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Catalog Camaro Parts & Accessories 2015

high pressure high temperature electric oil pump rear leaf springs 5 leaf 3 terminal ignition switch push button switch camaro steering wheels 69 camaro operation of the parts of a car small block chevy block holley one piece off road vent tube 12 volt electric motor pump motor ignition switch with key with locking steering wheel wheels factory wheels can flow high flow water pump how to rebuild the small block chevrolet front wheel front wheel how to rebuild the small block ford upper and lower control arm bushing 12 volt up to 24 volt batteries instalation high temperature and high pressure hose 1967 camaro fold down rear seat parts under rear seat floor pan camaro 6 speed manual transmission for camaro 5 speed manual transmissions for camaro parts of the front of the indoor part of a car what are the parts of the book what are the parts of the books tube length for industrial tube delco moraine power brake booster delco moraine power brake booster rebuild disc disc brake booster master cylinder powder coat powder oval port big block chevy intake manifolds big block chevy block front pillar drip rail support gm turn signal cancel cam intake manifold water plug intake delco spark plug wire sets oil pan drain plug gasket rear sway bar end link front sway bar end link aluminum oval port big block chevy intake manifolds 69 rear axle leaf spring windshield wiper arms and blades sparke plug wire heat shields chevrolet spark plug wires heat shield power brake booster check valve 12 volt 12 amp battery small block chevrolet valve covers gm manual transmission manual metering plates with changeable jets lower control arm ball joint front door window regulator roller water pump air pump rear park brake cable bracket under rear seat floor pan chevy v8 engine casting numbers cylinder heads 4 cylinder block

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® classic industries has more to offer shop on-line 24/7 our everyday low pricing can t be beat when you see this symbol it denotes items that have been priced below regular catalog pricing and often below msrp these discounted items kits and sets are priced competitively for everyday savings because these are pre-discounted they are exempt from further discounts or promotional offers additionally some products that do not feature this symbol such as special order items may also be discount exempt price match guarantee if you find a product for less we’ll match the price cl i iindustries classic d t ® will match any competitor s current advertised retail price for an identical product simply send us a copy of the competitor s current advertised price from a catalog advertisement or website with url and we’ll match the price the price match guarantee is available at the time the order is placed and for in-stock merchandise only price matching will be determined

rear seat trunk parts k15002 k19501 black red lt blue gold brt blue parch turq 1967-69 fold down seat partition holder reproduction fold down rear seat partition holder for 1967-69 camaro models with folding rear seat attaches behind the rear seat and holds the bottom portion of the fold down rear seat partition in place k410 1967-69 32.99 ea k15308 1967-69 vinyl covered seat shelves custom seat shelf upgrade for 1967-69 camaro models features a die-cut moisture resistant board covered in heavyweight madrid grain vinyl for a custom look note shipped oversize k15429 black red turquoise dk blue lt blue gold med/brt blue k19501 k19502 k19503 k19505 k19504 k19507 k19506 1967-69 1967-69 1967-69 1967-69 1967-69 1967-69 1967-69 os1 black red light blue gold bright blue parchment turquoise 59.99 59.99 59.99 59.99 59.99 59.99 59.99 ea ea ea ea ea ea ea 1967 coupe 1967-69 fold down rear seat partitions reproduction fold down seat partition for 1967-69 models with factory fold

brake pedals/components 1967-69 master cylinder clevis pin reproduction master cylinder clevis pin for 1967-69 camaro models this pin is used to attach the master cylinder push rod to the brake pedal assembly can be used on vehicles with manual or power brakes includes retainer clip made in the usa hc452 1967-69 6.99 ea 3893181 1967-81 park brake pads 1967-69 brake/clutch pedal pin e339 1967-81 brake pedal and clutch pedal perfectly constructed set of brake and clutch pedal assemblies the sets contain 2 pedals 4 nylon bushings and 1 retainer clip these pedal assemblies are available for 1967-81 camaro models reproduction brake/clutch pedal pin for 1967-69 camaro models this pin holds the clutch and brake pedals to the housing under the dash manufactured from hardened steel and includes the retainer clip hc453 1967-69 pin w/clip 14.99 ea pt10 1967-69 clip only 1.99 ea correct reproduction of the park brake pedal pads for 1967-81 camaro models the 1969-81 pad does not include the

fender emblems 1970-73 rally sport fender emblem reproduction “rally sport” emblem which features a chrome border with black lettering 3981852 1970-73 24.95 ea 1968-69 camaro fender emblem 1969-72 ss front fender emblem reproduction camaro front fender replacement emblem featuring the script style lettering this emblem was originally installed on all 1968-69 camaro models except rally sport models one required per side 3916660 1968-69 14.99 ea reproduction 2-piece “ss” emblem for 1969-72 camaro models with a 350 or 396 engine features the correct off-white color with a polished outer chrome border as original 3953634 1969-72 per side 14.95 ea 1975-77 camaro fender emblem reproduction front fender emblem for 1975-77 camaro models without the z28 or rally sport options 358798 1975-77 44.99 ea 1969 250 front fender emblem reproduction fender emblem for standard and rally sport models with 250 engine correct white lettering with polished chrome edges sold

front valance panels g6207 3925467 364995 1974-77 lower valance panel this 1974-77 lower front valance panel has been manufactured in fiberglass as a replacement for your damaged or missing original g3482 note shipped truck freight 3898143 1967-68 valance panel 364995 1974-77 with lower spoiler 348.99 ea k80015 1974-77 w/o lower spoiler 329.99 ea reproduction valance panel for 1967-68 models manufactured to factory specifications featuring correct contours original style mounting points park lamp cut-outs for rally sport models and edp coating for rust prevention g6588 1978-97 front license plate bracket os2 note shipped double oversize 3925467 1967-68 standard 64.99 ea 3898143 1967 rally sport 43.99 ea 3938601 1968 rally sport 68.99 ea 1967-68 front license plate bracket reproduction license bracket for 1967-68 camaro models license plate screws and insert nuts sold separately 3893807 1967-68 15.99 ea replacement license bracket for all 1978-83 models 1985-87 z/28

