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song title artist key disc perfect stranger contemporary g 70015 perfect world huey lewis the news b 40190 perfect world sawyer brown bb 20530 60203 perfectly honest mark bishop 10044 personality lloyd price f esp454 personally ronnie mcdowell b 60286 90125 philadelphia freedom e john b 40224 80057 90171 e2 esp474 physical olivia newton-john b 40225 80065 e1 piano man billy joel c 40138 pick me up on your way down charlie walker gb 60292 pick me up on your way down patsy cline e 90148 pick of the week roy drusky ab 90141 pick the wildwood flower gene watson g 90081 pickup man joe diffie g 20458 80156 90019 e1 picture kid rock feat sheryl crow g 30027 40281 e3 esp471 pictures john michael montgomery a 20387 60243 piece of my heart faith hill eb 20424 80134 90046 piece of my heart janis joplin e e2 pig in the pen the stanley brothers g 20379 60266 esp476 pinch me barenaked ladies c 30007 40077 40207 80025 e2 pink cadillac natalie cole abm 40256 e1 pistol packin mama al dexter and his troopers f 60292 80084 90131 esp451 esp470 song title artist key disc preachin prayin singin flatt scruggs b 20400 80140 esp476 precious and few climax g/a/bb esp463 esp464 precious declaration collective soul f 40046 precious thing steve wariner e 90034 pressed against the thorn southern gospel eb 70004 pretend mavericks bb 20522 pretend nat king cole bb 80036 esp454 pretty baby vanessa carlton a/bb 30033 40298 esp473 pretty little adriana vince gill f 20438 80007 90040 pretty little angel eyes curtis lee e esp455 pretty paper willie nelson eb 60257 esp462 pretty polly ralph stanley a 20380 esp476 price to play staind db 30038 40318 pride janie fricke with johnny duncan g 90113 pride and joy marvin gaye 90179 primrose lane jerry wallace g/g 60296 80041 e2 esp454 private emotion ricky martin w meja db 30001 40055 private eyes hall oates a 40134 80065 esp467 promise me you ll try jennifer lopez c 40028 promises promises dionne warwick d 40252 promises promises lynn anderson bb 90114 prop me up beside the jukebox if i die joe diffie a 20458 80155 90019 e1 proud mary creedence clearwater revival d 40197 e1 place in this world michael w smith esp479 proud mary tina turner d e2 esp464 play jennifer lopez bm 30011 40099 40305 80032 90175 esp470 puff the magic dragon peter paul mary c 80045 e3 play guitar play conway twitty d 90068 puppet on a string elvis presley f g 90063 esp465 play that country music cowboy chuck wagon and the wheels e puppy love paul anka g 40140 esp455 60217 pure love ronnie milsap g 60278 80107 90030 play that funky music wild cherry e 80058 e2 esp468 purple people eater s wooley d/eb/e/f 40286 80041 80146esp454 playing for keeps elvis presley c 90060 purple rain leann rimes db 90020 please pam tillis bb 60212 80026 purple rain prince 40129 e3 please the kinleys e/f 20428 80006 esp461 push matchbox twenty f esp458 40041 please come down to me the crabb family e/f 10089 put a little love in your heart annie lennox al green f esp471 please come home for christmas eagles a 60259 esp462 put another log on the fire tompall glaser a 60276 please come home for christmas ricky van shelton g 60303 put on a happy face tony bennett eb esp469 please come to boston dave loggins e e1 put some drive in your country t tritt a 20445 60249 80152 90045 please don t go kc the sunshine band c 40234 80064 esp467 put that woman first jaheim ab 30037 40316 please don t stop loving me porter dolly d 90083 put your clothes back on joe stampley eb/f 90137 please don t tell me how the story ends bobby bare bb 90118 put your dreams away mickey gilley g 90077 please don t tell me how the story ends ronnie milsap c 60283 put your finger on your nose children s happy songs 80143 80107 90127 put your hand in the hand anne murray a 60279 90101 please forgive me bryan adams a/b 40262 80078 put your head on my shoulder p anka g 40140 80041 e2 esp454 please help me i m falling in love with you hank locklin g 60251 put your heart into it sherrie austin g 20531 80093 e1 put yourself in my shoes clint black a 20450 90008 e3 please mr postman the carpenters a 40142 80057 esp474 puttin on the ritz taco dm e1 please mr postman the marvelettes d 80043 e1 puttin the dark back into the night sawyer brown a 20530 