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Catalog AC, Heater, & Cooling System 2015

AC Systems, Heater Controls, Radiators, Hoses, Fan Shrouds, etc.

high temperature and high pressure hose stainless steel heater hose fittings water pump air pump chevrolet small block block off plate radiator support to hood seal heater blower motor resistor ac blower motor resistor heater blower motor resistor 1993 heater blower motor resistor location heater firewall block off plates heater hose shut off valve heater box seal kit serpentine belt drive system heater and air conditioning delete panel fan shroud fan 1967 79 fan shroud 4 core aluminum radiator core water pump bypass hose 2 groove water pump pulley chrome water pump pulley chrome water pump pulleys air conditioning air duct chevy big block water pump gm engine small block water pumps 1 12 water pump bypass hose cast iron water pump 1969 temperature sending unit wiring big block chevy 427 long block gm replacement water pump chevy small block water pumps chevy small block water pump pulley electric water pump drive water pump bolt set water pump pulley for 396 under dash air conditioning chevy small block water pump bolts temperature sending unit wire high flow water pump big block chevy engines chevy small block engine chevy small block engines water pump pulley for 6 cylinder engine high performance water pump on off on toggle switch gm replacement drive belt installing big block chevy engine high volume water pump small high volume water pump brackets for big block aluminum radiator and electric fan assembly can flow high flow water pump water shut off valve oil pressur safety switch of compressors 350 small block chevy performance parts step by step instruction

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radiator components tu47 tu46 correct and accurate configuration specifically designed to fit the radiator support 1967-73 radiator support to hood seal reproduction of the rubber strip located on top of the radiator support which seals the radiator support to the hood the seal is originally installed on all air conditioned models from 1967-73 c79 1967-69 11.99 ea k30233 1970-73 19.99 ea hc98 hc99 1968-69 reproduction radiator tags reproduction radiator tags will add the finishing touch to your perfect restoration the 1969 camaro models originally included these tags on the radiator impress any car show judge by having the correct tag now available for applications listed z28 models hc97 1968 uh od tank code 64.99 ea hc96 1969 uh cb tank code 44.99 ea models with 396 3 row tank straight hose neck hc101 1969 zd mt 44.99 ea hc100 1969 uo at 64.99 ea models with 427 4 row tank curved hose neck hc98 1969 uy mt 44.99 ea hc99 1969 uz at 64.99 ea 1967-99

cooling fans c flames d bow tie e ss logo f rs logo g 350 h 454 fan spacer bolt sets g8355 51800 blue red flex-a-lite series 1300 flex fan stainless steel blades flex at higher rpms which reduces drag pumps extra horsepower and improves fuel economy for high-performance and heavy-duty applications flex-a lite fan spacers are sold separately note not for use with fan clutch detail of stamping 51804 custom red fl1307 17 diameter fl1308 18-3/8 diameter fl1309 19-1/2 diameter traditional blue fl1317 17 diameter fl1318 18-3/8 diameter fl1319 19-1/2 diameter 59.99 ea 64.99 ea 64.99 ea dress up your engine bay with these stylish fan spacer bolt sets popular chevrolet logos are stamped directly onto the head of the bolts and are available in decorative chrome plated or polished stainless steel versions make a stunning statement with this true bolt-on customization note must specify logo suffix c-flames d-bow tie e-ss f-rs g-350 h-454 logo chrome 56456c short 1-3/4 long

cooling system 30104 adjustable electric fan thermostat set dual fan wire harness with relay when installing an electric engine cooling fan a wire harness with a relay is required this dual fan wire harness with relay will allow safe control of two fans while using either an on-off switch or an adjustable temperature sensor switch and sensor not included 40080 wire harness with relay 31.99 ea this set is designed to allow a wide range of temperature adjustments for your electric fan the adjustment knob may be used to set a precise temperature desired for fan activation the mounting bracket is made of brushed stainless steel for good looks and durability the complete set includes the thermostat with bracket a 30 amp relay a 30 amp circuit breaker for overall protection wiring terminals and mounting hardware specs on adjustable fan thermostat temp range 32º to 248º f accuracy 7.3º f differential 7.3º 3.6º f important temperature refers to the temp of the capillary

