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04 01 comfort style transform your citroËn ds 3 is all about having the freedom to express yourself and with seven brand new roof graphics including butterflies chequerboard and union jack you and your ds 3 can now make a fresh style statement available in a choice of colours these exciting new designs can be easily fitted to your ds 3 by your local citroën dealer no product name part no no product name part no 01 sports roof graphic please consult your dealer 05 union jack roof graphic please consult your dealer 02 butterflies roof graphic please consult your dealer 06 chequerboard roof graphic please consult your dealer 03 leopard print roof graphic please consult your dealer 07 birds leaves roof graphic please consult your dealer 04 jigsaw roof graphic please consult your dealer

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10 comfort style a touch of personality 17 ds 3 accessories are all about adding a personal touch whether that means adding chrome mirror caps and headlight trims or a rear spoiler with so many style options the end result will be a car that faithfully reflects your personality 18 no product name part no no product name part no 17 chrome headlight lower trims set of 2 9424 f6 20 chrome rear window lower trim 9424 f8 18 chrome door mirror covers set of 2 9425 ay 21 chrome rear light inserts set of 2 9424 f7 19 rear spoiler with integrated third brake light 9400 jz 22 3d rear led lights

16 comfort style zen attitude 28 natural and intuitive driving your ds 3 should be a relaxing affair enjoy accessories that respond to the lightest touch and take pleasure from the accessories designed to make your journey a delight 29 no product name part no no product name part no 28 portable courtesy mirror 9453 15 32 head restraint coat hanger 29 rear window sunshade 9459 g9 33 central armrest with storage compartment 9440 18 30 lateral sunshades 9459 g8 34 door wind deflectors set of 2 9421 a9 31 isotherm module 16 litres 9456 03 35 ashtray 9425 c9 1607002980 36 non-slip mat â–² isotherm module 24 litres 12v 1607938180 1611138180 30 â–² no image

18 safety safety take pleasure in taking care protected and safe the well being of yourself and your passengers is more important than anything else ds 3 is already very well protected but citroën accessories can make it your very own well protected place 01 no ▲ product name part no no product name part no 01 front parking sensors 1610279180 03 anti-theft alarm 1610461580 02 rear parking sensors 1610278880 04 locking wheel bolt kit aluminium 1612616480 optional led indicator for parking sensors ▲ 1610279080 05 warning triangle and safety vest kit 9468 30 no image

24 touring transportation ready to go ds 3 can adapt to meet all your needs take the stress out of travel reassured that you will have space for everything you want to take with you these ergonomically designed accessories enhance every journey no product name part no no product name part no 9427 ck 10 carpet boot mat 9464 ez 07 towbar demountable swan neck towball 08 towbar wiring kit 7 pin 1606489680 11 protective boot tray 9424 h1 09 towbar wiring kit 13 pin 9428 g2 12 boot retainers 9414 ee requires wiring kit 1606489680 or 9428

30 technology innovation on the move your ds 3 is much more than just a car its original advanced technology and multimedia accessories make any journey both enjoyable and relaxing these modern communications and navigation systems have never been so innovative 01 no product name 01 tetrax® phone holder 02 multimedia support 03 dvd player screen pack part no no product name part no 1608578780 04 fixed bluetooth hands-free kit please consult your dealer 9473 z1 05 portable bluetooth hands-free kit please consult your dealer please consult your dealer 06 tomtom sat nav please consult your

february 2015 the description of products with this brochure was accurate at the time of going to press we reserve the right to change product designs and specifications during the life of the brochure this brochure and its contents are for information only for more information on the features of these accessories please speak to your local dealer to find out more about citroën’s stylish accessories log on to the citroën website citroËn uk ltd pinley house 2 sunbeam way coventry cv3 1nd citroËn motors ireland ltd airside motor park swords co dublin crÉative