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external features supercase we began with the strongest 356t6 aluminum alloy we thickened the case walls added additional material to support a stronger full-width 307 maindrive bearing and a countershaft sealing soft plug and we reinforced and thickened the mounting ears as a final touch user-friendly straight thread fill and magnetic drain plugs with sealing o-rings were added despite these improvements we preserved the look of a ‘60’s design so our new case won’t look out of place under your classic muscle car no flex no leaks no broken ears muncie saginaw roller side cover we noticed that we sell more side cover oilseals for muncies than synchronizer rings and although the oilseals are inexpensive and easy to replace this bothered us when we investigated we discovered that the shifter shafts in many high-mile side covers are running in elongated bores causing new oilseals to fail prematurely obviously a new side cover with round bores would solve the problem temporarily but we wanted a permanent solution so we made our shifter shafts a true .750 and supported them with needle bearings it’s standard on our new transmissions extension housing if you’ve been looking you know that good extensions for thirty-year old muncies are hard to come by when we set out to eliminate that little problem we also thought about what you’re planning to do with it we added a backbone rib stiffened the reverse shift tower and enlarged the oilseal shroud this housing is produced with a passenger-side speedometer drive housing so whether all you need is an extension better than yours or you’re thinking your monster motor might need the big output to handle all that torque you can stop looking we’ve got you covered internal features for over fifty years auto gear has delivered the highest quality manual transmission gears our muncie m22 gearset is typical some vendors purchase the unimportant gears in india or china they must be smarter than we are – we think they’re all important so all six of our gears are manufactured for us in italy by antonio masiero s.p.a for general motors cars from 1963-74 we offer the most complete range of muncie gearing available every piece meets our standards before we put our name on it you can buy cheaper gears elsewhere but you can’t buy better gears anywhere note all transmissions are special order and must be pre-paid special shipping rate applies no further discounts apply supercase w/m22 gearset w/2.20 1st if your only concern is taming the biggest meanest motor on the block you want an m22-based gearset all three of ours feature the legendary ‘rock-crusher’ gear geometry and run with the signature whine and while they cost a little more most owners find that they raise the value of their automobile by the difference or more the m22 is as gm intended and was originally paired with a 4.11 axle street cars used only in the wide-open flat places may successfully run something faster this approach offloads more of the 1st gear stress onto the axle and makes the gearbox more durable but the fuel economy is frightening special shipping tr1012 tr1013 tr1014 1967-68 1969-70 1970-74 when you’re not in low and how much time is that your gearbox is spinning your 1st gear on the shaft that’s horsepower that’s not going to your tires and for years racers have minimized that loss by squeezing a bearing between modified 1st gears and sleeves an expensive one-piece-at-a-time solution our roller 1st upgrade uses a specially cut gear and sleeve for the ultimate in accuracy coolest running and lowest cost it’s standard in our new transmissions note not for use in drag racing applications or street use when hard launches will be the normal or even occasional driving style ductile iron midplate every time you shift your muncie’s heavy mainshaft assembly is thrown back and forth restrained only by two snaprings and your midplate think of it as a slidehammer and it’ll be no surprise that many aluminum midplates are distorted at the snapring groove we make the midplate you should be hammering on our midplate is made from shock resistant ductile iron it’s standard in our new transmissions 582 10/27 spl 10/27 spl 26/32 spl stud levers 2229.99 ea bolt levers 2229.99 ea 2229.99 ea supercase w/m22w wide ratio gearset w/2.56 1st the m22w is our answer to the price of gas pair it with a faster axle say a 3.54 for street or a 4.11 for the strip and you’ll have a competitive combo that’ll show your wallet a little mercy it’s a little less strong but it’s far from weak special shipping tr1015 tr1016 tr1017 1967-68 1969-70 1970-74 10/27 spl 10/27 spl 26/32 spl stud levers 2229.99 ea bolt levers 2229.99 ea 2229.99 ea supercase w/m22x road racing gearset w/2.20 1st the m22x is for road racing and tracks where second and third gears need to be just a bit tighter if you don’t road race and know why this would be advantageous you don’t need this purpose-designed gearset for road racing only tr1018 1967-68 10/27 spl stud levers 2229.99 ea tr1019 1969-70 10/27 spl bolt levers 2229.99 ea tr1020 1970-74 26/32 spl 2229.99 ea special shipping roller 1st gear option m transmission shifters clutch gearsets 1967-74 the ultimate supercase muncie 4 speed there are exotic transmissions designed for quarter miles or circle tracks but if your muscle car sees city streets or country lanes you need a heavy-duty synchronized close-ratio gearbox with a helical gearset and to be honest until now you haven’t had too many good options each new auto gear transmission is built from genuine auto gear parts the highest quality available and includes all the goodies supercase ductile iron midplate your choice of three heavy-duty gearsets each with roller 1st and a roller side cover best of all it’s ready to install and it’s available at a less-than-exotic price no core required 1967-75 remanufactured 4 speed transmissions finding an original transmission in good condition is next to impossible even when you find one you don’t always know what you’re getting we offer these replacement muncie and saginaw transmissions which are completely remanufactured and ready to install each transmission is fully rebuilt with oem quality parts classic industries® offers these quality transmissions for your camaro which are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for a full 90 days speedo driven gear and housing adaptors are not included no cores are required important all transmissions are special order and must be pre-paid an additional $100.00 fee is charged for crating and shipping within the contiguous 48 united states shipping to alaska hawaii canada or foreign countries must be rated please contact our sales department for additional information note no further discounts apply muncie m20 wide ratio 7 bolt side cover aluminum case tr202 1967-68 2.52 1st 10/27 spl stud lever rh speedo tr200 1969-70 2.52 1st 10/27 spl bolt lever rh speedo tr203 1970-74 2.52 1st 26/32 spl bolt lever rh speedo muncie m21 close ratio 7 bolt side cover aluminum case tr206 1967-68 2.20 1st 10/27 spl stud lever rh speedo tr204 1969-70 2.20 1st 10/27 spl bolt lever rh speedo tr207 1970-74 2.20 1st 26/32 spl bolt lever rh speedo muncie m22 hd close ratio 7 bolt side cover aluminum case tr210 1967-68 2.20 1st 10/27 spl stud lever rh speedo tr208 1969-70 2.20 1st 10/27 spl bolt lever rh speedo saginaw 7 bolt side cover cast iron case 1374.99 ea 1374.99 ea 1674.99 ea 1474.99 ea 1474.99 ea 1774.99 ea 2294.99 ea 2294.99 ea note not recommended for any hi-performance use tr216 tr215 new muncie transmissions 1967-75 1966-72 3.11 1st 2.54 1st 10/27 spl 10/27 spl bolt lever bolt lever lh speedo lh speedo 6 cyl apps 799.99 ea v8 to 250hp 799.99 ea toll free order line 800.854.1280