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citroËn berlingo

02 contents free expression be inspired and express your creativity with citroën accessories the range has been designed around our mantra of safety quality and style our innovative high performance accessories and fresh ideas mean that you could be driving the citroën berlingo of your dreams a van that reflects your personality adapted for all your individual requirements expect the best 04 06 10 comfort style/safety touring transportation/protection

04 comfort style/safety a question of style safety 1 4 unique original and inspiring citroën accessories fit your lifestyle perfectly contemporary or classic you can add personal touches almost everywhere plus feel completely protected and safe the well being of yourself and your passengers is more important than anything else the citroën berlingo is already very well protected but citroën accessories can make it your very own well protected place 2 no product name part no no product name part no 1 wind deflectors 9421 c3 4 warning triangle safety vest kit 9468 30 2 rear parking sensors 4 fitted detectors 9452 95 5 locking wheel bolt kit aluminium 9607 r5 front parking sensors 4 fitted detectors 9690 01 locking wheel bolt kit steel 9607 r4 front fog lights 9682 s3 anti-theft alarm 9471 n5 3 6 3 5

06 touring transportation/protection creative practicality 3 needs change your life evolves surprises are around every corner citroën’s wide range of functional and ergonomic accessories help you move your life from place to place while keeping your citroën berlingo as clean and new as the day it left the showroom citroën’s range of cleaning and protection accessories are sure to keep it that way whatever your accessory requirement we have the solution no 1 2 part no no towbar with fixed swan neck towball short vehicle base requires wiring kit 9428 f5 product name 9427 ax 3 9414 88 towbar with fixed swan neck towball long vehicle base requires wiring kit 9428 f5 9427 c8 interior tray kit requires fixing panel for fitting contains 5 large trays 8 medium trays 11 small trays towbar with conventional towball short vehicle base requires wiring kit 9428f5 9427 az 4 window protection grille 9457 47 towbar with conventional towball long vehicle base requires wiring

08 touring transportation/protection ready to go 6 the citroën berlingo can adapt to meet all your needs take the stress out of travel reassured that you will have space for everything you want to take with you these ergonomically designed accessories enhance every journey 5 no product name part no no 5 short roof rack 2250 mm x 1300 mm 9416 cc 6 roof load roller product name part no 9416 cf long roof rack 2500 mm x 1300 mm 9416 ce 7 front rubber floor mats 2 9464 ej

10 technology innovation on the move 7 1 your citroën berlingo is much more than just a car its original advanced technology and multimedia accessories make any journey both enjoyable and relaxing these modern communications and navigation systems have never been so innovative no ▲ product name part no no 5 ‘supertooth one’ bluetooth hands free kit 9701 cp 6 ‘supertooth voice’ bluetooth hands free kit 9701 gz 7 tomtom start 20 uk ireland var 917 8 tomtom start 20 europe var 918 1 mp3 adaptor 9702 ez 2 parrot vh 3000 evolution bluetooth hands free car kit requires wiring kit below 9706 ap 9701 cc 3 parrot vh 3100 bluetooth hands free car kit lcd requires wiring kit below 9706 ap 9701 ce 4 wiring kit for parrot hands free kits no image available ▲ 9706 ap product name 2 5 3 6 part no

january 2012 the description of products with this brochure was accurate at the time of going to press we reserve the right to change product designs and specifications during the life of the brochure please ensure that you can check on the latest specification with your citroën dealer this brochure and it’s contents are for information only for more information on the features of these accessories please speak to your local dealer créative technologie citroËn uk limited 221 bath road slough berkshire sl1 4ba to find out more about citroën’s stylish accessories log on to the citroën website