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oil caps and breathers st10072 st10066 t4871 push in chrome breather cap 96963 1987-02 screw in oil caps 1969-73 oe-style oil fill cap the most authentic reproduction 196973 oil fill cap on the market designed for the enthusiast who wants total originality this cap has the correct shape contours chrome finish and “s” marking as original 302ci engines 3851735 1969 49.99 ea 350 engines 3851735 1970 360hp 49.99 ea 3851735 1973 z28 49.99 ea 396 engines 3851735 1967-70 49.99 ea 454 engines 3851735 1970 49.99 ea st10077 st10099 replacement oil caps high quality stant service replacement oil caps in a variety of styles for small block and big block engines push-in style for 1.25 hole st10072 oil 3.99 ea twist-on style with tabs st10066 with ears 3.99 ea st10077 engine oil fill 3.99 ea 1996-02 plastic 1-17/32 cam twist st10099 with o-ring 6.99 ea 1989-92 plastic 1-9/32 threaded st10105 6.99 ea fits most 1987-02 gm valve covers with a screw in style cap available in chrome plated plastic or polished and chrome plated billet aluminum 96961 chrome plated plastic 3.99 ea 96962 polished billet alum 12.99 ea 96963 chrome plated billet 14.99 ea 66008 twist-on st10061 each cap features the original style “s” marking on head of rivet chrome plated oil breather caps in a variety of styles for small block and big block engines comes with grommet to fit valve covers with 1.25 hole t9242 has 5/8 dia pcv tube t4871 w/o pcv tube 6.99 ea t9242 w/pcv tube 7.99 ea d141617 push-on d141619 1958-67 oe style oil breather 66018 pr1254 d141630 this is a paintable service replacement cap which offers an early original equipment look will fit a variety of applications as listed 6 cylinder engines st10064 twist on style 6.99 ea 8 cylinder engines st10061 push on style 6.99 ea 66014 1256594 66015 d141631 d141365 66632 t4804 high quality 3 diameter round or rectangular chrome plated oil breather caps in a variety of styles for small block and big block engines available with or without bow tie d141754 round d141622 d141621 push-in valve cover breather g7219 chrome oil caps 1976-79 gm oil twist cap gm service replacement cap which may differ cosmetically from the originally installed oil cap will fit a variety of v8 applications g7220 1976-79 10.99 ea high quality chrome plated oil caps in a variety of styles for small block and big block engines push-in style for 1.25 hole 66018 oil logo 3.99 ea d141630 bow tie logo 9.99 ea twist-on style with tabs d141631 gm logo 14.99 ea 66632 w/o logo 7.99 ea t4804 oe look 5.99 ea g7219 oil fill decal 17.99 ea these push-in valve cover breathers are just the finishing touch your engine needs the breather is 3 diameter and features a stamped bow tie fits all 1.22 diameter holes matches air cleaners valve covers and timing covers found in our engine section your choice of traditional style or open element design traditional style d141754 black crinkle 12.99 ea d141365 metallic gray 12.99 ea open element design d141621 w/heat shield 24.99 ea d141622 w/o heat shield 19.99 ea push-in style breathers for 1 i.d grommet 66008 plain 4.99 ea d141616 w/bow tie 9.99 ea for 7/8 i.d grommet 66017 w/pcv tube 5.99 ea for 3/4 i.d grommet 66035 plain 6.99 ea with tabs for 1-15/16 hole 66009 plain 5.99 ea d141617 w/bow tie 9.99 ea twist-on style breathers 66010 plain 5.99 ea 66012 w/pcv tube 5.99 ea d141618 w/bow tie 9.99 ea rectangular push-in style breathers for 1 i.d grommet d141619 w/bow tie 12.99 ea for 7/8 i.d grommet 66014 plain 7.99 ea 66015 w/pcv tube 9.99 ea oil caps and breathers 487 engines components k reproduction “s” oil caps reproduction oil filler cap featuring the original style “s” rivet on top 1964-68 327 350 w 4 barrel carb pr1254 hi-perf engines 14.99 ea 1967-68 283 307 327 std engines 1256594 black finish 11.99 ea 1968-74 v8 engines k0139 silver finish 16.99 ea gm licensed oil breather caps