goodyear belts how long has it been since you changed your belts j ac heater cooling system classic industries® offers a wide variety of new fan belts designed to replace your original make sure your belts are in top condition before starting off on your next road trip belts can be inexpensive yet are an often overlooked component of a daily driver replace your weathered belts before you get left stranded due to overheating dead battery etc better yet buy a new set to install and keep a spare set just in case you should have a broken belt while on the road with your classic vehicle ye15390 ye15315 ye15495 ye15549 ye15500 ye13310 ye15390 ye15315 ye15495 ye15549 ye15500 ye13310 ye15390 ye15385 ye15385 ye15380 ye13310 ye15495 ye15500 ye15495 ye15500 ye15375 ye15495 ye15490 ye15500 ye15495 ye15545 ye15530 ye15375 ye15485 ye15375 ye15515 ye15375 ye15485 ye15515 ye15515 ye15375 ye15490 ye15490 ye15570 ye15520 ye15505 ye15380 ye15485 ye15505 ye15515 ye15380 ye15570 ye15380 ye15570

water pumps g8337 wp11104 1967-81 water pump to block gaskets replacement water pump to block gasket g8337 1967-81 small block g8338 1967-72 big block .99 ea .99 ea 1955-90 small block water pump spacers these handy spacers adapt an earlier short style water pump for proper pulley alignment in later long water pump applications these are also great when using an aftermarket racing timing chain cover where water pump clearance is an issue made from satin finished aluminum bolts and gaskets included note no further discounts apply h8207 1955-90 spacer set 69.99 set wp23113 1967-92 stewart high flow water pumps for over 20 years stewart components has focused on the development and production of high performance water pumps resulting in innovations like special high-strength castings larger flow passages more efficient impellers and stronger bearings every pump is designed to exacting tolerances for reliable long-term performance offering maximum flow with minimum

cooling system c flames ak136a k0178 d bow tie ar43321 g8356 gh1013 e ss logo 1256617 g 350 h 454 small block water pump bolt sets k0179 1967-76 water pump mounting set correct replacement bolts used to mount the water pump to the engine block be sure to order the correct bolt for your year and model note features correct tr headmark on bolt head small block long water pump bolt sets ak135a 1969-72 chrome ak135b 1969-72 stainless ar13322 all v8 black hex head ar13321 all v8 black 12-point ar43322 all v8 stainless hex head ar43321 all v8 stainless 12-point short water pump bolt sets ak136a 1967-68 chrome ak136b 1967-68 stainless k0178 1967-68 1256617 1967-76 w/ac 1256618 1967-74 w/o ac or air individual bolts 1256615 1967-72 short waterpump big block long water pump bolt sets ak135a 1969-72 chrome ak135b 1969-72 stainless k0179 1969-72 ar13322 all v8 black hex head ar13321 all v8 black 12-point ar43322 all v8 stainless hex head ar43321 all v8

heater parts 1993-02 heater core 1967-68 small block heater core w/ac original replacement heater core installed on all small block camaro models with air conditioning replaces original exactly and mounts inside heater box assembly install your new heater core using reproduction heater box seal kit available separately h2261 1967-68 sb w/ac 69.99 ea 1969-81 small block heater core original replacement heater core installed on all small block camaro models without air conditioning replaces original exactly and mounts inside heater box assembly h2247 1969-81 sb w/o ac 54.99 ea original gm heater core replaces your leaking missing or non working core and fits directly into original heater box assembly g2148 1993-02 223.99 ea 1967-69 heater core tube seal retainer reproduction heater core tube seal retainer for 1967-69 big block models without ac this die-stamped plate fits directly onto the heater box assembly and holds the tube seal in place t54315 1967-69 big block w/o

