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Weatherstripping, Grommets, Gaskets, Moldings, etc.

pillar post drip molding roof drip rail molding convertible pillar post weatherstrip roof rail weatherstrip retainer 1969 vinyl top molding gm window reveal molding install rocker panel moldings rear window glass molding coupe rear window molding clip rear window molding clips rear window glass molding rubber weatherstrip for front door convertible top tack strip convertible top tacking strip hood to cowl seal hood to cowl seals door lock cylinder gaskets convertible header weatherstripping drip rail moldings drip rail molding drip rail moldings s roof rail weatherstrips roof rail weatherstripping roof rail weatherstrip roof drip rail camaro quarter window weatherstrip 1967 camaro doors 1967 camaro convertible top bow pillar post molding pillar post moldings 69 camaro convertible convertible top rubber weatherstrip 3m super weatherstrip gasket adhesive windshield molding clips windshield molding clip 1970 81 camaro 1970 vinyl top molding camaro 1970 camaro vinyl top moldings rocker panel molding clips vinyl top molding 1969 camaro rocker panels molding clips quarter panel molding door weatherstrip seal rocker panels molding rocker panel moldings rocker panel molding vinyl top molding 1967 window reveal molding quarter window molding 1970 vinyl top molding roof rail trim molding vinyl top molding 1967 clips vinyl top moldings 1971 lower door weatherstripping reveal molding clips

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Featured catalog pages of Camaro Weatherstrip & Molding 2015

weatherstrip kits quarter window weatherstrip inner and outer u-shape door jamb rubber vertical side window weatherstrip front door window glass run weatherstrips inner and outer front door frame weatherstrip note no further discounts apply 1967-69 coupe trunk weatherstrip on body front center and rear side roof rail weatherstrip bring your weatherstrip back to original factory condition convertible windshield and improve the overall look of the vehicle while header weatherstrip maintaining originality with classic industries® windshield pillar replacement kits although each item in this kit can post weatherstrip be purchased separately we recommend replacing all the weatherstrip on the vehicle at one time vent window if you’re painting the car or simply replacing vertical weatherstrip worn out parts the weatherstrip is essential 1967 only each weatherstrip product is manufactured to exact factory specifications and will fit properly and function exactly as designed

weatherstrip kits ca142r 1967 front door vent frame weatherstrip reproduction weatherstrip used to seal the vent frame on 1967 models molded with oe quality rubber and installs exactly as original replacing this vent weatherstrip will help eliminate wind noise or rattling k4167 1967 59.99 pr ca154a vertical vent glass run felt channel 1967-69 reproduction windowfelt weatherstrip sets windowfelt sets with pre-attached clips for 1967-69 camaro models reproduction sets use a flat chrome bead and therefore are not cosmetically correct oe style sets feature the round chrome bead like original 8 piece sets include inner and outer windowfelts for front doors and quarter windows 4 piece sets are horizontal outer windowfelts only mounting hardware included 1967-69 reproduction 8-piece windowfelt sets note 1968 window glass run weatherstrip sets for reveal molding do not feature a chrome bead set is installed using mounting screws which are included standard ca142r 1967 coupe 8 piece

weatherstrip k3143 door frame weatherstrip utilizes molded ends with steel inserts as original original style inserts are molded in throughout each weatherstrip just like original 1967-02 door frame weatherstrip the finest quality reproduction door frame weatherstrip is all we offer the door weatherstrip installs on the outer frame of the door reproduction door frame weatherstrip is manufactured to original factory specifications each year offered features correct molded ends and original style plastic insertion clips molded in for easy installation available in original style latex weatherstrip latex reproduction original style ws509 1967 oer® 229.99 pr ws510 1968-69 oer® 229.99 pr ws511 1970-81 oer® 229.99 pr rubber reproduction replacement style ws500 1967 oer® 49.99 pr ws501 1968-69 oer® 49.99 pr ws502 1970-81 oer® 54.99 pr ws507 1982-92 oer® 69.99 pr cr3035 1993-02 with t-tops 138.99 pr cr3037 1993-02 w/o t-tops 138.99 pr original gm

replacement weatherstrip 1967-69 trunk gutter set w1512 we offer this complete 3 piece trunk gutter set used to install the trunk weatherstrip around the inner trunk area this reproduction is perfect for the often rusted area where the trunk weatherstrip is installed will install on classic industries® complete quarter panels as well as oem quarter panels this set includes the upper center piece closest to the back window and lh rh side pieces 1987-92 convertible weatherstrip set after many years of use your original weatherstrip can deteriorate or simply rip in the most crucial areas this basic weatherstrip set includes the door frame front header rear bow seal roof rail and trunk seals complete set w1512 1987-92 set 459.99 set header seal only w1510 1987-92 header seal 139.99 ea rear bow seal only w1515 1987-92 rear bow seal 89.99 ea top seals only w1511 1987-92 top seals 169.99 set 1968 standard paint seal kit k926 1967-69 paint seal sets designed to replace the gaskets