sheet metal tools stick lubricant 13218 blaircutter blaircutters provide fast accurate holes in materials up to 3/16 thick unlike hole saws that rip and tear through the material these cutters provide a quality virtually burr-free hole available in seven sizes for 1/4 and larger drill chucks spring loaded pilot pops the slug from the cutter buy the set and save set includes all cutters arbor and 3 extra pilots note d.o.c depth of cut arbors and cutters sold separately blaircutter set 13218 11 pc set 61.99 set arbor for 1/4 larger chucks 13216 w/pilot pin 12.99 ea replacement pilot 13217 3 piece 5.99 set cutters 3/16 d.o.c 132001 1/4 12.99 ea 132021 5/16 14.99 ea 132041 3/8 16.99 ea 132061 7/16 22.99 ea 132081 1/2 24.99 ea 132101 9/16 25.99 ea 132121 5/8 29.99 ea convenient 1.68 oz tube is ideal for all blair hole cutters softer than standard stick lubricants it provides superior adhesion to the tool and can be used in place of cutting fluids on

replacement brake parts 1969-74 caliper bracket bolts 1993-02 c5 caliper conversion brackets bp4023 bp4024 1967-81 front disc brake backing plate reproduction backing plates for 1967-81 camaro models with single-piston or 4-piston caliper front disc brakes and rear drum brakes 4-piston caliper front disc brakes kw416 1967-68 49.99 pr single-piston front disc brakes w/rear drum brakes kw383 1969 59.99 pr bp4023 1970-81 lh reproduction 22.99 ea bp4024 1970-81 rh reproduction 22.99 ea r7081 1970-81 reproduction 41.99 pr special bolts required to secure the caliper bracket to the spindle 393704 1969-74 9.99 pr this set of brackets allows you to retrofit your 93-02 camaro with c5 corvette front brake calipers and rotors add suffix b for hammertone a for red note spindle modification required no further discounts apply bx50000 1993-02 159.99 pr dpa85168 dps85032 dp85010 1967-97 brake caliper pistons g4648 1998-02 rear caliper mounting plate original gm plate used

specialty engine tools royal purple max tuff assembly lube ultra-tough synthetic lubricant designed for use in reassembling repaired equipment utilizes durable synthetic molecules that adhere to metal surfaces and create an extremely strong barrier between surfaces minimizing the possibility of metal-to-metal contact while providing excellent protection against rust and corrosion to both ferrous and nonferrous metals formulated with royal purple’s proprietary synslide additive technology rp01335 8 oz bottle 19.99 ea rp12335 case of 12 215.99 cs ac7528 autoanalyzer digital multimeter ac7529 actron advance timing light this advance timing light features an all metal inductive pickup bright xenon flash and one-touch control available with a degree dialed knob for easy timing adjustments or a digitally-controlled with led display and tachometer functions detailed instructions included ac7528 adjustable knob 69.99 ea ac7529 led display 94.99 ea compression tester

alternators restore your charging system with a quality remanufactured alternator internal external regulator alternator identification guide external regulator internal regulator “si” type connector socket connector socket internal regulator “cs” type connector socket direct replacement for your worn-out or non-working original alternator these quality remanufactured alternators will install and function as original we offer a wide selection of different applications depending on your year and model if your late model chevrolet is not listed here check our listings for brand new units note part numbers with a “u” suffix followed by a number refers to a clock position of the terminal socket on the alternator case looking at the back of the alternator with the pivot ear at the bottom or 6 o’clock position note the clock position of the terminal socket on your original alternator and match it to the replacement listings 7127u3 1967-84

transmission conversions 1967-69 6-speed crossmember conversion kit hurst driveline 5 speed tko transmissions install nearly any six-speed transmission into a 1967-69 f-body with minimal effort this crossmember uses bolt in brackets with a wide range of adjustments to allow the installation of t-56 tr-600 or magnum transmissions in both big block and small block cars each crossmember is manufactured from 1-1/4 diameter thick wall tubing with laser-cut mounting plates includes a polyurethane transmission mount a bolt-in clutch master cylinder mounting plate for the firewall a weld-on mounting tab for the clutch pedal linkage and all grade 8 hardware available in red or black hammertone finish these tremec tko-500 and tko-600 transmissions are high performance 5 speed overdrive transmissions rated at 500 ft lbs and 600 ft lbs respectively these transmissions include a unique internal shaft-rail system that accommodates up to eight shifter locations ranging from 14 to 27 from

presorted u.s postage paid classic industries inc bound printed matter 18460 gothard street huntington beach ca 92648 change service requested call toll-free or order online today 1-800-854-1280 our exclusive soft cotton lining provides added protection against dings and scratches k7879 k8081 mt2700h 1978-81 z28 fender air extractors reproduction fender air vent extractors louvers for 1978-81 camaro z28 models these attach at the top rear portion of the front fenders manufactured from die cast metal as original sold as a pair the mounting hardware which consists of two gaskets two outer perimeter metal brackets and twelve speed nuts is sold separately air extractors k7879 1978-79 229.99 pr k8081 1980-81 269.99 pr mounting hardware k7878 1978-79 44.99 set k8080 1980-81 44.99 set 95460 95465 car covers this premium fabric offer double protection designed for indoor or outdoor use titanium plus© has a silver highly reflective water repellent 100