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22 pacifica hybrid  a mission for reducing emissions living an environmentally conscious lifestyle becomes second nature when you drive the pacifica hybrid with a 33-mile electric driving range,18 the hybrid is less dependent on gas helping you to produce less emissions for a greener planet it’s about increasing your resources through the power of choice and the gas pump isn’t the only place you’ll see savings when you purchase a pacifica hybrid you may qualify for up to a $7,500 federal tax credit — the full amount allowed thanks to the 16kwh battery you may even qualify for additional state and local credits electric gas powerful efficiency the pacifica hybrid offers the best of both worlds powered by an electric motor and gasoline engine it automatically switches between electric power and hybrid power now it’s simple to get the efficiency you are looking for with a surprisingly extensive 566-mile total driving range.18 instinctively evolved design the distinctive pacifica hybrid exterior includes led signature daytime running lamps drls wave-pattern grille design teal accents and badging as well as unique 17 and 18-inch wheels the port located in the driver fender allows easy charging access after exiting the vehicle while the capless fuel filler is placed on the same side at the rear of the vehicle for no-guesswork convenience upgrade your garage with a level ii charger you have more important things to do than wait for your minivan to charge good thing the available 240-volt mopar ® charger19 sold separately lets you fully charge your pacifica hybrid in as little as two hours simply order the charger through your dealer and schedule an appointment for professional installation it’s that easy 566-mile total driving range with 33-mile electric driving range 18 state and/or local incentives may also apply.