replacement glass back window glass 1967-69 complete camaro glass kits windshield glass when restoring your camaro you may run into difficulty locating replacement glass classic has the answer to your long search we offer complete glass kits which include windshield back window door glass quarter glass and vent glass for 1967 models these kits are just what you’ll need if you’re replacing all the glass panels in your 1967-69 camaro all panels are carefully packed to avoid damage in shipping does not feature date codes note shipped truck freight no further discounts apply e350c e350t e352c e352t e351c e351t e353c lh quarter side glass e353t 1967 camaro window diagram shown lh vent glass lh door glass 1967 1967 1967 1967 1968-69 1968-69 1968-69 1968-69 clear tinted clear tinted clear tinted clear tinted coupe coupe convertible convertible coupe coupe convertible convertible 8 piece set 8 piece set 7 piece set 7 piece set 6 piece set 6 piece set 5 piece set

replacement glass 7661399 f526c b1080 qg4041 7657975 qg4042 vent window assembly with adjusting screws 1967 vent window assembly b1081 1968-69 door window assemblies qg3813 qg3812 1967-69 camaro quarter window glass reproduction quarter window glass installed on 196769 camaro models each glass is professionally packed with extra care to avoid damage during shipping qg4042 1967-69 lh clear convertible 79.95 ea qg4041 1967-69 rh clear convertible 79.95 ea qg4044 1967-69 lh tinted convertible 79.95 ea qg4043 1967-69 rh tinted convertible 79.95 ea qg3813 1967-69 lh clear coupe 79.95 ea qg3812 1967-69 rh clear coupe 79.95 ea qg3815 1967-69 lh tinted coupe 79.95 ea qg3814 1967-69 rh tinted coupe 79.95 ea when you replace the door window in your 1968-69 camaro models get the glass complete and ready to go with all-new hardware don’t mess around with old rollers and guides when this complete door window assembly installs just like original and can ensure that your window will

exterior moldings front upper molding upper molding rh side molding lh side molding rh side molding lh side molding lh lower molding rh lower molding rh lower molding lh lower molding 1967-81 windshield moldings a complete set designed to replace all 5 moldings that attach to the windshield area includes the upper rh and lh side moldings rh and lh bottom moldings show quality sets include original thickness polished stainless steel and are technically correct also sold individually mounting clips sold separately oer® reproduction wm182 1967-69 5 piece set coupe 139.95 set c2361 1967-69 5 piece set convertible 141.99 set c2365 1970-81 5 piece set 163.99 set 7638868 1967-69 upper coupe 59.99 ea 7639559 1967-69 lh side coupe 39.99 ea 7639558 1967-69 rh side coupe 39.99 ea 395611 1967-69 lh side convertible 54.99 ea 395601 1967-69 rh side convertible 59.99 ea 7639927 1967-69 lh lower coupe 49.95 ea 7639926 1967-69 rh lower coupe 49.95 ea original gm g7999 1970-81 lh

exterior moldings correct replacement wheel opening moldings for 1967-69 model camaro models r5120 1967-69 windshield molding clip kit great kit designed to replace all the windshield molding clips for the side and upper moldings on the windshield note no further discounts apply c78a 1967-69 side/upper 14.95 kit 1967-69 wheel opening molding kits reproduction wheel opening moldings will install and replace your originals exactly the moldings were available from the factory as an exterior option for 1967 through 1969 models these moldings will match the fender and quarter panel exactly each molding is specially shrink-wrapped to avoid scratches or damages complete set includes all four wheel well moldings that install around the wheel well section of all four wheels each molding is produced in brightly polished aluminum wheel opening molding screws are included note no further discounts apply k527 r5120 r5120 r5121 r5122 1967 1968 1968 1969 4 piece kit 4 piece kit 4 piece kit 4 piece