please please me the beatles e 40107 quando quando quando englebert humperdinck c 40247 please please please james brown g 40131 esp454 quarter to three gary u s bonds d 80043 esp455 please remember me leann rimes db/eb 20540 60207 que sera sera whatever will be will be doris day bb esp469 please remember me tim mcgraw db 20337 80015 esp461 queen of hearts juice newton d/e 20505 esp467 please please baby dwight yoakam e 90097 queen of memphis confederate railroad g 20452 pledge of allegiance the lee greenwood c/d 20352 80063 queen of my double wide trailer sammy kershaw a 90032 esp453 pledging my love johnny ace c 80037 esp454 quit playing games with my heart backstreet boys bb/b 40029 pocket full of gold vince gill f 90040 80081 90162 esp457 pocket full of miracles frank sinatra f 90187 quittin time mary chapin carpenter d 90029 pocket of a clown dwight yoakam a 20498 90097 race is on the george jones a 60267 80095 90075 e2 esp451 poison ivy coasters ab 40237 80041 esp454 radio heart charly mcclain a 60286 80124 poison whiskey lynyrd skynyrd g 90156 rag doll the four seasons bb 40132 80046 polk salad annie elvis presley e 90062 esp465 rag top kentucky headhunters e 20509 polk salad annie tony joe white e e2 rags to riches tony bennett d 80036 esp454 polly wolly doodle children s nursery rhymes g/a 80143 rain dana glover db 30037 40315 polly put the kettle on toddler tunes 80144 rainbow at midnight ernest tubb g 80085 90129 pony time chubby checker f 80043 esp455 raindrops dee clark g esp455 pool shark the dave dudley c/c d/d 90136 raindrops keep falling on my head b j thomas e 80052 e1 poor as a beggar rich as a king melody trio c 70013 esp466 raining in baltimore counting crows f 40083 poor boy elvis presley d 90060 90063 esp465 raining in l.a iiird time out b 20403 80168 esp476 poor little fool ricky nelson c 40128 esp454 raining on sunday keith urban b 20390 60245 poor me joe diffie f 80009 90019 esp461 rainy day women #12 35 bob dylan 40253 poor poor pitiful me terri clark db 20471 80158 esp460 rainy days and mondays the carpenters ab 40141 e1 poor side of town johnny rivers e esp472 rainy dayz m j blige feat ja rule gb 30024 40269 80165 esp473 pop n sync db 30013 40105 40306 90182 esp470 rainy night in georgia brook benton d e2 esp459 pop a top alan jackson g/a 80015 rama lama ding dong edsels db esp455 pop a top jim ed brown d/e 60294 80098 e2 esp451 ramblin fever merle haggard g 60270 90025 pop goes the weasel children s fun songs eb/e 80141 ramblin man allman brothers band g 40025 e1 positively 4th street bob dylan 40253 ramblin rose nat king cole a 40174 e3 esp469 possession sarah mclachlan d 40002 rank strangers the stanley brothers f 20408 80139 esp476 pour me trick pony f 60213 80026 e3 raspberry beret prince ab 40129 pour on the power sandi patti f/g 10066 rated x loretta lynn g 80105 90073 pow 369 doug stone e 20391 ravishing ruby tom t hall c 90107 power of love h lewis the news c/cm 40189 80069 e2 esp467 ray of light madonna bb 40009 esp457 power of love celine dion ab 40005 80078 90166 e1 esp463 reach gloria estefan eb esp458 power of love the lee roy parnell g 20512 reach out i ll be there the four tops f bb 40194 80048 esp472 power of love/love power luther vandross c 40257 e3 reach out to jesus elvis presley f 70002 powerful thing trisha yearwood d 20435 80012 90043 esp461 reaching out to hold you dottie west d 90085 practice life andy griggs with martina mcbride c 20374 60241 read my mind reba mcentire ab 90054 praise god it s settled i m saved the perrys 10030 esp478 ready for the times to get better c gayle bm 60301 80112 90070 praise him all ye little children hymnal eb 70022 esp456 ready to fall meredith edwards e/f 20314 60230 praise him praise him hymnal ab 70022 esp456 ready to run dixie chicks g 80016 90079 praise his name jeff sheri easter 10016 esp478 real bad mood marie sisters d 20346 60234 praise the name of jesus praise worship d/e/f 10085 real deal george jones e 20474 pray truevibe a/b 10098 real life i never was the same again jeff carson a 60223 prayer disturbed db 30032 40296 esp477 real love jody watley am 40263 prayer changes things southern gospel f 70005 real love mary j blige c 40060 80077 prayin for daylight rascal flatts g 80017 e2 real man billy dean d 20493 song title