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small block chevy block can flow high flow water pump powder coat powder big block chevy block delco spark plug wire sets oil pan drain plug gasket intake manifold water plug intake small block chevrolet valve covers sparke plug wire heat shields spin on oil filter adapter bolts water pump air pump cylinder heads 4 cylinder block spin on oil filter adapter air cleaner to hood seal hei cap with wires over valve covers oil pump pick up tube chevy big block short block timing chain and gear sets small block chevy valve cover dress up kit head bolt torque head to block alternator and air condition bracket boots made in the usa inch nut and bolt sizes big block chevy engines small block chevy engines specs air cleaner snorkel for camaro small block chevy engine small block chevy engines 327 small block crate engine aluminum gm 350 big block block engine torqueing small block chevy engine v8 types engine v8 6 4 engine frame mount bracket motor 302 chevy engines 350 small block engine gasket set engine block engine dress up kit engine dress up kits engine air cleaner the heartbeat of america used gm 350 big block block engine engine frame mount bracket 350 chevy chrome engine dress up kit high performance engine big block 350 chevy engine dress up kit black 350 engine with 350 hp camaro parts and accessories cowl induction air cleaner double groove crankshaft pulley chevy big block dart big m arp intake manifold bolts dual quad air gap intake manifold chevy big block ignition timing 454 ac delco spark plug wires oil filter bypass valve chevy small block v8 crate engine ac delco spark plug wires date codes

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classic industries® atk team up to bring you the best remanufactured engine in the industry atk is dedicated to continual improvement in the processes and procedures for every engine that they manufacture this insures our ability to offer the very latest products and the highest quality remanufactured units in the industry their manufacturing techniques have been perfected to the point where they now offer us increased capacity thus resulting in lower pricing on many applications with an industry leading warranty atk is part years c.i.d l 82-84 85-86 87 88-89 90-92 93-95 80-82 68-72 75-79 60-67 76-79 76-79 78-85 78-85 86 86 86 87-88 87-88 87-95 87-95 87-95 87-95 87-94 68-73 68-69 64-67 68-77 68-77 68-77 68-77 68-77 68-77 68-79 68-79 68-79 78-80 78-80 78-80 78-80 78-85 78-85 86 86 87-95 87-95 89-92 93-94 94-95 95 96 96-97 68-72 70-78 79-80 72-76 all v.i.n code without valve covers timing cover and oil pan unless otherwise noted shipped anywhere in the continental united states for

specialty engine tools royal purple max tuff assembly lube ultra-tough synthetic lubricant designed for use in reassembling repaired equipment utilizes durable synthetic molecules that adhere to metal surfaces and create an extremely strong barrier between surfaces minimizing the possibility of metal-to-metal contact while providing excellent protection against rust and corrosion to both ferrous and nonferrous metals formulated with royal purple’s proprietary synslide additive technology rp01335 8 oz bottle 19.99 ea rp12335 case of 12 215.99 cs ac7528 autoanalyzer digital multimeter ac7529 actron advance timing light this advance timing light features an all metal inductive pickup bright xenon flash and one-touch control available with a degree dialed knob for easy timing adjustments or a digitally-controlled with led display and tachometer functions detailed instructions included ac7528 adjustable knob 69.99 ea ac7529 led display 94.99 ea compression tester

march performance pulleys march “pro-track” serpentine systems march performance’s new billet aluminum pro-track serpentine system features a 1 thick one-piece alternator and air conditioning bracket a separate bracket allows the option of remote or canister style power steering adjustment tool is removable and included available powdercoated in clear black black onyx or chromed mn2659 mn2661 mn2662 mp211251 mn2663 note serpentine belt is not included with any set however length of belt is listed below and included in the instructions belt tensioning tool included no further discounts apply chrome a/c compressor chrome 105 amp alternator aluminum reverse rotation water pump gm type 2 power steering pump hoses reservoir not included or chrome saginaw pump a/c alt ps brackets crankshaft pulley water pump pulley a/c compressor nose cover alternator pulley w machined fan nose cover power steering pulley cover grade 8 mounting hardware pro-track serpentine sets

cowl induction components the 1969 cowl induction air cleaner base filter and lid valve retainers lid hood grommet valve frame filter kw260 valve flap extension solenoid rubber seal relay ted or of black pain your choice rome plated lid ch nt ia brill 1969 basic cowl induction air cleaner reproduction cowl induction air cleaner including correct black lid base and filter this air cleaner is a direct replacement for the original cowl induction style air cleaner optional on 1969 camaro models with 302 z28 ss350 ss396 427 zl1 or iron block 427 copo 9561 camaro models this option was also included on other dealership performance specials such as yenko berger dana nickey or baldwinmotion the air cleaner requires a cowl induction hood for correct installation this air cleaner does not include the extension or the flange see part numbers c671 or c672 below for cowl induction air cleaners which include these items note air cleaner extension flange and hood seal are

performance intakes sp70228a sp70771a sp74762a blue sp70771b sp70338b sp70168a sp70771c sp70764b sp70741a black red blue k engines components blue black red white these air intake systems use a dual plenum design available with two 45˚ intake tubes or two 6 straight tubes both with two filters to get the most power from your engine includes intake tubes filters boots clamps and hardware choose from blue black red or white filters fits standard 5-1/8 carb neck note requires 3-1/2 clearance between the top of the carburetor and the hood requires 3-3/4 clearance between the top of the carburetor and the hood 45˚ tubes sp70761a blue filters 199.99 sp70761b black filters 199.99 sp70761c red filters 199.99 sp70761d white filters 199.99 6 straight through tubes sp70796a blue filters 199.99 sp70796b black filters 199.99 sp70796c red filters 199.99 sp70796d white filters 199.99 478 ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea spectre

