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04 comfort now it’s your turn the possibilities are endless… new citroën relay presents a multitude of ways to make it a very personal choice every detail can be fine tuned to your tastes all you have to do is let your imagination run wild no product name part no no 01 fragrance diffuser 1607693080 04 technature product range please consult your dealer 02 fragrance refill vanilla 1608577080 05 ashtray 1607201880 fragrance refill mango 1608576980 lighter 8227 70 fragrance refill fresh 1608577180 isotherm module 16 litres 9456 03 fragrance refill floral 1608577280 isotherm module 24 litres 1607002980 anti-slip mat ▲ 1611138180 03 ▲ wind deflectors no image available 9421 c5 06 07 product name part no

06 safety safety take pleasure in taking care 01 protected and safe the well being of yourself and your passengers is more important than anything else new citroën relay is already very well protected but citroën accessories can make it your very own well protected place ▲ no product name part no no 01 citroën first aid kit 1609289980 06 anti-theft alarm 1608049980 02 window protection grill 9457 38 07 rear parking sensors 1610278880 03 snow chains please consult your dealer 08 security film ▲ 04 snow socks please consult your dealer 09 fire extinguisher ▲ zc9885099u 05 warning triangle and safety vest kit 9468 30 10 belt cutter ▲ 1610220580 no image available product name part no 965730

08 touring transportation ready to go new citroën relay can adapt to meet all your needs citroën towbars have been developed to ensure the highest standards of safety and strength so you can tow your trailer caravan or boat in complete safety 01 no 01 02 product name part no no fixed mono block tow bar van 9627 qe fixed mono block tow bar chassis hook attachment requires a 13 pin chassis 9688an or 13 pin van 1608217680 product name part no 03 ball and pin attachment 9627 y2 9627 cc 04 iso towball 9627 g1 9627 cl 05 hook and ball attachment 9627

10 touring transportation loads more our range of roof racks bars and ladders are designed specifically for your new citroën relay designed to carry heavy or bulky loads and providing valuable and secure extra storage for your vehicle when you need it no part no no product name part no please consult your dealer 09 foot plate ▲ please consult your dealer 10 roof ladder h1 1610040580 06 steel roof rack 07 aluminium roof bars set of 3 9416 a9 aluminium roof bar single 9416 aa roof ladder h2 1610040680 roof load roller 9616 w6 roof ladder h3 1607557980 08 ▲ product name no image available there are five steel roof rack options available depending on vehicle length and roof

12 protection keep it like new we know you’ll want to keep your new citroën relay as clean and new as the day it left the showroom our range of citroën protection accessories are sure to keep it that way no product name part no no product name part no 01 rubber floor mats 9464 x5 02 front mudflaps set of 2 9603 s4 03 rear mudflaps set of 2 9603

14 technology innovation on the move your new citroën relay is much more than just a vehicle its original advanced technology and multimedia accessories make any journey both enjoyable and relaxing these modern communications and navigation systems have never been so innovative 01 no product name part no no product name part no 01 tetrax® phone holder 1608578780 03 portable bluetooth hands-free kit please consult your dealer 02 fixed bluetooth hands-free kit please consult your dealer 04 tomtom sat nav please consult your

february 2015 the description of products with this brochure was accurate at the time of going to press we reserve the right to change product designs and specifications during the life of the brochure this brochure and its contents are for information only for more information on the features of these accessories please speak to your local dealer to find out more about citroën’s stylish accessories log on to the citroën website citroËn uk ltd pinley house 2 sunbeam way coventry cv3 1nd citroËn motors ireland ltd airside motor park swords co dublin crÉative