exterior moldings window trim 1970-81 window trim moldings corner connector moldings roof drip moldings pillar post molding lh r6020 6 pc kit replace worn out or damaged moldings with these premium reproductions moldings are for the roof rail section and at the back of the door window opening these are the highest quality moldings available to give you a perfect fit and finish kw756 1970-81 window trim moldings 59.99 pr pillar post molding rh 1967-69 roof drip molding kit designed to replace the pillar moldings corner connectors and side roof drip moldings this kit includes the six pieces needed to replace the sections on lh and rh sides this kit is manufactured with quality reproduction components no sealant is required when replacing moldings r6020 1967-69 6 pieces 114.99 kit 1967-69 roof drip moldings replace your old moldings with oer® reproduction moldings the moldings listed are for the side roof rail section only these are the highest quality moldings available

exterior moldings molding includes two separate sections as original dividing approximately at the center of the rear window 1967-69 convertible rear well molding k848 1967-69 convertible windshield header moldings excellent reproduction two-piece wide chrome molding that attaches to the upper section of windshield this is one of the first moldings that usually needs to be replaced on convertible models this is a high quality reproduction which will replace your moldings exactly your choice of 1967 bright chrome finish or 196869 satin chrome as original k848 1967 bright chrome finish 106.99 pr k847 1968-69 satin chrome finish 106.99 pr your original convertible well moldings probably took tremendous abuse especially if a top boot was being installed and removed frequently the original molding can become worn out with nicks dents and scratches if you want your camaro to retain the best possible appearance when the top is up or down then replace your original molding

exterior moldings upper and lower grill moldings for 1967-68 standard and rs camaro models reproduction front pillar moldings install at the front of the vent window as shown k180 k182 1969 quarter panel louver template k184 k181 k183 k185 1967-68 upper and lower grill moldings reproduction upper and lower grill moldings for 196768 standard or rally sport models installs above or below the center grill upper molding k180 1967 standard 68.99 ea k182 1967-68 rally sport 64.99 ea k184 1968 standard 64.99 ea lower molding k181 1967 standard 64.99 ea k183 1967-68 rally sport 64.99 ea k185 1968 standard 64.99 ea 1967 door front pillar moldings reproduction pillar chrome moldings that install on the doors of 1967 camaro or firebird models these reproduction moldings are heavyweight cast material and feature a high quality chrome finish each are installed at the front of the vent window sold in pairs k1016 1967 239.99 pr whether you’re installing your rear quarter

exterior moldings 1970-75 rocker panel molding hardware 1967-69 rocker panel molding screw if you’ve removed the original moldings for painting or refurbishment you may want to replace the retainers for added support 3898145 1970-75 retainer 2 required 16.95 ea keep your rocker panel molding on the car by replacing old worn out screws with original gm replacements fits 1967-69 models and measures 10-24 x 3/4 g9736 1967-69 6 required 4.99 ea 1976-81 body side molding retainer screws 1970-81 rocker panel molding installation clip the clips will install rocker panel moldings for the years listed 3/4 long 4510031 1970-81 5 required per side 3.99 ea rear quarter molding lower door molding original gm mounting screws for the fender rocker panel and quarter panel molding retainers 4-24 x 3/8 4492963 1976-81 .99 ea front fender molding 1967 rally sport lower molding set includes all six reproduction moldings used to replace or to install a complete set of lower moldings on

exterior moldings hood ledge molding fender ledge moldings outer door reveal moldings door edge guards 1970-81 hood fender and door exterior moldings even if your camaro wasn’t originally equipped with the optional exterior molding package you can still install it order our complete 7 piece kit that includes the moldings which extend from the rear ledge of the hood section around to the rear of the door the complete 7 pc kit also includes door edge guard moldings to protect the door from nicks and scratches when opening also available are the individual components for use when replacing missing or damaged molding on cars originally equipped with the exterior molding package os1 complete kit includes hood ledge fender corners door reveal and door edge guards r679 1970-81 7 piece complete exterior molding kit 179.95 kit hood fender kit includes hood ledge molding and fender upper corners r677 1970-81 3 piece kit 79.95 kit important if you want to convert your non-exterior

exterior moldings fc1001 1970-81 protective side molding detail view of chrome beveled ends protective side molding was a factory or dealer option or an aftermarket molding that was installed to protect the side of the car from door dings found on many cars in the 60 s and 70 s these finely crafted moldings are manufactured from extruded aluminum with a raised black or white rubber stripe includes chrome beveled ends for a clean original look 6 piece set includes 2 fender 2 door and 2 quarter panel moldings with ends and attaching screws fc1001 1970-81 black 179.99 set fc1002 1970-81 white 179.99 sett rear quarter panel molding fender molding 1967-69 quarter vertical chrome moldings reproduction molding unit which attaches directly to the front edge of the rear side quarter window vertically this is a bright chrome trim molding which is necessary to mount the vertical window weatherstrip not included includes the window channel felt as shown the vertical weatherstrip separates