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weatherstrip k3143 door frame weatherstrip utilizes molded ends with steel inserts as original original style inserts are molded in throughout each weatherstrip just like original 1967-02 door frame weatherstrip the finest quality reproduction door frame weatherstrip is all we offer the door weatherstrip installs on the outer frame of the door reproduction door frame weatherstrip is manufactured to original factory specifications each year offered features correct molded ends and original style plastic insertion clips molded in for easy installation available in original style latex weatherstrip latex reproduction original style ws509 1967 oer® 229.99 pr ws510 1968-69 oer® 229.99 pr ws511 1970-81 oer® 229.99 pr rubber reproduction replacement style ws500 1967 oer® 49.99 pr ws501 1968-69 oer® 49.99 pr ws502 1970-81 oer® 54.99 pr ws507 1982-92 oer® 69.99 pr cr3035 1993-02 with t-tops 138.99 pr cr3037 1993-02 w/o t-tops 138.99 pr original gm replacements g6647 1982-92 rh gm 338.99 ea g6487 1993-02 lh w/o t-top 246.99 ea g6486 1993-02 rh w/o t-top 242.99 ea g6489 1993-02 lh with t-top 405.99 ea g6488 1993-02 rh with t-top 332.99 ea g6490 1993-02 rh convertible 153.99 ea kw733 1967-81 roof rail weatherstrip clip set these rubber dipped spring steel clips are just what you need to properly retain your roof rail weatherstrips they are correct for 1967-81 camaro coupe models they are installed at the front window top outer corners k3143 1967-69 set of 4 16.99 set kw733 1970-81 pair 19.99 pr 1967-81 roof rail weatherstrip screw set reproduction roof rail weatherstrip screw set for 1967-81 f-body models these screws feature the correct style large head that is required for mounting coupe weatherstrip channels or convertible top frame weatherstrip r1094 1967-69 24 pieces r1095 1970-81 36 pieces 1967-69 convertible roof rail weatherstrip 3.99 kit 5.99 kit oer® replacement seal fits onto the bottom door and acts as an auxiliary weatherstrip protecting water or elements from entering door frame weatherstrip works in conjunction with this strip 10125220 1982-92 2 required 39.99 ea k165 1967-69 five piece set 189.99 set features correct mounting nipples molded into rubber for ease of installation 1967-02 convertible header weatherstrip 14321 1967-69 weatherstrip retainer track reproduction of the roof rail weatherstrip retainer set for 1967-69 hardtop camaro models this set features the retainers for the front pillar as well as the upper/rear retainer that runs along the roof line and down above the quarter window this 6 piece set also includes the corner pieces that join the other two together above the front pillar 14321 1967 189.99 set 14322 1968-69 189.99 set weatherstrip molding replace your old worn out convertible roof rail weatherstrip with an oer® flawless compression molded reproduction each set includes the complete roof line weatherstrip for each side and the front windshield header weatherstrip side rail weatherstrip features pre-cut opening tabs for easy installation instead of small screw holes which are much more difficult to align front header weatherstrip features the correct style insert clips attached to the weatherstrip eliminate drafts and protect your interior from all weather conditions manufactured by oer® note some later 1st generation models were produced in a seven piece set 1982-92 lower door weatherstrip seal roof rail weatherstrip g 5-piece set includes all the seals you need to eliminate drafts and protect your interior reproduction or original gm front header weatherstrip for various convertible models the 1967-69 reproduction includes the correct mounting tabs attached to the header weatherstrip for easy installation includes correctly molded ends which wrap around from the header to the front side roof rail area the molded ends feature studs for easy application k3044 1967-69 3 piece set repro 64.99 set k3045 1967-69 header only 17.99 ea g6495 1994-02 gm 564.99 ea 1967-92 roof rail weatherstrip torn or missing weatherstrip will allow rain or other elements to enter the passenger area these weatherstrips replace the area from the outer side windshield pillar post and along the entire roof rail section the reproductions are sold in pairs and include the rh and lh weatherstrips latex reproduction original style ws512 1967 229.99 pr ws513 1968-69 229.99 pr ws514 1970-81 229.99 pr rubber reproduction replacement style ws503 1967 49.99 pr ws504 1968-69 52.99 pr ws505 1970-81 54.99 pr ws508 1982-92 59.99 pr original gm g6651 1970-81 rh gm 140.99 ea g6654 1982-92 lh w/o t-top gm 162.99 ea g6653 1982-92 rh w/o t-top gm 160.99 ea 220 1967-69 convertible pillar post weatherstrip 1982-92 side window corner weatherstrip these weatherstrips attach to the plastic corner filler at the front of the side windows on all 1982-92 camaro models manufactured to exact specifications including a steel insert as original for easy replacement and long lasting dependability when replacing your 3rd generation weatherstrip original style oer® reproduction 20598023 1982-92 lh 14.99 ea 20598022 1982-92 rh 14.99 ea replacement weatherstrip high quality reproduction pillar post weatherstrip installed on all 1967-69 convertibles this installs on the outer windshield pillar post both lh and rh weatherstrips are included correct mounting fasteners are included with each set of weatherstrip we offer additional fasteners if needed rubber reproduction k495 1967 lh and rh 46.99 pr k496 1968-69 lh and rh 54.99 pr latex reproduction ws517 1968-69 lh and rh 99.95 pr fasteners c77 1967-69 fasteners set of 4 2.50 set toll free order line 800.854.1280