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your choice of polished chrome or stainless steel hex head bolts engine hardware 32 hex head bolts with correct “m” markings big block head bolt set chevy v8 engine fastener sets ak107a dress your engine with oem style bolts in stainless steel or high polished chrome each set will contain the correct bolts for the application you choose the bolts included in the small block set are the intake manifold valve cover water neck water pump timing cover fuel pump oil pan distributor hold down and exhaust manifold note for use with single or dual exhaust without headers small block with aluminum valve covers ak107a polished chrome 141.99 set ak107b polished stainless 283.99 set small block with steel covers ak108a polished chrome 144.99 set ak108b polished stainless 283.99 set big block with aluminum valve covers ak103a polished chrome 164.99 set ak103b polished stainless 334.99 set big block with steel valve covers ak104a polished chrome 164.99 set ak104b polished stainless 334.99 set valve cover bolt sets ar5951 k engines components complete engine bolt sets each complete engine bolt set contains 12 groups of fasteners intake manifold bolts valve cover bolts thermostat housing bolts alternator bracket bolts distributor bracket bolts motor mount bolts oil pan bolts coil bracket bolts header bolts front cover bolts water pump bolts and fuel pump bolts your choice of hex head or 12-point bolts in black oxide or polished stainless steel finish engine fastener sets 350-400 small block black oxide ar5981 hex head 108.99 set ar5971 12-point 108.99 set 350-400 small block stainless ar5961 hex head 129.99 set ar5951 12-point 129.99 set 396-454 big block black oxide ar3981 hex head 119.99 set ar3971 12-point 119.99 set 396-454 big block stainless ar3961 hex head 159.99 set ar3951 12-point 159.99 set 488 available in chrome moly steel with a black oxide finish or corrosionproof polished stainless steel choose between conventional hex ar1757 head bolts and nuts or compact easy access 12-point designs the heads feature a wide base for better load distribution and sealing while the compact head is easily accessed sets are shipped with the required flat washers all sets come with 1/4 20 bolts with cast aluminum covers small block black oxide ar1757 hex head 8 pc 11.99 set ar1753 12-point 8 pc 11.99 set big block black oxide ar1754 hex head 14 pc 18.99 set ar1758 12-point 14 pc 18.99 set small block stainless ar4757 hex head 8 pc 19.99 set ar4753 12-point 8 pc 22.99 set big block stainless ar4758 hex head 14 pc 31.99 set ar4754 12-point 14 pc 31.99 set with stamped steel covers black oxide finish ar1755 hex head 8 pc 12.99 set ar1756 hex head 14 pc 18.99 set ar1751 12-point 8 pc 12.99 set ar1752 12-point 14 pc 18.99 set polished stainless steel ar4755 hex head 8 pc 18.99 set ar4756 hex head 14 pc 29.99 set ar4751 12-point 8 pc 21.99 set ar4752 12-point 14 pc 29.99 set with center bolt covers black oxide finish ar1759 hex head 8 pc 19.99 set ar1760 12-point 8 pc 23.99 set polished stainless steel ar4759 hex head 8 pc 29.99 set ar4760 12-point 8 pc 29.99 set engine hardware reproduction head bolts featuring correct “m” head markings with washer incorporated into head for all factory cylinder heads this bolt set is reproduced specifically for a restorer who wants cosmetically correct bolts for a totally original appearance this 32 bolt set fits 1965-90 big block engines pr1888k 84.99 set bow tie logo on head 1978-97 engine dress-up bolt sets polished stainless steel or chrome plating these hardware sets feature the bow tie logo stamped into the heads of the bolts sets contain attaching hardware for the intake manifold valve cover water neck water pump timing cover fuel pump oil pan distributor hold down and either header bolts or standard exhaust bolts washers are supplied where applicable small block 56492cd 1978-87 w/std exhaust chrome 126.99 set 56490cd 1978-87 w/headers chrome 141.99 set 56492sd 1978-87 w/std exhaust stainless 89.99 set 56490sd 1978-87 w/headers stainless 79.99 set big block 56491cd 1978-87 chrome 148.99 set 56491sd 1978-87 stainless 109.99 set lt1 56495cd 1993-97 chrome 148.99 set 56495sd 1993-97 stainless 149.99 set 1962-79 engine freeze plugs inserts original gm freeze plugs and aftermarket inserts for use in the hole sizes and locations listed below freeze plugs are cup type and will fit 4 6 cylinders small blocks or big blocks inserts are available in a raised emblem with black or a recessed red emblem inserts fit all chevrolet small block engines except ls-series note this is not a freeze plug replacement d141233 d141232 g5081 g5082 g11419 engine freeze plugs freeze plugs block side freeze plugs g5081 6 8 cyl 15/16 2.99 ea g5082 sm block 1-5/8 1.99 ea block rear freeze plugs g11419 big block 1-3/4 1.99 ea g5080 4 6 cyl 2 8.99 ea freeze plug inserts block side freeze plugs d141232 black emblem 24.99 pr g5082 4 6 cyl 1-5/8 1.99 ea d141233 red emblem 24.99 pr 64812 freeze plugs avoid the chance of rusted leaking freeze plugs with these brass freeze plug sets intended for high corrosion marine applications they are perfect for vehicles that sit for long periods and are a superior material for the every day driver available for small block and big block chevy engines 64812 small block set 24.99 set 64822 big block set 29.99 set toll free order line 800.854.1280