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alternator brackets 1967-72 alternator rubber boot reproduction of the rubber boot which is located on the wiring loom where it plugs into the rear of the alternator this is an excellent reproduction of the original rubber boot k0105 1967-72 2.99 ea t9323 1989-92 alternator bracket t9079 correct replacement alternator bracket found on all 1989-92 camaro models with the 5.0e 5.0f and 5.7-8 engines g7265 1989-92 4.99 ea t9318 t9581 t9008 t9234 header adapter brackets universal lower alternator pivot bracket can be used for rh or lh applications on small block engines with a short water pump and factory exhaust manifolds with mounting bosses header adaptor bracket is necessary for use on vehicles equipped with headers the use of gm bushings and spacers will vary depending on application t9008 pivot chrome 14.99 ea t9254 adaptor chrome 11.99 ea t4869 pivot black 14.99 ea t9234 adaptor black 9.99 ea t9638 t9502 66647 1967-68 alternator support 1967-72 chrome aftermarket alternator brackets and spacers this is the correct support brace which is used on 1967-68 models with a small block engine this bracket mounts on the leading edge of the drivers side exhaust manifold and supports the bottom of the alternator replace your damaged or missing alternator bracket with a chrome aftermarket bracket to dress up your engine compartment with a brilliant shine small block upper t9079 1967-68 universal fit 12.99 ea t9323 1969-75 with stylized holes for long water pump 14.99 ea big block upper t9581 1967-68 for short water pump factory intake 29.99 ea t9318 1969-72 for long water pump factory intake 21.99 ea 66647 1969-72 slotted bracket for long water pump factory intake 19.99 ea big block lower t9502 1967-68 for short water pump 49.99 ea t9638 1969-72 for long water pump 7.99 ea note not for use with 62 amp alternator k6565 1967-68 19.95 ea d141403 e368 a26096 1969-86 alt bracket sets 1969-74 big block bracket set reproduction 5-piece alternator mounting set includes upper bracket lower front bracket lower rear brace spacer and stud for use on 1969-74 big block models e329 rh mount 74.99 set chrome-plated reproduction alternator brackets designed for original-style intake and long water pump includes the upper bracket and the lower “l-shaped” bracket small block slotted style d141403 1969-72 39.99 set d141402 1976-86 39.99 set small block solid style t9316 1969-72 21.99 set t9317 1976-86 tpi 21.99 set hc73 k0080 c782561 1967-68 alternator brackets for headers c515741 14081227 k0119 hb800002 1967-86 reproduction oe style alternator brackets and spacers hb800004 hb800006 note for 1967-68 models with small block v8 and short water pump hb800001 hb800002 hb800003 hb800004 hb800005 hb800006 hb800007 hb800008 hb800009 hb800010 1967-68 1967-68 1967-68 1967-68 1967-68 1967-68 1967-68 1967-68 1967-68 1967-68 kw436 left header bracket left extended header bracket right header bracket right extended header bracket spacer smooth satin finish spacer smooth polished finish spacer ball milled satin finish spacer ball milled polished finish spacer ribbed satin finish spacer ribbed polished finish 29.99 34.99 29.99 34.99 29.99 44.99 34.99 49.99 39.99 54.99 ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea when originality counts choose an exact reproduction alternator bracket or spacer from classic industries we ve scoured the globe to source the most complete and accurate selection of original style alternator brackets available anywhere for your classic camaro a wide variety of applications are available as listed for use with original exhaust manifolds unless noted otherwise small block upper e368 1967-68 upper bracket except z/28 28.99 ea hc73 1967-68 upper bracket z/28 2 pc 79.99 set 3932410 1969-72 upper bracket must drill heater hose battery cable clamp 24.99 ea 14081227 1976-86 upper bracket with 305h/42 amp 305ci/78 amp alt 24.99 ea small block lower c782561 1967-68 lower bracket 46.99 ea c515741 1969-71 lower spacer bracket 23.99 ea big block upper a26096 1967-68 upper bracket except w/62 amp alt 24.99 ea k599 1969-74 upper bracket 1970-71 style bracket 39.99 ea big block lower kw436 1967-68 lower bracket can also be used with headers 49.99 ea k0119 1969-72 lower spacer bracket 17.99 set alternator brackets 523 engines components k exhaust headers often use extra thick flanges and tight bends making it difficult to mount an alternator bracket these ceramic-coated steel alternator brackets mount to the left or hb800001 right side of the engine using header bolts that surround the front cylinder to allow the alternator to be attached without interference these brackets close-mount the alternator toward the hb800003 vehicle center line for those who want to retain the existing alternator position a matched billet aluminum spacer offered separately allows you hb800005 to retain the original belt three spacer styles are offered with either a polished or satin finish.