heater/ac parts sw3015 1970 ac vacuum control actuator 1967-83 heater blower motor resistors valve actuator unit allows air to flow through inlet plenum when activated g9830 1970 32.99 ea reproduction heater motor resistor for all non air conditioned models between 1967-83 ap0701 1967-83 w/o ac 15.99 ea g5094 sw1456 1970-02 blower/heater fan switches this electrical switch located in a fuse or breaker protected circuit controls the rpm of the blower motor through a series of control relays sometimes the ac compressor clutch is energized by this switch replacement blower/heater fan switch for 1970-02 camaro models 6273384 1970-72 with ac 39.99 ea 3963769 1970-81 without ac 39.99 ea g8848 1976-81 21.99 ea sw3015 1978-83 ac/heat slctr switch 25.99 ea sw1456 1982-89 reproduction 13.99 ea sw296 1990-92 18.99 ea sw830 1993-02 21.99 ea 1967 ac switch cap reproduction of the cap for 1967 camaro models with ac attaches to air conditioning control unit switch k988741 1967

heater/ac parts 1997-02 dash center air vent 1970-78 center ac outlet reproduction center dash air vent assembly which was installed on all 1970-78 camaro models with factory air conditioning a high quality reproduction which includes the correct grain housing and the duct ventilation open and shut control lever 1970-73 camaro models were equipped with the open shut lever although not original for 1974-78 this vent will install and provide a more desirable ventilation system 3963781 1970-78 79.95 ea 1970-81 camaro lh lower dash vent bezel original gm dash outer air vent designed for 199702 models g4368 1997-02 center dash 17.99 ea this injection molded oer® reproduction dash vent bezel is correct in every detail it mounts to the lh lower section of the dash panel fits all 1970-81 camaro models 3967927 1970-81 lh 42.95 ea 3919582 1979-81 air outlet deflector 6262667 6262668 1970-81 dash vent assembly w/o ac reproduction reflector for 1979-81 center air vent

air conditioning g3755 1971-02 ac compressors fc2007 oe style compressors for 1971-02 camaro models each compressor is remanufactured note with 305 engine only 57098 57098 g2447 g2439 g3572 g3573 g3574 g3715 g2867 g3715 g3755 1971-72 1973-74 1982-86 1986 1987 1987-89 1990-92 1993-95 1995-02 1993-97 1998-02 w/a6 super heat 309.99 w/axial compressor 309.99 delco 15-20229 256.99 delco 15-20206 244.99 delco 15-20230 244.99 delco 15-20227 244.99 delco 15-20184 244.99 3.4l eng 328.99 3.8l eng 290.99 5.7l eng 328.99 5.7l eng 466.99 ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea 1998-02 ls1 ac compressors these custom-finish ac compressors are bench tested to meet or exceed stated specifications and are made in the usa with 100 new components designed as a direct bolt-in replacement for stock components offering easy installation fc2007 1998-02 chrome 334.99 ea fc2008 1998-02 polished aluminum 319.99 ea fc2009 1998-02 cast 264.99 ea ap443 1967 ac hose grommet reproduction ac

air conditioning 1993-95 condenser tube valve al3145 1967-69 ac condensers reproduction condensers for 1967-69 camaro models al3144 1967 reproduction 254.99 ea al3145 1968 reproduction 254.99 ea al3146 1969 reproduction 249.99 ea 1970-81 condenser insulator replacement insulator for 1970-81 models with axial type compressors use as front and bottom insulators 331959 1970-81 original gm service port valve that installs in the condenser/receiver tube at the ac receiver drier g1981 1993-95 3.99 ea g7312 9.99 ea 1968-02 ac receiver dryer genuine gm replacement receiver dryer assembly this assembly removes moisture from refrigerant received from the condenser storing the refrigerant until required by the evaporator g7312 1968-73 20.99 ea g4769 1982-92 23.99 ea g3735 1993-97 except 1995 models 53.99 ea g3747 1995-96 3.8l eng 67.99 ea g3748 1997 3.8l eng 44.99 ea g3749 1998-02 40.99 ea ap2551 1967-73 poa update kit hc75 1967-69 ac receiver brackets 1967-69 ac condenser