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new citroËn dispatch

04 comfort 04 08 06 style confort multimedia 08 protection 12 safety 16 transport 12 transport 18 22 protection sécurité 26 multimédia unique when you choose citroën you enter a world where quality safety style and performance are one the range of citroën original accessories are customised for your citroën dispatch so you can create a vehicle to reflect you your wishes and your desires and that’s not all to accompany you on every journey citroën have selected a wide range of additional accessories from top manufacturers to complement its original range tested and validated by our engineers all citroën original accessories offer an excellent level of quality and safety that are guaranteed for at least 1 year 20 style citroën uk ltd pinley house 2 sunbeam way coventry cv3 1nd service and parts division www.citroen.co.uk products are supplied subject to availability and potential withdrawal from sale by suppliers and subject to technical

comfort 4 more serenity your dispatch is an essential source of well-being the well-being derived from driving in comfort and experiencing the ergonomic qualities of accessories designed with you in mind 5 1 1 ashtray 2 cigarette lighter 3 fragrance diffuser 4 wind deflectors 5 mini anti-skid mat 6 parking assistance parking assistance citroën helps you park in those difficult spaces with a parking sensor system an audible signal indicates any obstacles so parking becomes easier 2 6 2 3 04

multimedia did you say mobile more innovation stay safely connected with the outside world with citroën mobile accessories hands-free kits telephone holders and chargers make using your smartphone in your vehicle easy you can’t do without them your dispatch is much more than just a vehicle its advanced technology and multimedia equipment will take you to a new level of comfort and pleasure driving becomes an enjoyable experience in an atmosphere that is more relaxed and user-friendly than ever before 2 1 tablet holder 2 smartphone holder 3 textrax phone holder 4 universal mobile-phone chargers 5 range of portable navigation systems 3 tom tom satellite navigation features include lifetime maps advanced lane guidance tap on the map go and an intuitive quick search facility for finding your destination model dependant 5 4 1 06

protection more care compact modern and elegant your dispatch has instant appeal and citroën’s protective equipment helps you to keep your car looking as splendid as the day you first drove it home floor mats an effective barrier against daily wear and tear citroën floor mats are designed to fit the specific features of your dispatch they are easy to fit hard-wearing and resistant driver-side safety is enhanced by their excellent grip they also reveal impressive design and creativity 3 1 08 2 1 front mudflaps 2 rear mudflaps 3 front rubber floor mats

protection 4 security door lock 5 reinforced 3-point mul-t-lock locks 6 reflective strips reflective strips to increase the visibility of your dispatch during work or when parked improve the safety of your staff and strengthen your image 4 6 5 10

safety more confidence your safety counts more than anything else citroën protective equipment has been designed to give you confidence and reassurance protecting you and your passengers better on all your journeys we use the best performing technologies for your protection 2 for a full range of snow chains ask your local citroën dealer 1 range of cross-yoke snow chains 2 torch 3 warning triangle and high visibility jacket 4 seat-belt cutter – window breaker 4 3 1 12

safety 5 fog light set 6 anti-intrusion alarm on original key 6 anti-theft alarm for even greater security citroën is offering an anti-intrusion alarm with remote-controlled activation you can rest easy knowing that your dispatch is fully protected in addition you can opt for the high-frequency module which will protect your cargo space 5 14

transport more practicality because your personal needs and your professional needs may evolve your citroën dispatch can be transformed at will a large range of functional ergonomic accessories will help you transport a wide variety of loads 2 1 1 tow bar without ball end 2 dual tow bar with tow hook 3 monoblock ball tow bar 3 16

transport 4 roof rack 5 roof rack and ladder 6 load stop 7 roof bars roof rack citroën gives full meaning to the word ‘functional’ with its roof racks designed especially for vans specifically designed to transport heavy and/or bulky loads they blend design and safety features they can carry up to 170 kg of additional payload and are available in long or short versions a weighty advantage to ensure peace of mind roof bars citroën roof bars are designed for safe and secure transportation of your roof boxes or other equipment 6 4 2 5 7

style more style you are unique so is your dispatch use citroën accessories and equipment to maximise the potential of your vehicle to suit your needs whether creative or classic your vehicle can reflect your personality right down the line 4 1 5 2 1 aluminium door sill 2 zamak gear lever knob bmv6 3 brushed aluminium finish gear lever knob with red edging bmv6 4 gear lever knob leather and zamak bmv5 5 gear lever knob leather and black lacquered bmv5 3 20

list of accessories comfort multimedia name product ref name product ref name product ref aerial for terrestrial digital radio 1610570480 – – front mudflaps 1613407880 8 fog light set 1607076280 – jack type connection wiring kit 9706 ah – – rear mudflaps 1613407980 8 fog light cable 1616896180 – 5 connection wiring kit for ezi dab receiver terrestrial digital radio 1610626580 anti-theft nuts for aluminium wheels 1612616480 – ezi dab digital radio receiver 1610542280 anti-intrusion alarm on original key 1612799980 product ref 1615052180 photo page front parking assistance sensors 1610279180 rear parking assistance sensors 1610279280 led parking assistance indicator 1610279080 cigarette lighter 8227 96 4 ashtray with brushed aluminium ring 8211 f9 4 fragrance diffuser 1607693080 4 range of fragrance diffuser refills – – led reading lamp 1610747180 – – – refrigerator 16 litres 9456 03 –

list of accessories transport transport suite name product ref tow bar without ball end 1612366780 photo page 17 dual tow bar with tow hook 9627 ck 17 monoblock ball tow bar 9627 g1 17 gooseneck ball tow bar 1612366880 – – removable ball tow bar – no tools required 1612366980 – – 13-way wiring kit 1615100180 – – name style product ref photo page polypropylene protection kit for vehicle with 1 lateral sliding door and length l1 1617363580 polypropylene protection kit for vehicle with 1 lateral sliding door and length l2 1617363680 – – polypropylene protection kit for vehicle with 1 lateral sliding door and length l3 1617363780 – – polypropylene protection kit for vehicle with 2 lateral sliding door and length l1 1617363880 – – – – name product ref set of 4 black wheel caps for aluminium wheel 9406 h6 photo page – – set of 4 ice white wheel caps for aluminium wheels