artist key disc real thing the terri clark e 20541 real world matchbox twenty bb 40041 esp458 reason that i m standing the crabb family f b 10006 reason the celine dion db 40005 esp458 reasons why nickel creek g/f/g 20377 60201 80137 rebecca lynn bryan white g 20444 80136 reborn rebecca st james 10064 esp479 red clay halo valerie smith f 20376 80138 esp476 red dirt road brooks dunn f 20548 60310 red light special tlc c#m 40059 red neckin love makin night conway twitty e 60299 80118 90011 red ragtop tim mcgraw g 20375 60241 red red wine neil diamond a 40130 red red wine ub40 c 80072 esp475 red rose from the blue side of town jim reeves c 60296 90052 red roses reba mcentire d 90053 red roses for a blue lady wayne newton bb/b esp469 red wine and blue memories joe stampley db/d 90137 red red wine and cheatin songs marty stuart e 20521 red white and blue tommy gilham e 60237 redeemed hymnal ab 70018 esp456 redneck 12 days of christmas j.foxworthy g 20475 60261 esp462 redneck girl the bellamy brothers a 20491 90110 rednecks white socks and blue ribbon beer johnny russell e reflection christina aguilera f/ab 40058 90168 esp457 reflex the duran duran d/gm/c esp475 refried dreams tim mcgraw f 20337 90036 esp453 refugee tom petty a 40042 relax your mind boyz ii men feat faith evans f 30032 40299 90164 release me elvis presley g 90062 release me englebert humperdinck eb 40247 e1 release me wilson phillips c 80074 remedy i won t worry the jason mraz bb 30038 40318 remember me hoobastank dm 30030 40284 esp477 remember the time m jackson c 40115 80076 90180 esp458 reminiscing little river band ebm esp474 renegades rebels and rogues tracy lawrence d 20447 90039 rescue newsboys f 10057 rescue me fontella bass a esp459 rescue the perishing hymnal bb 70018 esp456 respect aretha franklin c 40119 80049 e1 rest of mine the trace adkins g 20448 80002 esp463 return to sender elvis presley eb 90063 esp465 reunited peaches herb db/d/eb 80061 esp474 revive us again hymnal g 70019 esp456 revolution jars of clay a 10092 rhinestone cowboy g campbell c 40244 60271 80109 90091 e1 rhythm divine enrique iglesias g 40206 esp457 rhythm is gonna get you gloria estefan em 90173 rhythm nation janet jackson f 40120 90174 ribbon of darkness connie smith bb 60272 90088 ribbon of darkness marty robbins e 60271 80096 90066 rich girl hall oates f 80059 esp474 riddle en vogue bbm 30003 40065 e3 ride captain ride blues image d e2 esp464 ride in my little red wagon cowboy copas eb 90143 ride that glory train the cathedrals b/c 10004 70011 esp466 ride the david allen coe c 60265 90115 esp452 riders on the storm the doors em 40198 e3 riding with private malone d ball e 20304 20334 60226 80030 e3 right down through the middle of us neal coty g 60223 right from the start earl thomas conley g 80149 90111 right here waiting richard marx c 40230 80073 e3 esp475 right in the wrong direction vern gosdin db 90106 right kind of wrong the leann rimes d 20540 60207 right left hand the george jones f/g 80149 90155 e2 right man for the job charlie robison g 20303 60225 right now mary chapin carpenter bb 90029 right on the money alan jackson eb 20436 80009 90004 right on time the mckameys b/c 70012 esp466 right or wrong george strait g 80122 90149 right or wrong wanda jackson gb 60292 e2 esp451 right time of the night jennifer warnes bb/c e2 right where i need to be gary allan ab 20332 60201 e3 ring around the rosey children s fun songs db 80141 ring my bell anita ward cm 80061 e2 esp468 ring of fire johnny cash f 60255 80094 90074 e2 esp451 ring on her finger time on her hands reba mcentire e 90053 rings of gold don gibson bb 90133 rio duran duran em 40092 rip it up little richard f esp454 rip off the knob the bellamy brothers a 20491 90110 rise above ronnie bowman e 20414 60248 rise again dallas holmes ab/bb 70006 esp466 rise up and praise him praise worship c 10081 river and the highway the pam tillis d 90031 river is here the praise worship g 10083 river the garth brooks f 80154 90152 esp453 road dogs the charlie daniels band a 60202 90132 road i m on the 3 doors down g 30036 40314 esp477 road less traveled the george strait d 20414 60248 road song charlie rich em 60276 90069 road trippin steve wariner d 90034 road you leave behind the david lee murphy e 20453 60283 80105 49.