engine dress-up 710430c pcv20 pcv77 pcv17 dual flow adjustable pcv valve pcv68 1967-02 pcv valves a cast b black c orange df1701 df1700 710413b d polished aluminum valve covers strong sand-cast aluminum construction thick walls and gasket flanges that will not bend when bolts are tightened available as-cast polished or powder coated in chevrolet orange or black includes mounting hardware note gaskets not included when ordering add color code suffix to end of part number early sb 262-400 ci with chevrolet script 710430 choose finish ls1/ls3 without chevrolet script 710413 choose finish 1956-90 big block standard style with chevrolet script 79737 choose finish tall style with chevrolet script 79739 choose finish 259.99 pr 251.99 pr 329.99 pr 329.99 pr small block valve cover grommets correct small block valve cover grommet 3989348 3989349 for insertion into the pcv valve hole or the valve cover to air cleaner elbow hole one each required per car for

for computer controlled engines if you have a late model computer controlled engine you have to be very careful when selecting a high performance aftermarket cam the wrong cam could “throw off” the computer spelling real trouble for your vehicle’s driveability and performance comp cams® has engineered this line of camshafts specifically for these engines ensuring that you get a camshaft that works with your computer providing exceptional performance and driveability out of your late model chevy engine edelbrock performer plus camshaft kits designed for optimum torque from the low-end to the mid-range performer®-plus camshaft packages match with performer® manifolds for vehicles operating from idle to 5500 rpm they are smooth idling cams that provide for a major improvement in throttle response and torque all camshafts come with hydraulic lifters assembly lube and instructions most performer® cams are 50 state street legal made in usa note no further

oil filters components 1956-67 oil filter bypass valve bolts 1967-85 oil filter fitting connector engine saver prefilter screen reproduction of the correct bolts used to attach the oil bypass valve manufactured in grade 5 metal and include correct “delta” headmark 2 bolts included 1256593 1956-67 correct replacement of the connector that installs on the engine block which the oil filter cartridge attaches to improperly fitted oil filters can cause engine problems and make for a nasty cleanup 13/16 16 x 1/2 on one end 1 12 x 7/16 on the other g9147 1967-85 add life to your engine with a prefilter screen for your oil filter this stainless steel screen installs on top of conventional spin-on oil filters and traps debris down to the 280 micron range without restriction or loss in oil pressure letting you examine particles from failing bearings that would normally be trapped in a filter unseen 223845 prefilter screen 15.99 ea 3.99 pr

performance ignition never change points again ignitor shown here installed by pertronix px3000 px3002 flame thrower 50,000 volt hei coils 30 month limited warranty eliminates points and moving parts that wear out while delivering twice the voltage to the spark plugs over stock to increase horsepower fuel economy and plug life optimal performance can be achieved when used with the flame thrower 40,000 volt coil ignitor is concealed entirely within the distributor so you have no unsightly black box to clutter up your engine compartment easily installs in minutes with no complex wiring is compatible with 12-volt negative ground systems and it’s smog legal in all 50 states and canada comes with a 30-month warranty 6 cylinder px1168 1941-62 6 cylinder 89.99 set px1162a 1963-74 6 cylinder 79.99 set 8 cylinder with point-lobe style sensor px1181lsc 1957-74 8 cylinder 79.99 set 8 cylinder with hall-effect style sensor px1181 1957-74 8 cylinder 79.99 set pertronix flame thrower

ignition components chrome ignition coil x2756 x2757 calibrated ignition testers accurately check for spark in ignition systems without removing the spark plugs from the engine attach the spark plug wire to tester end clamp tester to engine as ground then crank the engine and test for spark x2756 hei ignition tester 9.99 ea x2757 standard ignition tester 9.99 ea replacement hivoltage 60,000 volt chrome ignition coil is just what you’ll need to keep your breaker-point ignition system operating efficiently and looking good includes 1.4ohm resistor t9324 1958-74 60,000v 52.99 ea each ignition coil features new cans embossed with the correct part number along with an original delcoremy top as shown k6006e 1959-67 correct ignition coils chrome coil cover dress your engine up with this all chrome coil cover fits most early model coils includes cover and attaching bracket for small block engines 66120 small block 5.99 ea deluxe feeler gauges feeler gauge set consists of 31

alternator brackets 1967-72 alternator rubber boot reproduction of the rubber boot which is located on the wiring loom where it plugs into the rear of the alternator this is an excellent reproduction of the original rubber boot k0105 1967-72 2.99 ea t9323 1989-92 alternator bracket t9079 correct replacement alternator bracket found on all 1989-92 camaro models with the 5.0e 5.0f and 5.7-8 engines g7265 1989-92 4.99 ea t9318 t9581 t9008 t9234 header adapter brackets universal lower alternator pivot bracket can be used for rh or lh applications on small block engines with a short water pump and factory exhaust manifolds with mounting bosses header adaptor bracket is necessary for use on vehicles equipped with headers the use of gm bushings and spacers will vary depending on application t9008 pivot chrome 14.99 ea t9254 adaptor chrome 11.99 ea t4869 pivot black 14.99 ea t9234 adaptor black 9.99 ea t9638 t9502 66647 1967-68 alternator support 1967-72 chrome aftermarket