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replacement weatherstrip 1967-69 trunk gutter set w1512 we offer this complete 3 piece trunk gutter set used to install the trunk weatherstrip around the inner trunk area this reproduction is perfect for the often rusted area where the trunk weatherstrip is installed will install on classic industries® complete quarter panels as well as oem quarter panels this set includes the upper center piece closest to the back window and lh rh side pieces 1987-92 convertible weatherstrip set after many years of use your original weatherstrip can deteriorate or simply rip in the most crucial areas this basic weatherstrip set includes the door frame front header rear bow seal roof rail and trunk seals complete set w1512 1987-92 set 459.99 set header seal only w1510 1987-92 header seal 139.99 ea rear bow seal only w1515 1987-92 rear bow seal 89.99 ea top seals only w1511 1987-92 top seals 169.99 set 1968 standard paint seal kit k926 1967-69 paint seal sets designed to replace the gaskets for the door handles parking lamps tail lights mirror gaskets antenna base and door lock cylinder gaskets these highly recommended replacement sets will prevent dust and moisture from entering crucial areas where paint can chip and crack we recommend replacing your paint seals whenever painting the car or replacing the weatherstrip k925 1967 standard 16.95 set k926 1968 standard 14.95 set k927 1969 standard or rs 18.95 set k928 1967-68 rs park lamps 7.95 set 7.95 set k928 1967-68 rs rear back up lamps 1967-69 interior door jamb rubber note lower section where trunk meets the rear body panel is not included k281 1967-69 49.95 set 1982-02 rear hatch back weatherstrip reproduction molded rubber seal that attaches to the door jamb section directly below the rear side window vertical weatherstrip manufactured to exact factory specifications which features a stamped steel insert molded directly into the rubber screws sold separately k356 1967-69 door jamb rubber 19.99 pr k356a 1967-69 screw set 4 2.79 set correctly configured replacement weatherstrip weatherstrip prevents moisture water and other destructive elements from seeping into the rear body area of your vehicle this excellent quality replacement will fit and install as original we recommend 3m brand weatherstrip adhesive for correct application k3021a 1982-92 hardtop 172.99 ea g6124 1993-02 hatchback 152.99 ea k929 1967-69 firewall cowl rubber seal set 1967-69 top frame to body seals reproduction of the top frame to body seals for 196769 convertible models the seals help to prevent water drainage into the rear of the body and trunk area features molded rubber with stamped steel spine as original k3477 1967-69 39.99 pr in nowex lat 1967-69 rubber stopper kits oer® reproduction rubber stoppers for 1967-69 standard and rally sport camaro models standard 1969 kit includes the correct rear license plate stoppers 1968 rs kit k88065 includes the correct headlight door stoppers for 1968 models the 1969 rs kit includes rear license plate stoppers and reproduction headlight door stoppers not found on non-rs models 1967-69 standard k88065 1967-68 15.99 kit k88063 1969 18.99 kit 1968-69 rally sport models k88064 1968 16.95 kit k88062 1969 19.99 kit 1970-81 rubber stopper kit 1967-81 trunk weatherstrip ® 3m super weatherstrip adhesive an adhesive used for bonding and sealing weatherstripping to trunk and doors an excellent general purpose adhesive which is fast drying waterproof and flexible rubbery also resists oil grease and solvents adhesive 08008 5 oz tube black 9.99 ea 08001 5 oz tube yellow 8.99 ea silicone 08661 3 oz tube clear 9.99 ea 08662 3 oz tube black 9.99 ea replace your trunk weatherstrip with correctly configured extruded rubber the weatherstrip is extruded to fit the groove around your trunk body securely and tightly to prevent water entering the trunk area after just a few short years the original weatherstrip can become brittle and perhaps break off leaving gaps around for water to enter avoid the damage caused to your trunk area and replace your weatherstrip installs using 3m brand weatherstrip adhesive sold separately rubber replacement style k3020 1967-81 14.95 ea latex original style ws515 1967-81 179.99 ea the stoppers will help keep your panels in the correct alignment positions the kit includes all of the correct rubber stoppers needed for the doors hood trunk lid console and glove box classic industries® recommends replacing all of the rubber stoppers when installing weatherstrip or painting the car note center rear hood bumper not included for models with hidden wiper arms k88066 1970-81 17.99 kit replacement weatherstrip 221 weatherstrip molding g 1987-92 door lock pillar seals reproduction door lock pillar seals for 1987-92 camaro convertible models these seals mount on the quarter panel in the door jamb w1561 1987-92 convertible 29.99 pr replace your firewall seals with this firewall seal set includes all the major gaskets required to eliminate leaks through the firewall includes steering column to firewall seal hood to cowl seal cowl vent side seals and wiper motor to firewall seal k929 1967-68 19.95 set k930 1969 19.99 set