 978-1-4521-5697-2 paperback 9 x 11 in 92 pp 40 images illustrations printed with black and neon red ink throughout rights w 4 journey in color french baroque coloring book by molly hatch £12.99 • 978-1-4521-5122-9 paperback 9 x 11 in 92 pp 40 images 2-colour illustrations throughout rights w 5 fantastic machines a coloring book of amazing devices real and imagined by steve mcdonald £11.99 • 978-1-4521-5598-2 paperback 11∑ x 11∂ in 60 pp 58 b/w images rights

c hronicle pa pers cheeky greetings new 16 notecards and envelopes £12.99 • 978-1-4521-4527-3 box with lift-off lid 7 x 5£ x 1£ in 16 flat cards 4 designs repeating 4 times 16 envelopes duotone photographs shrink-wrapped rights w 2 we go together 2 10 pop-up notecards envelopes £10.99 • 978-1-4521-5165-6 box with hinged lid 4∑ x 6∑ x 1£ in 10 pop-up cards 5 designs repeating twice 6 x 4 in 10 envelopes full-colour images throughout rights w 3 you’re a peach 8 scratch and sniff notecards £13.99 uk • 978-1-4521-6629-2 box with acetate lid 6∂ x 5 x 1£ in 8 scratch-and-sniff cards 6£ x 4∑ in folded 4 designs repeating 2 times 8 envelopes full-colour illustrations throughout rights w 4 party animals 10 pop-up notecards envelopes £12.99 • 978-1-4521-5164-9 box with hinged lid 4∑ x 6∑ x 1£ in 10 pop-up cards 5 designs repeating twice 4 x 6 in 10 envelopes full-colour images throughout

978-1-4521-8880-5 abrams chronicle books ltd 3rd floor 161 farringdon road london ec1r 3al cover illustration by shirin sahba from new horizons front cover illustration by sukie from travel journal sunshine