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weatherstrip kits ca142r 1967 front door vent frame weatherstrip reproduction weatherstrip used to seal the vent frame on 1967 models molded with oe quality rubber and installs exactly as original replacing this vent weatherstrip will help eliminate wind noise or rattling k4167 1967 59.99 pr ca154a vertical vent glass run felt channel 1967-69 reproduction windowfelt weatherstrip sets windowfelt sets with pre-attached clips for 1967-69 camaro models reproduction sets use a flat chrome bead and therefore are not cosmetically correct oe style sets feature the round chrome bead like original 8 piece sets include inner and outer windowfelts for front doors and quarter windows 4 piece sets are horizontal outer windowfelts only mounting hardware included 1967-69 reproduction 8-piece windowfelt sets note 1968 window glass run weatherstrip sets for reveal molding do not feature a chrome bead set is installed using mounting screws which are included standard ca142r 1967 coupe 8 piece ca143r 1967 convertible 8 piece ca144r 1968-69 coupe 8 piece ca145r 1968-69 convertible 8 piece with outer reveal molding ca161a 1968 coupe 8 piece ca163a 1968 convertible 8 piece 1967-69 4-piece windowfelt sets round chrome bead ca154a 1967 coupe 4 piece ca155a 1967 convertible 4 piece ca156a 1968-69 coupe 4 piece ca157a 1968-69 convertible 4 piece flat chrome bead ca154r 1967 coupe 4 piece ca155r 1967 convertible 4 piece with outer reveal molding ca158a 1968 coupe 4 piece ca159a 1968 convertible 4 piece 79.99 79.99 79.99 79.99 set set set set 79.99 set 79.99 set 69.99 69.99 79.99 79.99 1967 vent window glass run weatherstrip molded reproduction of the vertical vent glass weatherstrip this is the correct weatherstrip which attaches to the back of the vent frame and runs vertically down the window channel features correct molded ends as original k917 1967 24.99 pr set set set set 54.99 set 54.99 set 69.99 set 69.99 set 1970-92 reproduction windowfelt 1970-02 gm replacement front door windowfelt closeup view of oe style steel insert used in k664 replace your original inner or outer front door window windowfelt with original general motors quality each strip will replace the original exactly the way the factory intended please check your model carefully to be sure you are ordering the correct parts note part number g7956 does not include the chrome bead a separate molding is applied 9828343 rh 9828344 lh sold separately see molding section molding applies to upper door ledge and extends to edge of front fender part number g7958 g7959 have the chrome bead attached to windowfelt the chrome bead stops at windshield pillar and does not extend to the fender usually if your camaro is equipped with a hood rear ledge molding molding that attaches to hood ledge near windshield then the weatherstrip without the chrome molding would be required g7954 g7956 g7959 g7958 g7963 g6554 g6553 1970-81 1970-81 1980-81 1980-81 1982-92 1993-02 1993-02 rh rh lh rh lh lh rh inner 70.99 ea outer with outer reveal molding 79.99 ea outer with chrome bead 91.99 ea outer with chrome bead 53.99 ea outer with black bead 115.99 ea outer 116.99 ea outer 95.99 ea 1967-69 quarter window vertical weatherstrip reproduction vertical weatherstrip which attaches to the chrome molding that runs vertically along the side quarter window choose from our oer® original style reproduction or our economical replacement style weatherstrip the oer® original style weatherstrip with steel insert is manufactured to duplicate the original in every detail will install and fit correctly into the vertical window molding note see molding section for quarter window moldings k355 k664 1967-69 1967-69 replacement style 19.99 pr oer® original style 29.99 pr weatherstrip kits replacement weatherstrip 219 weatherstrip molding g reproduction front door run windowfelt 1970-92 camaro models includes all the features of original style windowfelts sold in pairs ca170a 1970-81 outer 49.99 pr ca171a 1970-81 outer with flat chrome bead 49.99 pr ca207a 1982-92 inner without top rail 69.99 pr